Cwomenal (Kwi.min.nal)  

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What is with the newspapers ah? Why do they highlight women's involvement in crimes?
"7 suspects including 3 women were arrested..." and sorts in several articles I've read.

I know the common notion is that most criminals are men but does mentioning the women make the story a little more colourful or something? I mean, just cause they have a vagina doesn't make them incapable of crime. So what's the big deal here?

I'm not offended by it. I'm just curious lah.

The sky's so blue!! And I had a great breakfast. What a great day! Weee!!

Get the title? Cwomenal? *chuckle chuckle*


keluangman   says 4:20 pm

7 suspects were caught for public urination

7 suspects including 3 women were caught for public urination
nicer to read rite.. lol

not implying that women are incapable of urinating in public also.

but you just don't expect it, cause if they say 7 suspects were arrested, what automatically comes to my mind is men. so the 3 women is there for a reason..

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