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Cheeseburger @ Bookmark Cafe, Curtin
Photo credits: Velerie

This put me off burgers and fries for a few days.
It was THAT big.

Loved the honey mustard though.


OMG the meat is enormous!!! Hahaha is it as sumptious ar Ramly's?


This one didn't explode with flavours like Ramli which made it taste more authentic because there's no seasoning. Could do with another slice of cheese though.

I almost died trying to finish the whole thing. I couldn't just leave it there, it'd have been such a waste.

that huge huh?

that huge huh?

Yeah.. before it was compressed, it was almost as big as the picture shows.. at least on a 15.4" wide lcd.

bird bought beef patty from cold storage.. cause quite cheap.. thick..

mmg juicy lah but a bit too much ajinamoto i think.. eat edi damn thirsty wna -.-

Elisabeth   says 2:31 pm

...makes me so hungry =(

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