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Since the post "Lull", I've accomplished a couple more things before my big move. And apparently, I don't really know what "lull" means because I went on and posted more crap.

So, I got my lens fixed (huzzah!), cleared the dust particles off my filter (double huzzah!), got my laptop battery issue sorted out (Rm492 for a genuine HP battery... ouch... I think I'll source for a third party replacement even though it may destroy my motherboard), got my documents copied, shopped a little today (more crap to bring over)... I am satisfied.

All I have to do now is go to the dentist and optician. Woo!

I get really happy when I accomplish things. I think it's a sort of procrastinator's reaction to accomplishments.

And today, I withdrew a certain amount to get a 50mm f1.8. I'm not entirely certain about this would-be purchase but the amount is there if I do decide to get it.


The white balance lens cap seems like a nifty little gadget to have around. I wonder what the mechanism is.
I get wrong colours most times under incandescent lighting. Hate it.

Oh, and they've cancelled Prison Break. And, I've written about diet pills so many times I'm immune. Is it really the best way to lose weight? I think I'm going through a phase where I'm afraid of pills or some shit. It may be just because I could never swallow them and end up tasting the monster in its true bitter form.

Okay, last one.

In more AWESOME news, I found out how to achieve higher download speeds. A bit useless now that I'm leaving.

*pisses off*


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