SP - Laptop deals  

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I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I am under the impression that the US has better laptop deals for students than what we have here. Unless you want to count the installation of pirated software part of the deal than, sure, we have it better here. I've read that they throw in printers and stuff for students. And recently, there's a promotion for college student about Windows 7 Home Premium. It's being sold for $30 to college students with an .edu email address. That's super cheap leh. If you're in the US and your computer dies or you don't yet have one, buy it there.

Tiny drama  

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Room 3 in our house moved her TV back into her room, saying she needed it. Why, I have no clue. But we're guessing she ain't too happy about Rooms 5-6 using it every night. Or, the three of them had an argument. Either way, the coffee table that was once a tv stand is now a real coffee table.

The lounge was rearranged yesterday and it feels so much more spacious now. I like it. Perhaps the quietness that comes with the absence of the tv might make it uncomfortable for some, I think it's kind of nice that there's silence and I don't have to try to keep things down in the kitchen when others are watching tv. Because that just makes the noise levels even higher.

SP - Orlando vacations  

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I think I know why I don't think of orlando vacations, even with the end of semester looming. It's the overcrowded beaches I see on TV. Could be that, or the Spanish, Russian or Cuban mafia that we see on CSI. And don't forget the sun. I don't look too good all tanned and stuff. Wait a minute, that's Miami. But is it the same in Orlando? If it's not as hot, I could consider it. Maybe in the next 10 years, when I have money.

A child's stupidity, not innocence  

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If you have a dad like mine, you might actually get to see air conditioner filters for yourself one day.

Those things are really nasty when it's all covered up in dust. It made me realize how dusty the air can be.

When I was younger, after I saw my first used filter, I tried not too breathe in too much and too hard. It lasted until I was short of air. I was kind of stupid back then.

Enlighten me, oh passers-by  

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Sometimes I miss the simplicity of point and shoot digital cameras. At least, I think I do. The problem is, I can't remember the last time I've used one. I don't think it's very long ago but it sure does feel like it.

Anyway, I'm going to a mooncake festival event tomorrow. Should be a cool night with lots of asians. Hahaha. It seemed funny. I hope I'll get good shots of inanimate objects. It's quite difficult to photograph people, although I'd like to try.

First I have to figure out what settings I need at night with lights. I always fire off a couple of shots with flash to get an ideal setting but that's not very efficient.

Comfortable furniture  

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Have you ever wondered how many words you've written in your entire life? I've just recently wondered.

Perhaps some group of researchers could calculate an average of words a person writes in a week, do the maths to generate a number for a year, then code a program to calculate it based on the input date of birth. It's a pretty novel idea, I would think.

But then again, there are many factors that would affect the chances of someone writing. For me, it was the office furniture. It wasn't comfortable. At all. That's why I sit like I'm a contortionist. And my dad would say, "Sit properly. Not good for your back ah". In fact, I have an urge to get a floor chair. Just cause it'll be handy. Or something. Urges be damned!

I've never really thought about it, but geez, comfortable furnitures are so important!

Do your part  

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A community service announcement to all shoppers, particularly grocery shoppers.
At the checkout counter, rotate all products with barcodes facing upwards at the cashier. Why? Because this conveniences the cashier and ultimately, makes the process faster. The minute the cashier spots the barcode, he or she can quickly rotate it towards the barcode scanner. And during checkout, make sure to keep an eye on the register screen for prices. The Tesco branch at Mutiara Damansara has a tendency to overcharge.

Looks like exercising still works. Damn.  

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I just saw a program where they tell you all about losing weight. Did you know you lose very little fat during a workout? But wait, over the next 22 hours, you'll lose even more fat because during the workout, your body burns up all the carbs. Once you stop and go about your daily activities, your body has to burn off fat instead because there's no more carbs left! And did you know, eating low fat dairy really helps in losing weight? It's because the calcium in dairy makes it difficult(?) for fat to be absorbed so it comes out in your poop. Which means you lose fat from eating low fat dairy products. Of course, all these are for people who actually have time to care. If you don't, buy weight loss pills.

Highlight at the VMAs  

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Kanye West steals Taylor Swift's moment:

Beyonce gives Taylor her moment:

This whole thing played out like a movie, with Beyonce as the lead of course. Kanye West reprises his role as the villain/sore loser and Taylor supports, I guess.
You'd think the people running the event would've asked ushers (or security, perhaps?) to look out for Kanye West after his stunt at the MTV EMAs.

I think Taylor Lautner should've whooped Kanye's ass right then and there.

SP - Motorcycle covers  

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Look, motorcycle covers, how capitalist of them.

Capitalism notwithstanding, they're pretty cute, especially this one:

It's a pocket!

I do wonder if this will be a one-man job or would it require two.
How are you to keep the top flap up while you're pushing your bike in?
I don't ride a bike, but if you know, let me know.
If not, I think they could use with some bendable sticks inside the cover like tents, to keep the top flap up and the whole structure sturdy, while you wheel that bike in.

And you know, you could always use them as a child's toy, if you have money to spend.

Workload blues  

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I've been a pretty good girl, finishing readings for two classes ahead of schedule and writing my draft essay in time. I've finished half of the draft (due Monday 14/9), which I plan to submit as the complete one anyway (due Monday 21/9) because I have an essay due Friday 18/9 but our tutor has given us until Monday to submit if we choose to submit it then.

Two weeks later...

There's one more essay and two presentations due. They're worth a lot of marks. It's going to be super tough.

Ummm, I just realized there's more.

Two more weeks later...

Three more essays due, and two final assignments due. FARK.

I'm laughing like I've gone mad, as a response to... going mad. On the verge, at least.

If I can keep up this good behaviour for the following two-ish months, I will pamper myself like a spoilt child. EYES ON THE PRIZE.

I think I've downgraded this blog to a rant blog. My goodness, how clich├ęd can I get.

SP - Live chat software  

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Some of the most common site support systems include email addresses, forms and community forums. Notwithstanding forums, the other platforms usually require customers to wait for about 2 to 3 business days before you can respond. What most sites don't have, is live chat software. The ability to tell customers that if they have any questions or require any help, there is a person who can help them just a click away. This can not only increase profits, but increase customer satisfaction as well.

I almost made it  

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Yesterday, I came back from class and started studying. In fact, I accomplished quite a lot in one afternoon. I was pretty impressed with myself and decided that I would do it again today.

Today, I was supposed to start with my reading for this unit when I came back home at 2pm. But I checked my email, Facebook, Twitter and blog and that took an hour and more.
I even skipped class just so I could start studying earlier. Then Deng came in and we went photo-crazy and that took I don't know, an hour? So I started my reading at 5pm.

It's 6.30pm now. And I'm tired from yesterday. Save me.

Very rant-post, I know.

SP - GMAT prep  

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Planning on taking an MBA?
I don't know about Australia but at least in the US, you have to sit for something called a GMAT, Graduate Management Admission Test. The test results will tell you how likely you are to "succeed academically in graduate business studies" (Wikipedia n.d.). Oh frak, another standardized test. If you're not as brainy, you may consider taking GMAT prep classes. The test is computerized and according to Wikipedia, calculators are not allowed in the test. Good luck with that.

SP - Area rugs  

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I've always loved area rugs but my parents thought rugs trapped a lot of dirt so I suppose they'd rather sacrifice aesthetics than to risk germs. I totally agree since it's a rational decision. Plus, rugs don't come cheap, do they? But if we're talking about dreams and imaginations right, rugs would be nice. Best suited with parquet or hard wood floors. I'm not sure about marble though. This reminds me, I should alcoholize my room carpet. There's a stinky smell, probably from someone else's room but whatever.

SP - Best fat burners  

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You remember that experiment we did in Chemistry (or was it Biology), where we burnt a legume and calculated the amount of energy it generated? What happens when we burn fat? I think it'll be a great experiment, to compare and contrast how much energy each releases. Though I can't remember what we used to burn the nut. Heh, if we used a Bunsen burner to burn the fat, we can call it the best fat burner and sell them to dieters.
Not funny?