[SOLVED] New laptop battery won't charge  

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UPDATE: Getting a replacement battery from the merchant fixed the problem

The HP original laptop battery (10.8v 4400mAh HSTNN-LB31) that came with my laptop (HP Pavilion DV6205tx) 2 years ago is dying so we got a new one from IT Component in Damansara Perdana.

The problem with the old one was this:

  • Battery was stored, unused for a while because I was always on the AC adapter.
  • Once taken back out to use, battery wouldn't hold a charge. Still usable but only for very short periods.
  • Tried the HP Battery Check software and calibrating the battery. Didn't work.
  • Sometimes the battery icon on the notification tray will indicate that it isn't charging even when it isn't fully charged. The point at which it stops charging, varies. Taking the battery out and inserting it back again made the battery continuing charging.
  • Once indicated as fully charged and I turn off the AC, it took a minute for the battery to go from 100% to 58%. Subsequently, it dropped to 30% within the next minute. The laptop turned off at 25%.

We got a new battery yesterday and I've been trying to charge it for a while now.

The problem with the new one is this:
  • I insert the battery and it indicates 90% charged and still charging. I figured the merchant might've sold partially charged batteries as part of their service. Partially charged because you shouldn't store your battery fully charged or discharged for long periods of time.
  • After an hour, I still see the battery as 90% charged and still charging. I thought, "okay, it might be slow charging". Usually, the battery is rapid charged until 10-15% is left for it to slow charge to be fully charged.
  • A few more hours later, it maintained at 90% (still charging), so I thought that it's as high as it's going to get and decided to fully discharge it and to recharge it to 100% after. The moment I pulled the AC, my laptop turned off. Tried powering on with laptop running on battery and obviously, it didn't work until I turned on the AC.
  • Tried the HP Battery Check software but it said "The battery check has detected a failure" and asked me to buy a new replacement.
  • Went googling for more info and found nothing helpful. Only one that suggested to overwrite the batt.dll in C:\Windows\System32. I tried that, no difference. Some dude had the exact same problem as I but no one replied to his thread on HP's site.
  • Cleaned as much as I can, the plates (battery contacts).

So we know that my AC adapter's fine. Does it also mean that the hardware connecting the battery to some component in the laptop is fine? I think it's likely that it is because my old battery can run on itself (even if it lasts no more than 20 minutes).

Are there any more possibilities before someone concludes that it's the new battery that's acting out?


maybe only one word to describe that "WARRANTY"

Mmm yes, went back to the shop and got a new battery. It now works!

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