We were ntv7 but they made us RTM  

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First, I want to address the changing of "Campfire" to "Cultural Night" in Scouting events in Malaysia. Ever wondered why they had to fix something that wasn't broken? Here's a few keywords to get you going: racial integration, bangsa Malaysia, Malaysian culture. Oh yes, part of the government's plan to supposedly bring us together as one when there they are separating themselves with their UMNOs, MCAs and MICs. And the Lain-lains.

Then there are the bunch of stupid rules they have about Cultural Night events, no drums, no rock, no boy girl contact, possibly no jumping too. I'm convinced the Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry had a hand in this (read: Avril Lavigne's KL concert drama). It's like we have to keep things outdated and kampung, only that we're in a city. Hello?

Another thing with campfires are themes. Why is there even a theme involved? Sure, it's for decor and provides direction but combine themes and the "cultural" aspect, it doesn't gel. The campfire this year is Supernova ~* An Explosion of brilliance*~. (Holy shit, they even used stars and symbols.) So, put that and the cultural aspect together... Baju Melayu's with stars on them? Noooo. Traditional dances? Sure that's what's going to happen but I eww to that too. Maybe dances that start traditionally and then breaks out into the 21st century. Hell yeah!

Campfires aren't what they used to be. We used to be able to do fun things; play awkward Night Walk, play Family Game where there's actual boys and girls in the family (hey, I'm all for same sex marriages but the rule is ridiculous), dance (I may not dance but I do enjoy choo-choo training around)! They're so boring now and you can't even charge for entrance anymore. Like hello, we have to fund this shit somehow right?
Scouting is doomed.

Amy Poehler is a God  

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A continuation of my fascination and love for Amy Poehler.

"Time to stuff a body bag, bitch!"

"Sexy Tennis"

Oh, my dental woes  

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I've been feeling anxiety all weekend, I keep clenching my teeth. Now my gums hurt.
Worst still, I can't tell if I need a tooth filling.


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Patrick Teoh is one funny "fler" lah.
More importantly, he makes politics fun!

That loser  

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My brother's finally home in Malaysia and he's playing DoTA.


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Yesterday, I withdrew $110 from the ATM only to get $70.
Today, I double checked my account balance and it just confirmed I lost $40 and no proof to say I got only $70.


Weight loss pills reviews  

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As a consumer in the post-modern globalist and capitalist society, you're bombarded adverts that never seem to die, each telling you how awesome their products are. One aspect that's especially popular is the weight loss industry. There are so many brands of weight loss pills saturating the market that one simply cannot distinguish them without proper research which mind you, is pretty time consuming. Well, there are weight loss pill reviews out there to help you if you're looking for pills, as well as other review sites. While you can read about products there, you shouldn't assume it's accurate since your body may react differently to certain products.

Working out at home  

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Y'know, home gyms are a better fit for me than a Wii. Seriously, we look like idiots trying to K.O. our friends on Wii Boxing. That's not a workout, it's a unique selling point. Although, I should try and get us Wii boxing on video one day. It's pretty damn funny. Anyway, when you talk about workouts, it's about strength training, toning and the jazz right? And to get that, you need a machine, or a contraption. Unfortunately, it then requires space in the house for it.

So let's talk Marketing here. What needs does a home gym fulfil?
You're a busy working class yuppie with moderate income and you're too lazy to haul your ass to the gym. What's the solution? A home gym.
You're a scrawny guy that wants to be buff or at least look good and be healthy but you're just too darn shy to go to the gym where there's lots of big... hot... men around. What's the solution? A home gym.

Yep. There you go. Recognize what that need is, look for information, evaluate your alternatives, purchase then feel some sort of buyer's remorse. But just keep working on that and it may turn out fine.

Acne Vulgaris  

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Ha! I just wiki-ed "acne" and now I know why it has such negative connotations.
Other than the commercialised notions of acne as a social embarrassment, acne is also known as acne vulgaris. How literal. It's like, you're constantly carrying a middle-finger on your face.
That's why kids make fun of you.
Catch my drift?

I don't know if I need to get rid of acne or not since I'm still fuzzy on what acne is even after Nicole explained to me. Guess I'll just come home at the end of the year at let her eyeball my face and give me the verdict.

Zee colon cleaners are 'ere  

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Okay, I change my mind! Oats aren't the best diet supplement, it's the best colon cleaning foodstuff available *chuckle*. It's like clockwork really. I have some at 11pm and 10am the next morning, I'll feel my bowels working its magic. Why not spend money on organic products that are effective and yummy right? And when you think about it, sometimes, pooping really is a leisure activity. Oh, except when you really need to go right now, an enema will do.

Consumer watch groups  

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Last year, I would've told you that Herbalife was the best diet supplement. Now, I will tell you that oat is the best diet supplement. Or yoghurt. Nah, I think oat is better. Although some would argue that a certain brand of diet pills is better. Since this thing about diets have become so personal and subsequently, viewed seriously by active participants, there is the demand for a consumer watch group that will hopefully give people an objective review of what the best diet supplement is. But then again, think: capitalism, and add some "evil" to the mix, people are worried about bogus consumer interest sites - credibility. Obviously, websites that try to push the product to you are shady. We discussed this power-to-the-people thing in my Internet class a few weeks back. How patients/consumers are now self-diagnosing which pisses their doctors off (some of them, at least) and patients insist that Google is right and don't even know if their information is inaccurate. Whatever it is, your best bet would be advice from a professional dietician. Use websites as a reference point only.

Plaque - My worst tooth-mare  

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I need a trip to the dentist real bad. No, not a toothache or anything. I just need to get them cleaned. There's tartar build up around my teeth and I can't stand it. Ever since my visit to the dentist last year, I've gotten a bit anal about dental hygiene but my routine faltered because of my workload. Disgusting.

Surfing around, I found something interesting. The woman on the front page of this Plano Dentist's website looks like Nicole Kidman. But I digress.

All those years in primary school when nurses taught us to brush our teeth, albeit begrudgingly, did pay off. I miss the ultrasonic, supersonic, whatever sonic tool Dr. Yap used to clean my teeth. I miss the feeling of clean teeth, damn it.
You know what would be fun and educational? Search "tartar teeth" on Google. It's gonna be awesome!

Best idea ever  

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Life's a bitch  

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HP battery recall '09  

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And here I thought I could score a free laptop battery (brand new!).

HP is recalling laptop batteries from a couple of brands because it just might go KABLOOEY on you (via Chris Null). So if you have a HP Compaq, HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario or HP, you need to validate your battery. If it's one of the models they are recalling, congratulations, you get a new battery for free!

In the meantime, suit up.

I wish I make lots of money  

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If it were another year, I couldn't imagine why the Stratosphere hotel would need more publicity. But since it's 2009 and things pretty much suck now that I totally understand. The swine flu outbreak's a double blow to the extremities. And that's why you're reading this. Or part of this. Depends how long you keep reading.

Can the thought of winning money be a strong enough attraction that people levitate to Sin City? Oh, wait. Yes, it can. Everyone's broke so they probably think gambling is the easiest way out right now. But hey, I'm not judging. Because I'm too caught up on Grey's Anatomy.

The Grey's writers and producers are meanies, milking the "George and/or Izzie leaving Grey's" thing to the core! DAMN CLIFFHANGERS *shakes fists*! But really, I think a decision has already been made, for one of them. It's just up to the one in the elevator now. Staying in or stepping out?

Yeah, it's a little cryptic if you haven't seen it.


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*Yawn* So tye-tye. *stretch* Zzz.

"More rain pls"  

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It's funny how Malaysians seem to agree on one thing right now and that is the weather. It feels so absolute.

Let's see how long I'll last this time  

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Like most uni students, the end of semester is near, work is piling with no time to do it. This blog will be dead for a bit until it's all over.

But then again, when I say I'm going to take a break, I never do. I just end up posting something stupid. It's like I'm jinxing myself by announcing breaks.

I'm out. Zzz  

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So I just found out Kevin McKidd is Scottish and now the voice inside my head (you know how before you write something, you dictate the sentence in your mind? Yeah, that voice.) is Scottish too.

That said, it's time for some narcissism.

I'm pretty resourceful, if I do say so myself.
I got me hands on the Ingrid Michaelson song that played at the end of the 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Oh good one  

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

I'm stickin' to my word  

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I wanted to whoop some virtual ass on Facebook this morning but alas, Facebook's mobile site had limited options so I couldn't finish what I needed to do before the actual whooping.

I said I would untag/unsubscribe myself from a certain comment thread if another stupid message appears in my inbox (note: this dude was spamming very much like a child, so about 40 or so people's inboxes were filled with email notifications from Facebook).

Lo and behold, he had the cajones to say,

There is a stupid message i received saying to untag itself, annoying hor? She can actually disable it from the facebook settings.

which of course ticked me off.

Why should I disable notifications just because of one person? What about other photos where spammers don't exist? Kinda like, why the fuck should I give up an entire vegetable farm because of one worm? God, I love analogies.

So, about two hours later when I finally get to a computer to begin my awesome rendition of "fuck you, go to hell", he posted an apology (which of course, I read with disdain), retracting his statement, asking to excuse what he said because he was just fooling around.

But see, if everyone could post libelous/offensive statements and retracted them as per their liking, the world would be an awesome place to live in, wouldn't it?

I've decided to have the last say and untag myself from that photo which now brings back horrible memories instead of innocent ones (*snorts* yeah right). And I'm going to use some sentences from this rant because I think they're powerful and sarcastic.

FB rant

I just needed to document this so I can remember how I/my online alter-ego (slowly becoming one and the same really. Then if I kill my alter-ego, would I be committing suicide?) can't tolerate idiocy.
Ten years down the road, I think I might enjoy this. Or maybe I would start wondering what ticked me off so bad. Was it the spammer, the spammerfest or just PMS? Heck, it might have been the catalyst, made me blow my fuse. Stressful period in school, y'know?

No more animosity.

His timing is impeccable  

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My film group had to rewrite our screenplay after our tutor found parts of it unbelievable.

It took six (insanely hard to chew) Snickers cookies to inspire me.

We were supposed to begin filming this Saturday. Everything was going fine until this gimongous hurdle appeared.

Tis the process of pre-production.

Thoughts in haiku  

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Much to think about.
I feel a pre-life crisis,
about to ascend.

I hate making important decisions. Damn it.

Come, look, suggest  

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Does anyone know how to make something yummy from barley? Keyword: YUMMY.

It's a real haiku!  

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I should be sleeping,
but here I am haiku-ing,
dear God make me stop.

Spelt wrongly for 5 years  

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How come no one's told me I've been spelling "amature" wrongly (spelt: amateur)?

Has anyone thought that "how come" as an idiom is weird? It's like those two words don't belong together.