Life's not so stale now  

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I wish there was such a thing as mold killer for bread. I've had to throw out a loaf and two slices because of the heat from Summer. Really nasty things, mold.

Moldy bread

Yes, yes, "if in doubt, just throw it in the fridge". I know that now.

In other news, our tray of eggs rotted. Oh, how the smell of hydrogen sulphide brought back memories. It stunk real bad but Science was fun!
Unfortunately, the only way I know of to tell if an egg's rotten is to break it open. The smell will totally get you going in the morning though.

Autumn's here! Kinda.

Locked out  

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My very the high-tech student card has failed me and I was locked out of my room. The card's not functioning anymore. It was still working this afternoon so I have no idea what happened. A guess is that a wire inside the card has disconnected because there are no obvious damages on it.

So what happens if I forget and walk off into the bathroom without leaving the door open? I won't be able to enter my room and would have to call security to open it for me. So far, out of the three of us, Vel and Deng have locked themselves out because they left their cards in their rooms. I'd like to keep it that way :)
But yeah, I have a faulty card.

I'm calling my baby Emma  

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So many Hannah's here.

Second day of classes and I'm already late!  

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Well, maybe it's not as bad as being registered for the class and being late.

Due to a shift in classes a week before this, a small number (?) of students had to reshuffle their schedules. All classes were full so I chose this class, today, at 8am, because I wanted to free up my afternoons for the rest of the week.
Buuuuut no. It didn't work out.

Luckily for me, I wasn't registered for that class but yes, I was late. Decided that I'll go for the one on Thursday afternoon instead.

Sure, I could've knocked and said, "Sorry I'm late, I couldn't find the classroom" (I really couldn't find the classroom). Thing was, I refuse to be late, I refuse to interrupt them because they'd already begun and I had choices.

Funny thing was, there was these two other boys who were late too. Deng told me they were going for the same class and they couldn't find the classroom and more whispers. I was a bit lost because I'm like.. almost, partially, deaf. Mmm. Could've told them the class was that *points* way, now that I know what happened.

In defence of myself, I'd like to say that I was up all night, no, not watching porn (we're being watched!), not watching crap on my laptop, not doodling, I was studying for yesterday and today's classes and reading the newspaper. Another coal mine explosion in Shan Xi, China and South Australia has a Producers' scheme in hopes of encouraging more commercial films. See? News. *chuckle*

Now excuse me while I feel disappointed with myself.

Overwhelmed: The Aussie Edu Experience  

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I've been studying ALL DAY; familiarizing myself with this new method of learning on the net, unit structures and requirements, assessment details, this week's reading list... phew.

Just from today's tutorial, I can see the vast difference in teaching methods between Australia and Malaysia. Spoon feeding can go to hell, they want you to think for yourselves. They ask that you don't just accept materials you read but question them. If you agree with it, think of how you can expand on that idea.

In tutorials, they encourage discussions and it's really different here because people actually say something! The fact that there are mature aged students in class with you is an added advantage because us Gen Y kids have no experience from eons before (excludes dinner table stories from parents about life before computers, cars and phones xD) and the Gen X-ers can bring that to the table.

Gotta split. Need to shit. *RHYME ALERT!*

Ps. Considering that WA has super early end-of-trading hours, it's weird that Universities have classes until 9pm.

Star trails  

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I took a few shots yesterday night while the roomies cooled down by the Herb Garden adjacent to our unit.

Herb Garden
Herb Garden, Vickery House

If the rising and setting of the Sun doesn't cut it for you, this is further proof that the Earth is spinning.

Star trails
Star Trail

Star trails occur because of the Earth's rotation.

This 30min (max) exposure created a lot of noise at ISO 200 (lowest). The original image was grainy with a slight washed out look while some trails weren't obvious because the stars weren't bright enough. Oddly enough, the trails emitted different hues (orange, blue, white).

Star Trail Unedited

I suspect the soft contrasts came from fluorescents around the garden area which might explain the noise. I'm going to have to find darker spots next time. Goes against my instincts though. I shouldn't be hanging out in the dark even if I have company. Muggers here are ruthless, so I've been told.


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Cheeseburger @ Bookmark Cafe, Curtin
Photo credits: Velerie

This put me off burgers and fries for a few days.
It was THAT big.

Loved the honey mustard though.

[EDIT] Ingrid Michaelson: Reprise  

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Ingrid Michaelson

Use earphones or turn up your volume for better listening experience.

I thought I'd follow up yesterday's post with another Ingrid number, The Way I Am. But she sings this with verses from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Ice Ice Baby. Look (ummm... listen?) out for the guitar riff after Ice Ice Baby!

This one's another version of The Way I Am. Someone fooled around with the lyrics and sent it to Ingrid's label. Here she is singing the first verse and making up more as she goes.

Do check out her cover of Skinny Love on Youtoob.

Made of Bricks  

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Our rooms are so heavily fortified, our Bluetooth signals can only go as far as outside our doors.

I was testing a bluetooth IM with Deng so we could communicate for free when we're in our rooms but I know it doesn't work now. And there I was trying to figure out why I couldn't find the chatroom.

Btw, where can I buy Post Cereals in Perth? I'm dying for some Strawberry something right now.

I think I'm home sick?  

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I find that supermarkets here in Perth are much more organized. They're all labelled. Each aisle and each rack. Everything has its own space.

They have an entire rack for medicines, weight loss products, stationery, personal products and etc.

I need to digress here.

Regarding selections.
They have tons of choices for milk, bread and juice but the only thing lacking are their choices of cereals. 80% of anything related to cereal are from Uncle Toby's and Kelloggs. Where are my Post cereals?! It's like Australians don't like cereals as much?? Kind of the same way they like their breads hard/firm. The breads here aren't as soft as Gardenia or High 5. The horror!

Is this me missing home????

I Wii-ly like boxing  

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Based on what I've experienced so far, Australians don't think Valentine's such a big deal. Of course there are the point of sales advertising in shops but other than that, nada. Unlike, Malaysia (and other countries lah). Taking advantage of the occasion to squeeze every cent out of you. Blood suckers.

The afternoon was spent at Harbour Town Outlet Mall near King's Park. There's also one in Japan except the Japanese always does it better. Theirs is right beside the ocean and it has a humongous ferris wheel. This one's just shops and stuff.

Fremantle, WA

Fremantle, WA

Thornlie Train Station:
Thornlie Train Station, WA

Thornlie Train Station, WA

The evening was spent with Vel's uncle and aunt plus a very shy 9 year old. We played Wii which was effin' awesome and had Chinese tea, also very awesome. Boxing on the Wii with Vel was the best lah *chuckle chuckle*. I'm pretty sure we made a lot of noise. Oh such fun it was.

Just places around Perth  

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I suppose my organizing skills are rusty since I left out certain pictures from certain sets to be posted.

King's Park:
King's Park, Perth

King's Park, Perth
This is a terrible picture but I like the blues and greens off the water.

Mends St. Jetty:
Mends St Jetty, South Perth

Mends St Jetty, South Perth

Swan Valley:
Swan Valley, Perth

Swan Valley, Perth

I still have an opened bottle of wine sitting in my fridge. Plus, I just threw out a whole loaf of bread because it moulded.

I haven't been taking any pictures lately. It was just too bright and hot for the past week.
Then I had to go and download my tv shows because I was getting incredibly bored so now unless it's cool outside, I might actually consider taking my camera out for a walk.

SP - Routers  

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A few years back, our household used to go through routers like crazy. We had some other brand which I cannot remember, a Level One and a Linksys router. Some of them died in thunderstorms while some weren't functioning like it was supposed to. In fact, we have one sitting at home in PJ right now, doing nothing. Just waiting for its turn to be called to duty when our Level One finally dies.

And I just spent USD31 on tees and a laptop cooler. W00T.

Free food tonight!  

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I'd like something heavy to crush my feet right now. It's aches. I think it has something to do with all the walking I've been doing. Campus is so effin' huge.
Anybody got several tv stands topped with anvils and a couple of bowling balls for me?

Anyhoo, there's a barbecue tonight at our House (not our "house" house) and I'm attending. Time to be a social butterfly *cue: fluttering wings*.
There's so many Malaysians it's kind of hard to make friends with non-Malaysians.

Weather's so hot and my computer's heating up. So not fun to play NFS with keyboards that emit hit onto your hands.

First Australian Rant  

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The flat has a very sensitive smoke detector installed so any sort of *OUCH, paper cut!* burning, or smoke for that matter, is strictly prohibited. But the thing is, my room smells like nothing. Deng had her perfume which smelled awesome the first few days, made the room cozy. I, on the other hand, had nothing to spritz the room with. No burning of essence oils on candles in pretty looking Votive candle holders or whatever it is you girls do to make your rooms smell great. I don't have oils where you drop a few sticks into the bottle and the oil seeps onto the sticks and "fragranizes" your room because they cost a bomb. Most things are dollar-to-ringgit here. So not worth it. Why do paper cuts hurt so bad?


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Curtin has exchange programs with Purdue!!

McCallum Park, Perth  

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Not the park:
St. Andrew's Church, Perth
A church in Perth on Pier Street, I think. Bloody hot day that was.

McCallum Park:
McCallum Park, Perth

McCallum Park, Perth

McCallum Park, Perth

McCallum Park, Perth

McCallum Park, Perth

McCallum Park, Perth

I haven't shat for a few days now and my tummy looks like its pregnant.
I'm going to go try and shit my intestines out in a bit.
Now where are my laxatives? While I'm at that, maybe I could pop in some weight loss pills... uhh, I mean, vitamins.

I try too hard sometimes.

King's Park, Perth  

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Ever since I came to Perth, I feel like I've lost weight; it LOOKS like I've lost weight. It's like I've been eating diet pills instead of vitamins. My Mum says I look thin... so do I *chuckles*.

So this is me, chillin' in our apartment. No, this isn't my on-campus room.
Chillin' in Perth

My Dad really likes parks, so we went to King's Park. Awesome awesome park. So much greenery. Couples making out here and there.

King's Park, Perth

King's Park, Perth

King's Park, Perth

King's Park, Perth

King's Park, Perth

LOL, balls!  

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Bonding over biscuits  

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Supposed to be posted on 1st Feb but I hazz nozz Internetzz for one whole week.

The original plan was for a movie or two somewhere in KL with the cousins which included one who was eager to drive but had no car and another who had a car but didn't want the first one to drive her car.
"What are we going to watch? Where are we going to watch it? Where are we going to meet?" It seemed so hard to decide on a location and time at that point.

Then somehow the idea of baking got introduced so we thought and thought, "what was it that would finally emerge from the oven all cooked and yummy and most importantly, stuffed, covered and served with chocolatey goodness"?
It was a very long discussion but we finally agreed (relented maybe?) that we were going to make Chocolate Biscottis. Actually, not "we". Just them. I don't think I helped much. I took pictures though (tried to, at least)!

Bonding over biscuits

Almond Biscottis

Almond Biscottis

Almond Biscottis

Kuala Lumpur



Flower Clock


SP - Suitcases  

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Thinking back, shopping for a humongous suitcase to move your life to a foreign land isn't easy.
First, it has to be light because you don't want a suitcase that weighs 5kg and have only 10kgs left for your junk. Assuming you're with AirAsia. Then, it has to be sturdy enough to withstand the shock and weight of handling. Not to forget, secure enough against prying fingers.

Some suitcases are made of aluminium (Eg. Rimowa). These are lightweight and durable which is something you want to look into when you shop for suitcases. Don't forget that you want to also look for reputable brands instead of materials its made of.

This was brought to you by Luggage Source.