SP - dental implants  

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When you get into a fight or an accident and you come out alive (good for you), especially those that involve facial injuries, you may find yourself missing some teeth. Missing teeth somehow make people look scary. Must be the witch and bum factor. I kid. In circumstances like these, and if you can afford it, dental implants will be the answer to your prayers. If you're from, say... Orange NJ, you can find your own Orange NJ dental implants and fix that creepy smile.

Uni life is killing my body  

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When I think of my life as a student all I can see is an increasingly fat bum, humongous thighs and 10 hour nights (and days) on that quite comfortable mattress I've come to appreciate. Oh, can't forget the worsening eyesight. Honestly, I'm rendered pretty much useless without my glasses. And what does this mean? Thousands in corrective eye surgery. BUT! My optician says there's a possibility that the condition of my eyes may not be suitable for lasik, based on an exam on Deng's eyes (because we're twins, what's wrong with her may be something wrong with me too). I'm going to go lie on that comfortable mattress now.

Motorhome insurance  

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For some odd reason, US senior citizens, especially those that are retired, like to buy motorhomes. Okay, maybe it's not so odd. What I'm thinking is, in their youth, they had to be stable and needed landed properties (a yard!) for their kids to grow up in. Now that they have no responsibilities, they can live a more carefree life, which for them means "motorhome!". And probably because of this, there's such a thing as motorhome insurance, to protect you from hefty bills from burning your motorhome because you can't cook or your built in washing machine flooded the engine (I don't know how it happens, but maybe a little raccoon rerouted the tubes). That's capitalism for you.


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Money is seen as an important part of a functioning society for many reasons, one of it is the economic elements in law.

Copyright law protects the rights of corporations and creators, ensuring that they are the only ones allowed to profit from their investment/creation. But this law limits creativity when people are not allowed to use that content freely. Corporations like Disney have managed to stretch copyright protection on content from 5 years to 70 years (after the death of the creator). Law is supposed to be impartial but it seems to be supporting capitalist agendas.

Now who says money can't buy happiness and power?

Best Fat Burners  

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The best fat burners are actually your own body. You know, exercise? But who am I kidding, machines have made our lives much easier now that we have been "programmed" to think we don't have to break a sweat to get things done. Hallelujah, thank goodness for that! I hate feeling sticky and sweaty, especially with the kind of weather we have in Malaysia. You've gotta hand it to the capitalists, they sure know how to spot a market.

Note to self  

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I think the attachment one has with all things Joss Whedon is that he is able to keep things close knit, a sort of mom-and-pops enterprise, by reusing actors from his previous productions, and keeping things a little grass roots. The correspondence with fans every now and then doesn't suck either.


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I think I need to meet someone new. Someone new to interact with, on things of mutual interest: Joss Whedon, TV, music, films, pirating, some compulsion with frugality, laughing at wannabe celebs like Innit bloggers, etc. I don't think I've found someone like that. It makes me feel like I don't belong. Maybe I need some reassurance that there are people out there like me. Because what's the point of having someone so similar to you, with you?

I have to stop psychoanalysing things. Work habit.