I think I'm home sick?  

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I find that supermarkets here in Perth are much more organized. They're all labelled. Each aisle and each rack. Everything has its own space.

They have an entire rack for medicines, weight loss products, stationery, personal products and etc.

I need to digress here.

Regarding selections.
They have tons of choices for milk, bread and juice but the only thing lacking are their choices of cereals. 80% of anything related to cereal are from Uncle Toby's and Kelloggs. Where are my Post cereals?! It's like Australians don't like cereals as much?? Kind of the same way they like their breads hard/firm. The breads here aren't as soft as Gardenia or High 5. The horror!

Is this me missing home????


no.you are missing me :)

Oh.. are you my... my cereal??

Perasan sampai explode lah lu... I dah lupa explode BM panggil apa.

sean   says 12:38 am


Eh why you always double post wan.. click ONCE.

i sudah meletup sampai saya boleh reunite menjadi bomb balik :)

I know its supposed to be bullshit but somehow your bullshit never makes sense. It's so beyond bullshit, I don't know what to call it xD

it's called the bullexaggeratedshit!!

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