Just places around Perth  

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I suppose my organizing skills are rusty since I left out certain pictures from certain sets to be posted.

King's Park:
King's Park, Perth

King's Park, Perth
This is a terrible picture but I like the blues and greens off the water.

Mends St. Jetty:
Mends St Jetty, South Perth

Mends St Jetty, South Perth

Swan Valley:
Swan Valley, Perth

Swan Valley, Perth

I still have an opened bottle of wine sitting in my fridge. Plus, I just threw out a whole loaf of bread because it moulded.

I haven't been taking any pictures lately. It was just too bright and hot for the past week.
Then I had to go and download my tv shows because I was getting incredibly bored so now unless it's cool outside, I might actually consider taking my camera out for a walk.


with this kind of view I would have carry a beer everywhere I go.... haha

sean   says 10:42 pm

13 GB of data hwey...it has a limit one ok?

dont download shows like crazy or stream so much for that matter...188AUD was it?

LOL, what's with you people and beer and Australia man..

In total it was 188 lah.

sean   says 5:10 am

eh...convert ady..almost RM 700 loh siu jeh

What to do.. not unlimited bandwidth also. I do normal surfing also can reach 200mb.. it's all pictures and flash animations for websites these days.

sean   says 4:01 pm

u compose your blog posts, then logon to upload. save money

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