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Based on what I've experienced so far, Australians don't think Valentine's such a big deal. Of course there are the point of sales advertising in shops but other than that, nada. Unlike, Malaysia (and other countries lah). Taking advantage of the occasion to squeeze every cent out of you. Blood suckers.

The afternoon was spent at Harbour Town Outlet Mall near King's Park. There's also one in Japan except the Japanese always does it better. Theirs is right beside the ocean and it has a humongous ferris wheel. This one's just shops and stuff.

Fremantle, WA

Fremantle, WA

Thornlie Train Station:
Thornlie Train Station, WA

Thornlie Train Station, WA

The evening was spent with Vel's uncle and aunt plus a very shy 9 year old. We played Wii which was effin' awesome and had Chinese tea, also very awesome. Boxing on the Wii with Vel was the best lah *chuckle chuckle*. I'm pretty sure we made a lot of noise. Oh such fun it was.


I live about 5 mins drive from Thornlie station. You should try Spencer Village food court next time if you do go to Thornlie again, it's one of the better place to get Asian food :)

Nicole   says 3:35 am

who's tht wearing croc shoe?

Nic: That's me.

That's cause there's lots of Chinese around that area isn't it?

not really, I think Bentley/Karawara/Como would have a higher percentage of Chinese/Asian people in the area due to the fact that Curtin is in the vicinity.

"60.6% of Thornlie residents were born in Australia; 11.3% in England; 3% in New Zealand, and significant smaller percentages from Malaysia, India and Scotland." -- 2006 Census

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