To bid or not to bid?  

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I don't know what's up with me but you might have to consider fence installations between me and the computer. I'm on Ebay looking at stuff and I'm SO tempted to bid! After converting, it's really bloody cheap and it would so satisfy my wants right now (I like Marketing lah). Am I trying to justify my intentions or do I really just want something familiar with me here? Choices, choices, choices! So annoyed. When I stop to think about, why am I overreacting over a would be purchase?


my dear, you must differentiate, is it just a 'want', or 'need' before you click the bid button


marketing ya. is it a need or a want? sama dengan ice cream issue. XD

I've thought long and hard.

I've already got this "thing" back home.
Waste money? Well, depends on the context.

By getting that "thing" for myself, i might spend less time surfing and more time studying.
Right now, when I get sick of studying, I start surfing for entertainment which can drag on for an hour or so. But if I got this "thing", I can get away from the computer and come back in less than an hour. I spend an average of 7.2hrs a day on the computer, y'know.

Plus, for something like that, it's quite cheap. No doubt, it's probably some cheap china made product, but it serves a purpose.

Perhaps, all that will make me use less bandwidth than I'm using right now.

lesbo   says 11:15 pm

hwey hwey.. have i not taught you anything?

bid your heart out! :D

Yes, you have taught me manyak-manyak sekali. I just chose not to live by it, for this one xD

Just wondering... what was your impression of the product price after reading what I wrote? Do you think it's slightly pricey or cheap?

lesbo   says 10:55 pm

it felt like the thing you wana bid for is worth every CENT!.. doo itt.. step into my know you want to.. cheesecake everywhereee

the opportunity be able to get something, you will lose either you get it and lose ur money..or you dont buy it, and regret!!

lesbo   says 2:00 pm

economics be able to get something, you will lose something.. what a bunch of gibberish...

when you get something... your money is still there.. its just in a more beautiful form.. just that theres a minor side effect... your money deteriorates.. like making deal with the devil.. but all in all its just trading...

you dont lose anything...

I'm gonna win that thing in less than 13 minutes.

lesbo   says 7:45 pm

did you did you?have you have you?

yes i won it.. now settle payment. ran into some problems because Paypal wouldn't let me change my country to Australia.. now my add looks a bit fucked up.. everything australian address, suddenly got one Malaysia there..

You have to contact the seller and tell them that you're currently in australia. when you pay, you can tell them to ship to this address instead of the malaysian. Best do it before bidding lo. Cause some only send to paypal addresses.

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