Wazzup my homies  

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Head Honcho Homie #1 is back in Perth.
I checked my bank balances and suddenly felt like I didn't have enough money.

We're squabbling about adult stuff now  

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I was having this conversation with my Brother and Mum about how the Science stream is perceived to be above others. In other words, I think the Science stream, if it were a person, has a superiority complex.

But of course, schools aren't helping my cause either because they are segregating students based on their PMR results which now when you think about it, is totally baseless. Do you remember how people kept telling you (and how you now tell others) that what you achieve in your PMR does not reflect what you would achieve in your SPM? Uh huh. See what I mean? I'm a walking example (so are my other friends who got only two As). HIGH FIVE!

At that point in life (age 15), there are only a handful of students who know what they want to do in life. Some know they want to be businessmen and make tons of moolah, some want to be dentists, etc. Good for them. But for the rest who are clueless, most of them drift to the Science stream (if their results allow), while the rest go to the Arts because they heard from others that it's easier than the Science (and if their results disallow). Once again, another branch of the result-oriented mentality. I mean, I do have this mentality, but I realized that results don't mean zilch if you have a poor character. Although, this realization came at a really bad time - Form 5, the year of SPM.

Okay, apparently the government is aiming for a 60:40 ratio of Science to Arts students. Maybe that's why schools base it on results. But then you can't change something without changing the attitudes, opinions and beliefs of people. Maybe then did the notion that Science was better than Arts was developed.

DAMN IT! My siblings are bugging me. I can't continue writing.

We poor, stingy people can't afford diet pills  

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Okay, I'm looking at this website that ranks diet pills based on its effectiveness.
But if they're so effective, why are there still fat people in the US? But I kid.

Coincidentally, the top ranking product is Decaslim which I wrote about not too long ago. But ah, just this afternoon, Deng measured my waist, it was 26.5 inches!
I could say lots of things like "I wasn't sitting straight", "I had a full stomach" or "she wasn't doing it right", but nah, I know I've grown fatter over the months.
I can't say "no" to cheese.

But going back to that website's ranking of top diet pills, another product called apidexin is ranked third. According to the site, it's almost (by a miniscule margin) as effective as Decaslim but cheaper!
Suddenly, I have this urge, just an urge, to try these pills to prove, or disprove, all these website reviews. And because I'm severely affected by my measurements.

SP - Pet Supplements  

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You know, some people question the necessity of pet supplements, probably saying that it's capitalism at work or something. But I think if your pet (nowadays, they're practically your child) benefits, why not stop and take the time to do a bit of research on the products available. I remember giving my hamsters vitamin C. He really really liked it. Oh damn, I miss those little buggers.

SP - Diet Pills Review  

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I think the fatnomenon in the US has really made pharmaceuticals grinning now that there's a nationwide call for Americans to trim off some of those "muffin-tops" (I think that's what Deng calls it). Search results for "diet pill reviews" was just shy of a million entries. It's a bit counter-productive because it's so saturated and cluttered, it's difficult for the average consumer to determine which sites provide unbiased reviews.

Don't let the bedbugs bite  

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Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
Have you ever wondered why people say that? I wondered and thought maybe bedbugs were fictional creatures conjured to scare little children. Yes, really. I don't know why I thought that because I saw a documentary about bedbugs years ago.
But I now know that it isn't some superficial well-wishing phrase. You really, really don't want to get bitten by a bedbug.

Bedbugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide. They're disgustingly scary in the sense that because they can't jump, they will climb onto the ceiling and free fall on top of you. The annoying thing about them is that you won't be able to feel them on you. As they bite into you, imagine two straws; one used to inject saliva which keeps your blood from coagulating as well as anesthetizes the bite area, and another for drinking.

At one point, I think the phrase lost its luster due to the rapid decline in the bedbug population. Perhaps a majority of those born in the 80s and later have never seen a bedbug in their life. I saw my first, real, bedbug just a couple of days ago.

Anyway, your parents and my parents, when they were younger, bedbugs were abundant I would think. My Dad said, as children, because they were so poor, my Grampa got some cardboard boxes, laid them on the floor and put a straw mat on top of it so they could sleep on them. But little did he know, bedbugs infested the cardboard.
And so you see, the phrase makes more sense now. Though, I still haven't got "sleep tight" figured yet.

Promise me you'll look at me the same  

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I think it's one out of a handful of situations where a normal person would have the ability, as well as excuse, to crap their pants. And I mean that quite literally.

I lie in this bed (while Deng stirs and elbows me in my sides), documenting my first diarrhetic experience since yonks (or never). It would seem that I currently hold no regard for my humility or reputation (I know I'll regret this one day). And if a future prospective employer sees this, know that, IT WAS THE SHRIMP!
I kid, I kid. I'm not sure if it was the shrimp but everyone always thinks it's the shrimp.

T'was like this.
I was watching Top Gear and, how do I put this nicely, felt a fart coming on. I let loose one and a little bit of something warm came out.
Now that I think about it, it wasn't a fart, I practically did the number two right then and there.

That was incident one.
Incident two happened just a while ago. I awoke from my sleep thinking my period had finally came but nope, all I did was crap my pants again, just a little bit.

Thank goodness I was expecting my monthly visit so I was protected. But can you imagine how disgusting it would be if I had diarrhoea AND my period together?! Can I get a collective "EWW" and some vomit from the girls?

I feel kind of empty and hungry now. I've been on and off the throne about 5 times.
The experience was fresh at first (I do love my ironies). I kept farting and the funny noises made me laugh. Then it got dreadful by the 3rd visit.
Though, it'd have been much more satisfying if I was defecating solid waste but all that came out was air, liquid and umm, purée.

Before I leave you with pleasant memories of me, some advice for first time diarrhetics: if you feel like farting, don't because all you're going to do is poop your pants again, it's not a world record; rehydrate; and start wondering if it was the shrimp.

What shit is this?  

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Science and Math back to BM eh?
So ah, I think what the government is trying to tell its people is that, when the going gets tough, quit!

SP - Junk Removal  

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Should you live in a semi-pack rat like environment, a junk removal service would probably do wonders for you. Just don't be there to watch, when they load up all your stuff into the truck, if you're like my dad. The FAQs from an NJ junk removal service says they remove appliances, scrap, household items, etc. That's pretty much anything. They also claim to dispose of the junk "in an environmentally friendly way, recycled or donated to a local charity". Now that's Societal Marketing, people!

Steaks and Burgers  

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So... I'm officially a 'C' student.
I took four units and got only one H.Distinction and that's for Intro. to Marketing, so that's like, a given. My average is 69.75. I thought I expected to get higher but come to think of it, I kept on complaining how I sucked last semester right? So yeah lah.

Anyhoo, cookout on Friday. Woo!

I've figured my online persona  

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Hover for word definitions. Learn them, use them.
I'm contemplating writing a post on how Innit has become a popularity contest; so vapid, superficial and very much a suck-hole magnet.
Except I can't be bothered to do the research since I've never had direct encounters with these vapid narcissists.
So I'll wait and see if GZ writes one.

Similarly, I've figured out what my online identity is: I'm a rebel (in sociological issues), more accurately known as "Person with Stick Up Ass".


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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

SP - Heart Pendant Jewelry  

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I was channel surfing the other day and found "Catch That Kid" playing on HBO (or was it Cinemax? Star Movies?). Kristen Stewart was professing her love for both Corbin Bleu and Max Thieriot with a heart pendant jewelry to get them to help her with the heist. I'm so glad she grew up. I was kind of tormented, watching that scene. It was very weird, (pre?) pubescent children doing the kissies and lovies.

I'm rambling  

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What if someone tried to off themselves with pills and accidentally took diet supplements instead? And let's assume that that diet supplement is Decaslim (I was reading a review of it lah). This particular supplement contains a lot of Superfoods, foods rich in fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants, doodads and whatnot. I read them Decaslim reviews and whoa, I was kind of convinced. I'd buy it. It's tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, garlic, fibre, blueberries, red wine, all in a compact pill. Come to think of it, whoever created the pill slash tablet, is a damn genius. I'm rambling. My brother is distracting me.

Cocky Basketball by Paramore  

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