El Good Times  

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I just came home from El Cerdo in Bukit Bintang and it was awesome!
Their birthday songs are cute, since it's pig themed. I.e. Happy birthday to you, OINK OINK! And they give you a ceramic or clay piglet as a souvenir.
Also, they have this dish, I'm not sure what it's called but it's like pork chops, which is delicious. The meat is tender and if I recall correctly, pink. The gravy is divine!
Then just for kicks, I used a plate to cut a suckling pig (so tender you can cut it with a plate) and subsequently broke it for a wish. I wished for an awesome career :)
For the remainder of the night, I had a lot of booze (which my Mum kept stealing from me)! Be sure to try the red Sangria if you ever visit.

Orlando Vacation Packages  

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The last time Rita (from Dexter) decided to go on a vacation to the (Florida) Keys, she forgot her ID and got killed. Just sayin'.
Anyway, there's lots to attract you in Orlando. There's Universal Studios, Disneyland, SeaWorld, Sun and sand. Feels just like Osaka and Tokyo. If you have some money to spare and would like to travel (somewhat) cheaply, take a look at some orlando vacation packages. Online deals are usually cheaper if you're a member of this or that, I've noticed.


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The biggest TV I've seen is probably a 65" Samsung HDTV. The audio and visual is jaw dropping. Try watching National Geographic with that TV. No, I take that back, watch Dark Knight instead. It'll burn the Joker's bad ass face onto your brain. And now that Malaysia is finally(!) being offered HDTV, if you're still using SDTV, it may be time to swap it out for a better viewing experience.

Exam tables  

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Comfortability on an exam table is very important. If you don't know what an exam table is, here's one:

It's a similar type that Brian Moser from Dexter uses to kill his victims, and himself killed on. It's very handy.

I remember getting on one of these when I was a kid.


When you see a doctor and you're all tensed up, wouldn't a comfortable exam table be nice? It'll probably calm you a little. So far, all the tables I've been on have been pretty comfortable. Not that I've been on a lot of them.

On another note, it makes a great two in one, bed and storage drawer.

Job searching  

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I was just asking the sister today if I should be a corporate figure or something else in the future. I forgot what she said. But after I graduate, I fantasize about getting a job elsewhere, like in Australia or the United States. But what the heck would I do? I have a degree in Mass Communication, which doesn't really mean anything. Luckily, I chose to do Marketing as a second stream. At least I can look at marketing job searches. It's so difficult to get hired nowadays. My bro's classmate has to resort to asking friends of friends now. Not to mean that it's shameful or anything, it's just to emphasize the situation. Classifieds and job search portals are your best friend, people.