A conversation with a child  

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I had this conversation with a 9 year old yesterday and he was saying something about drinking coke to clean your stomachs. Then I felt compelled to correct the 9 year old saying the acids in his stomach will take care of that. What he needs to focus on is his intestines. That he should eat yoghurt, the natural colon cleanser. Or oats. Oats are good. Conversing with a child can be quite a fresh experience.

Bah humbug. Again.  

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Ingrid's Everybody tour

Oct 24 Barrymore Theatre Madison, WI, USA
Oct 25 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, WI, USA
Oct 26 Park West Chicago, IL, USA

My bro's in Iowa which is practically right beside-across Illinois.
My cousins are in Wisconsin, and Madison and Milwaukee are like one to two counties away.

I hate not being able to go to shows and listen to live music. I haven't been to shows like these before... *grumble grumble*

Not dead. Yet.  

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Looks like this blog will stay alive for the next 5-7 weeks.

I have the munchies right now. Snicker cookies. Oh yeah. But they're a bit chewy now that it's been sitting in my drawer for a couple of days. My jaws went rigid because I was struggling to finish my second piece. It was THAT hard to chew.

Why do I participate in stupid things?  

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innit snapshot

Looking at the top ten posts on Innit, I find that Nuffnangers active on Innit are people who don't give a shit about politics probably because:
a. they've given up hope (which really means the end of Malaysian politics as we know it or you know, a better life ahead of us); or
b. they're vapid and fundamentally apathetic; or
c. they actually do read newspapers and get their news from online news sites [Updated]

I don't know, looks like a mixture.
I think Tim Berners-Lee, Doug Engelbart and Ted Nelson would be distraught to know that the Web which they had imagined, central to sharing and collaboration, is now a popularity contest. In this case. Innit. Malaysia.
Because the top posts are "hogged" (because it's true) by the more popular bloggers, you don't get a variety of topics to read about. Like, food review, okay lah. But a new haircut? Do people really care? Apparently, they do. And when that post is pushed to the top, you get more people looking at this person's new haircut, perpetuating the cycle. Can die lor.

And what is with the CAPS and !!!s. Haiyo.
Reminds me of this 12 year old on Yahoo! Answers replacing A's with @s and "me" and "we" with "meh" and "weh".


Rant: Law in Malaysia  

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Note: I was writing about the Daphne Iking scandal at first but it slowly became a rant of Malaysian Law and government. The ideas may be disorganized but do read it. You may find something useful leh.

What is this thing about Daphne Iking's husband suing this other dude (Mr. Choy)?

Okay, I've read a couple of articles and they're all pretty much the same, like it was from a press release.

The only reason why this is big news is because it's probably the first time any man has sued another dude for being too friendly with his wife, citing sections of the law that no one knew existed. And because it's Daphne Iking. And it's scandalous.

According to the article (full article from link above):
Choy Khin Ming, dressed smartly in a white shirt and black pants, stood in the dock as his lawyers and the aggrieved husband’s lawyers introduced themselves to magistrate Mohd Faizi Che Abu.

The appearance of two other lawyers, Ravi Nekoo and Pushpa Ratnam, took the court by surprise when the former told magistrate Mohd Faizi Che Abu that they were there to hold a watching brief for Iking and may file to ask questions later.

It seems like Daphne hired her own lawyers, which could indicate where the marriage stands. Or I'm just being tabloid-ish.

Unfortunately, Mr. Choy is not very google-able. Other than news we already know, I couldn't find nothing personal. Even a business (he's supposedly a managing director).

Anyway, there's a reason Daphne's hubby's name wasn't revealed, so I've taken them off of any posts I had. He's a very low profile guy lah.

But then you really have to wonder, if he's going to accuse this fella for seduction of a spouse, he's going to have to prove it with what most likely will be communication details. And we know there are reporters in court hearings so this would just publicize things further, not a very good idea if you care about your privacy. It'll affect Daphne's career (though we know more people may tune in to The Breakfast Show to see if Daphne will be on), the family's privacy, her hubby's job (in some way perhaps)? Is it worth it? Would it have been better if he didn't go to court in the first place?

Now about this law of “enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a married woman”. Criminal? Isn't adultery a civil issue? So what do they mean by criminal?

The Penal Code (Act 574) does not say much other than this:
Enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a
married woman

498. Whoever takes or entices away any woman who is and
whom he knows, or has reason to believe, to be the wife of any
other man, from that man, or from any person having the care of
her on behalf of that man, with intent that she may have illicit
intercourse with any person, or conceals, or detains with that
intent any such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for
a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both.

So gender equality aside, I think the law interprets that having sexual intercourse, or the intent, with someone other than your spouse is a criminal offence. In Malaysia lah. It makes sense since if you two got on with it, they can't say you're wrong because it's morally subjective. But the law tries to prevent you from causing unrest by stating that if you seduce a married woman with the intent to hump, you must go to jail, you prick! It's kind of saying that if you want to be with the girl, do it by the book.

Anyway, if you're free, you should take a look at some of the laws in Malaysia. It's not too difficult to understand it if you know why they have to write like stuck-ups. What they're trying to do is fit everything into one sentence, that's why legal sentences are so long. All you have to do is break the sentence down and let your synapses go to work.

To laugh or be shocked by laws concerning bloggers, read the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984. It's crazy how much power the Home Minister holds (as demonstrated by d**khead extraordinaire, Syed Hamid Albar, not too long ago). And in case you didn't know, publications have to renew their licenses annually. That's how the law keeps them in line. And and and, we have MCA who owns The Star and a couple of chinese dailies, UMNO has Utusan and whatnot. How is it that it's even legal for political parties to own news publications is beyond me.

Also take a look at the Sedition Act 1948. Hey, they could throw yo' ass in jail for calling... wait, who's the most hated minister now? Ok lah, let's go for coalition parties instead. So, they could throw yo' ass in jail for thinking and blogging that BN is inciting hate amongst the Malays and Chinese and Indians. Then there's these UMNO Youth people going all barbaric with Karpal Singh (there might be a video on youtube somewhere showing UMNO Youth harassing and obstructing Mr. Karpal Singh from entering a building) and going all "PKR is the enemy of Islams and Malays!" on people. So I've heard lah. And most of them are 40-50 year old men pretending to be youths. *hurl*

Of course you don't have to read every Section and Article. What you can do is look through the contents and find anything that interests you or is relevant to you maybe in terms of publication of information (e.g. blogging). Besides, the government hates bloggers that talk or mentions politics. Bloggers suck at reporting "the truth" because we don't check our facts before publishing. Of course lah, traditional media government control wert.

And BTW, there's no such thing as total freedom of speech or expression in Malaysia except for a little provision in our Federal Constitution. BUT... of course there's a "but"... the freedom comes with T&C lah. Parliament can retract these freedoms in the interest of a variety of things. Think: RPK. "For national security reasons", amongst the favourites.

So don't be an idiot and shout "I have Freedom of Speech!".
It's the Americanization of our culture that makes us think we have freedom and total democracy so again, we don't. Aiya, we don't have a First Amendment lah!

I'm not sure if all I said has basis because I didn't edit this article. It's just the rebel in me lah. Ministers discrediting bloggers like that, hurts my feelings leh.

p.s. these ministers talking about unity and Merdeka must be kidding themselves. Do they not realize that patriotism, in most cases, is pretty forced? When I was in class one day during the Olympics or some sporting event, Malaysia won some medal and the people were sort of apathetic. Then the Chinese team won zounds of medals and my Chinese classmates were all cheering and all smiles. She even asked how come we don't feel the joy of the success of our nation team.

On one hand, you're going "we must stay united!" and "1Malaysia!" (WTF is that concept anyway?!). On the other, you're all about segregation and privileges. How to unify the people like that?

So ah, if you idiots want unity from us, you'd better act like it. Pricks.

They're not just treadmills  

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*Orange words are hyperlinks, peach words are defined words (*hover*).

The treadmill is a symbol of health, capitalism and a waste of space, no? BUT! Take away all these symbolisms and take a look at the meaning of the treadmill.

Treadmills aren't just machines for exercising, they're products from the generation that feared death and flabby skin. It's a machine that rides on the consumer's motivation to stay alive and desire to look good. Better yet, indoor exercising machines insinuate that you shouldn't exercise outdoors because you're not pretty enough. Yet.

But wait, they have their redeeming qualities as well. With more healthier people, the government can reduce health care costs. You get happier people as well with endorphins pumping like crazy. And at the fundamental level, birth rates may go up because we have so many pretty people strutting their stuff, all toned and beautiful.

So the question is, do we overlook semiotics and lean toward humanism, or do we go all anthropologic and condemn capitalism?

This is what I learn in school. Now I can interpret your every act and judge you. Muahahahahahaa.

Do you wanna date my avatar?  

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The video is finally here, woo! Listen to the lyrics. Catchy betul..

Those in the not know, it's a music video for the web series, The Guild about a group of hardcore gamers and their lives. It's all about geek humour.

Oh btw, Maurissa Tancharoen from my I'm such a Sci-fi geek post is in the video as well. She did backup vocals and dances in the video (right most dancer in group and concubine on the right).

Woe is me  

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Grocery expenditures have went up a bit since we came back. I thought the economy was improving. How is it that prices go up?
No more cheap pizzas, cheap cab fares, heck, even cheap education. Maybe there's cheap health insurance? Health care here ain't cheap y'know. Pizza used to cost $5.50 every Tuesday, now it's $5.95. Cucumbers cost $1 more!! Cucumbers!! Now I has no cucumbers in my sandwiches! And that damn washer keeps eating our money!

SP - Selling insurance like no other  

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The internet has changed how we do things. If you were to get an insurance policy before the internet, it was lots of face time with the agent. Sometimes, the agents would look for you trying to sell policies. But now, with the internet, you'd apply for wholesale life insurance, for instance, online because a lot of information is now available on the web. You can get insurance quotes online instead of waiting for the agent to get back to you, you can do your own research on policies before talking to an agent, etc. Of course the face to face interaction is vital in this business. You can't sell something as important as a policy without meeting the client. It's all about alleviating the fears.

The road to vanity is complicated  

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In the process of selecting a TLD (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG), maybe it's just me, but I noticed the degree of vanity that comes with each TLD.

According to GoDaddy:
.COM - “Commercial” and the most widely used TLD on the internet.

.NET - Usually used by Network Providers, but used widely by businesses and individuals for other purposes.

.ORG - Commonly used by non profit organizations.

I perceive .NET to be the least vain TLD amongst the three, followed by .COM and .ORG.
I originally thought .COM was on top but after I saw a description in another registrar's site about .ORGs, I changed my mind. We'll come to that later.

My reasoning for this ranking is that .COM is so prevalent, people want to be affiliated with others using .COM TLDs. What does it mean? It kind of insinuates that you want to hang with the majority and not be seen as the odd one out. .COM was originally meant for commercial activities and was subsequently opened to everyone. Commercial signifies mainstream meaning majority meaning acceptance. Consequently, the first TLD that comes to mind is .COM.

In contrast, those who pick .NET TLDs look like they're taking a step back from the crowd aren't they? The vibe's all humble and sorts. .NET was for network providers and these people are usually geeky and (stereotypically) socially challenged, they're behind-the-scenes people, not very popular.

Now why do I think .ORG tops the vanity scale?
Because I saw this description: "Also used by clubs".
How vain can you get, to register a .ORG domain as a club dedicated to yourself?

*Note that I'm writing this just for kicks, not aimed at anyone in particular. Just trying to apply some things I learned in class today. The last point is bullshit because clearly, there's no merit to that.

Convicted Freedom is *kapoot*!  

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I've decided that Convicted Freedom is stupid. Someone should've told me this years ago.

It was age-appropriate at the time of creation but now, I'm 20 and almost 21, and I can't help but think "What the heck is Convicted Freedom? Is it relevant to me now? Heck, I don't even know how to explain it if someone asked me".

Having studied the internet, I can't explain it, but I feel like a new consciousness just washed over me. I'm seeing things in a different light now. Not a very bright light but it's getting there.

In addition to the whole name changing thing, I'm going to get a domain name!
I imagine that's the equivalent of getting your own car, in Blogosphere standards. The coming of age thing that you do after you've decided that taking the bus just isn't for you anymore.

Tongue twister!  

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Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watches switches. Which Swedish switched witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch witch?

via Yahoo! Answers

It starts to make no sense at the second sentence. If I were to correct it, it'd be like this:

Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watches' switches.
Which Swedish switched witch watched which Swiss Swatch watch switch?

Do I really want to work on movie sets?  

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When I think about how underpaid production crews are, I think about how people like Ryan Seacrest are overpaid.

Wouldn't it be awesome if an actor sets aside a portion of his/her million dollar salary to be paid to crew members? Or you know, a raise would do.

I think therein lies the problem of exploitation of labor. The people on top keep the money to themselves -- drive sports cars, hire drivers, live in mansions -- while the crew works their asses off for dirt and don't even get paid on time (in some cases).

I think my inner-educator is speaking  

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I keep imagining myself teaching a class of primary school kids. Classes are fun and productive and they like me.

Youngsters these days  

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via LKM @ facebook

Censor our ministers before censoring porn  

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I've just read that the government is considering a move to filter the internet off porn and other "bad" elements (Oh God! Is that a man's nipple?! Quick, block that page!). Coincidentally, I was reading an essay about political censorship for my unit tomorrow.
Anyway, I would like to just put this out there, hoping it will stand out amidst the sea of "it's a waste of time and of no use" and "it violates the MSC Bill of Guarantees" comments, this quote by Nart Villeneuve (2006):

Once a national filtering system is in place, governments may be tempted to use it as a tool of political censorship or as a technological “quick fix” to problems that stem from larger social and political issues.

Sounds probable. And I base this on how paedophillic our DPM looks, how overeager our Info, Comm & Culture Minister looks and how shady our PM looks (what with all the implications in criminal activities hor). I may be bullshitting but you can't deny that our ministers tend to take the easy way out for most matters.

What will they block next? The opposition's sites? Anti-corruption sites? God forbid, YouTube, for hosting videos of (keyword:)Malaysian enforcement officers beating up a suspect in custody *hint wink nudge*.
I have to wonder if they've considered how relatively simple it is to circumvent filters though. Because that would already have rendered the filters useless to a percentage of internet users.

** The MSC Bill of Guarantees dictates that the Malaysian government guarantees not to censor the internet as part of a commitment to foreign investors.

I don't know if the title makes sense. In some contexts, yes, it does.

And just to rub it in...

I got this from a government website.

Facebook Purity Update #3  

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Yet another update for Facebook Purity.
At least we know Facebook often makes changes to their codes and whatnot.

Go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage user scripts > Select Facebook Purity > Uninstall.
Then install Facebook Purity.

via steev

Search results for "Moong Chee Mun"  

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Let me just redirect searches for "Moong Chee Mun" to Roberta's blog.
I didn't know him personally but it is a great loss because he seemed like a very nice and talented young man.

Why that guy so old school wan  

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ISA Can Be Amended, Not Abolished: Ahmad Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 (Bernama) -- Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said it was impossible for the Internal Security Act (ISA) to be abolished but it could be amended or its name to be changed to be more appropriate with current times.

He said the country needed laws like the ISA, that could allow a person to be questioned before a matter or case could be taken to court, as well as needing other laws.

"Don't just look to our country only. See our neighbours or other countries. They too have laws more or less like ours or more stricter.

"The act is meant to enure economic and political stability so that there are no problems related to religion, race and culture and this is what the government stresses," he told reporters after officiating a political speeches course organised by the Cheras Umno division here Saturday.

Commenting on the gatherings in the city today by the Abolish the ISA movement (GMI) and the Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Perwaris), together with Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), which wanted the ISA to be retained, Ahmad Zahid people should not be afraid of the ISA if they had not done anything wrong.

"I speak from my experience in 1988. Although I was detained under the ISA I accepted the situation. When I was questioned and investigated I was of the opinion that the police did their job profesionally,' said Ahmad Zahid.

At the same function, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Ahmad Maslan, said the Opposition merely wanted an opportunity to have a demonstration even when they knew that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak would review the ISA.

"Actually they should give their views wisely, in writing, using facts if they wanted to make any suggestions, not by troubling the people, till the roads are jammed," he said.


or its name to be changed to be more appropriate with current times.

The changing of the ISA name to reflect the present is plain stupid because it will always be related to "national security" which government officials use on a whim.
Spirit Mineral Water and Aquafina Mineral Water is technically, just water. They're just different names. If the government can pull off some sort of marketing ploy to change our opinions of the ISA, I'll give you RM500... money which I do not have ready.

Don't just look to our country only. See our neighbours or other countries. They too have laws more or less like ours or more stricter.

And really, these idiot politicians have to stop comparing Malaysia with other countries. If they wanted to, compare themselves with US or UK.. one without an ISA anyway.. and stop comparing themselves with Singapore. Because that's like comparing the same pair of shoes and saying how different they are. Morons.
If you compare our petrol prices with other nations again, I'll bitch slap you.
Your economy and their economy same ah? Compare what?

I'll not say more because there's something growing under my eyelid and I'm hungry, but I'll end with this:

How are they going to be a developing nation when they won't let go of their security blanket?

Facebook Purity Update #2  

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Install Facebook Purity

Script updated 29th July 2009 - Due to a code change at facebook, the script was hiding the whole newsfeed. To remedy this, first uninstall the old version of the script, by going to the Firefox “Tools” menu, then selecting “Greasemonkey” then “Manage UserScripts” then click the Facebook Purity script then click the uninstall button, then re-install the updated version from the link above. ( N.B) if fb purity still isnt working for you after this, try clearing your browsers cache, then re-installing again, as your browser may have cached a copy of the old script.

via steeev @ http://steeev.freehostia.com/