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Which is better? USB drives or memory cards?

USB drives:
i. highest capacity -64Gb
ii. more accessible because not all computers have card readers
iii. customizable
iv. costs less
v. data encryption available

Memory cards:
i. highest capacity - 100Gb
ii. smaller in size

I can't think of more. It does seem obvious though which one's better. Even though the USB and memory card's storage margin is at 36Gb, it doesn't really matter because bigger and more files are kept in external HDDs while these two are more suited for portability. Heck, you can even get free USBs from roadshows. You don't see anyone getting free memory cards do you?


lesbo   says 4:27 am

what rubbish you talking..
they dont give memory cards because..its utterly useless..

unless its like a Nokia road shows and they giving out memory cards to nokia phone users..

but all the way.. usb drives.. there are some drives which are as small and thin as a memory card.. its awesommee....

Exactly my point lah... memory cards are used more widely than USBs. Yeah, I read that they're developing usb drives to be as small as memory cards.

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