First Anniversary gift ideas  

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Say, you're married and in just a few days, it's going to be your first year anniversary together.

Congratulations! How's married life treatin' ya? Do you need help with gift ideas?

How about any of all things paper; a traditional first anniversary gift?
Concert tickets, poems, letters, photo, coupons, etc.

Too many choices? Then modern first anniversary gifts seem like your thing.
Clocks. Yes, this narrows the possibilities down quite a bit.
Electric, antique, wall, desk, cuckoo clock, you name it.

I'd go for coupons. It's fun!

Do what you love  

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I worked with this actress who once said that her dream was to open her own flower store and be a flower arranger. She didn't like acting but it brought home the bacon. (Oh, sweet sweet bacon).

Of course it sounded impractical to me then but three years later, I totally get it. I look at these and see just what these flower artistes are capable of. The explosion of colours is just awesome.

The best job is to do what you love, right? That's as good as not having a job at all.


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Ahh, puberty. A time that which kids grow taller and stronger and also a time where acne hits them all like the plague. Opportunities abound for marketers where products like acsonix could potentially sell like hotcakes. Yet something as abundant as water isn't marketed as an elixir. Sure, water's slow to cure but for a student on a budget, they're mighty affordable.

Always be prepared: extras for everything!  

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You know the saying, always be prepared? Do you think that applies to having extra lcd projector bulbs in your closet? Or would that have just be weird or paranoid? It's like keeping an old frying pan IN CASE your new one falls apart or carrying a bazillion pens with you in case any of the others run out of ink. That pen thing is a true story. I walk into exam halls carrying at least four pens, one mechanical pencil, one wood pencil, one eraser, one plastic ruler, one steel ruler, one correction liquid and one tube of mechanical pencil lead. Yeah, sometimes I feel like a dork.

Insurance quotes  

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Never would I thought I'd be involved with insurance stuff... like insurance quotes, coverage of what the what, etc. See? I'm no good at it. But after training, let's hope I'll know what I'm talking about. Considering the size of the insurance industry, you can get insurance quotes from pretty much any where. The interweb, agencies, resellers, whatever. Neat, in a scary way, huh?

Insurance stuff: it makes sense!  

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Seeing as I will be submerged in the insurance industry soon enough, it's time I learnt what the heck mortgage life insurance is, and not talk nonsense whenever I write about it. So, just to make this a little more informational than it isn't, mortgage life insurance is really just insurance for your mortgage payments when you are unable to pay them yourself. Think of the mortgage payments as your offspring and the mortgage life insurance as the insurance that will take care of them when you can't.

Cheapest, best wrinkle remover for a kid  

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When I was younger, my mum told me that if I rub my face with an eraser, my face will be rubbed off.

I distinctly remember trying to erase wrinkles from my face, thinking it was so cool to have a wrinkle removal like that.


I can't believe I put an eraser to my face. It's a wonder I don't have horrible skin now.

Wholesale Printing  

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Who knew there was even such a thing as wholesale printing in the printing business? Is printing 10,000 flyers considered wholesale? What is? If 3,000 isn't a lot, then 10,000 would probably garner an "eh" reaction. I presume. Any how, a turn around time of 24-48 hours is pretty good for wholesale printing. I'm sure there are little asterisks on that claim but at least it got me looking.


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You know what my biggest regret is? It's not sticking my feet in a pair of ugg boots when I was still in Australia. God knows the weather was absolutely freezing and I needed them. Those wool socks I had weren't effective! I miss my life then. I was all wrapped up, wearing my scarf and socks and sleeping at odd hours. I was gross... but it was pretty great. I slept my requisite 10 hours and it really did help in my studies. My memory was better, I felt really good about my exam, I was so happy. But I'm still unhappy about not trying on a pair of uggs.

Rackmount laptops  

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If you ever fancy a little coolness in your home... or lair... try installing one of them rackmount lcds and keyboards. They're basically equipment designed to be kept in racks, like those in server rooms. They've got the cool factor because "they're just like in the movies"!! Go google it! Apart from its portability, or lack thereof, it doesn't consume workspace and its CPU is away from most household hazards. Shiny.

It's all in the mind  

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"Why do I have to talk about these awkward things", some may ask. But really, it's only as awkward as you think it to be. You could go up to a stranger and say, "male enhancement cream". The situation could either be awkward, or really funny. Alternatively, it may induce interest. Just sayin'. So then, what does it all come down to? Your mind.

Supplements for your body  

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Oh my, I've been trying to do number two for two days and I can't, or the return on investment isn't justified, if you catch my drift. Looks like I'm going to need colon cleansing supplements instead of calcium supplements! Or, I could just eat a bowl of oats now, and by tomorrow afternoon, I'd be depositing a large sum.

Fun fact: did you know, broccolis have lots of calcium in them? So, if you're lactose intolerant, you could always go for team broccoli!


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I've mentioned that since I've started work, I've fallen sick three times. Every time, I'll pop a multivitamin. It's big, brown, and doesn't really taste good. I have no problems with swallowing pills but because I can't see how the pill is helping, I have reservations to its effectiveness. Besides, they cost too much. Wouldn't it be cheaper to eat healthier?

Asian and American appeals  

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Would lipofuze reviews appeal to Asians? I mean, I know for Americans, yes. But do Asians dig it? Take the Japanese for example, when they heard that bananas could help with weight loss, they went all crazy and bought it all. Plus, they're very healthy people, would they take lipofuze? On the other hand, they really like American things. E.g. they'd have an English Wedding just for show because it's awesome. So what do you think?

Good things aren't cheap  

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What are the best wrinkle creams? No freaking idea! But I heard that the urine of a virgin is useful. I know I've seen them in some Taiwanese or Japanese products before. Good things are cheap and cheap things aren't good. So when you're broke, which are you going to buy? Are good ones even good when advertising permeates our lives?

Work and lose weight  

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What could make fast weight loss pills? If you're like me, it's work! Like 9-8pm work and irregular-meal-hour work. I lost 2.5 kilos since I started working. I've lost my tummy, although my ass is a little bit more flabbier than I remembered. Anyway, that's the quickest way to lose weight, and also probably the fastest way to kill you.

Use coupons  

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Now that I'm working in an office that does not have a microwave (and also because it's a small air-conditioned space, any strong smelling items are not allowed), I'm forced to buy food. Each meal costs an average of MYR 5, and totals to MYR 100 a month. Don't forget the daily cost for parking which snowballs to MYR 130 a month. Add everything up with contingencies, I spend at least MYR 350 a month. That's the bare minimum. As such, I feel compelled to use coupons but because coupons aren't that popular here yet, and the ones I get aren't usually the things I typically buy. e.g. aj madison coupons, vacuum cleaner coupons, etc. Eventually, I'll get to the stage where I'll need them but now, all I want are food coupons.

Small office  

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You know, one of the advantages of working in a small office is that if one day, you need a cash advance, your boss may likely give it to you. If it's a good reason. For example, it's the beginning of November, coinciding with the Indian new year, a time for families to gather and spend time with each other. But the thing is, you haven't gotten your salary yet. You ask your boss if you could get an advance because it's the new year and all, she agrees. Probable scenario, isn't it?

Drunk blogging  

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I just thought how hilarious it would be if I drunk blogged. I'd be writing stupid posts like, "whaats aa horse tack? is it a stantionary!?Q lololl"... then puke all over my keyboard.

But just to clarify, a horse tack is the collective term for equestrian equipment, and I would NEVER puke on my keyboard. I'd have my trustee puke bin by my side.

Teach me properly  

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I really sucks when you're unsure of how to do things and yet you're needed to do those things you're unsure of. There's always the fear that if you screw up, the repercussions feel enormous and it's there because your responsibilities are indeed important. I need a step by step manual.

Interior decor advice  

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I've mentioned before that I like contemporary furniture right? Years later when I reconsider, I'm actually pretty traditional in some sense. Aren't we all, though? My bed could be contemporary but I'd like my living room to be a little homey (which really just means traditional, right?). But that would mean my home's design concept is incongruent. Any of your homes are decorated like that? Help me out. Although you should know, I still live with my parents :)

Be entrepreneurial, kids!  

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Dear artsy-crafty wee boys and girls, you know you can make money with your boring craft right? For instance, if you're into crafts made of beads, you could sell them to other people. But you're going to need capital for beading supplies and other expenses involved in manufacturing them. After that, you could sell them directly to customers, to a retailer, or have a third party sell them for you where they will get a commission from your sales. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Well, not so much. Especially when you get down to it. Just persevere! That's my unsolicited advice. Thank you, goodbye.

Need Headphones  

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I need new headphones. Not like I've ever had them before. Mine have always been earphones. I'm eyeing the cheap Koss UR-40 headphone. I could use it for my movies and Counter Strike. That'll be cool. Nothing like hearing an M16 go off. The cheap one I'm eyeing isn't a noise-cancelling headphone though. They'd be nice but they cost a bomb. Go cheap or go great? I'm only going to be using them at home, most times.

Dream sink  

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Blonde moment: Are Kohl's and Kohler related in some way?!
Anyway, some of them Kohler kitchen sinks look good. I prefer my sinks spacious. That means a double sink. Extra large. Large enough for a mid-sized dog. It also needs a high tap. I hate it when I can't wash something large like a wok and the water splashes all over because my sink isn't big enough.
When you do enough dishes, you care about little things like that.

Vacancy in medicine  

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If you want to move to another country like Singapore or Australia, try getting into a training course for technical positions in medicine. E.g. radiographer, the baby scanner thingy, I forgot what it's called. After you've gotten your training, you can head to medical job sites to get employed and move out of this damn country. Besides, I hear radiographers are in demand.

Cabin beds  

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If you're not afraid of termites biting through your bed and it falling apart in the middle of your sleep, then go on ahead and get some cabin beds! They're pretty and outdoor-sy and would be great as a part of family history. I.e., you've slept in your cabin bed ever since you were 5, and now you're 17, you're doing all sorts of things on it. And it's also great for cabins! Duh.

Gestalt a la Ferrari  

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If you're a Ferrari owner, I can't think of a reason why you would want to source for Ferrari parts. Unless you're a cheapo. If not, you could be a mechanic or a distributor or wholesaler or whatever. If so, then no judgement. On the other hand, if your hobby is to build cars from scratch, you could potentially build a car with Ferrari parts, couldn't you?

Scan that tatt  

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I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but do you think the barcoodes on the back of Jessica Alba's neck, in Dark Angel, could be scanned in real life? It's possible right? All you need is to input the data into the database and be equipped with a handy dandy barcode scanner and there you have it! Right, right?

Length or skill?  

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Oh wow, the side effects of extenze isn't something I would have thought I'd be writing or mentioning about. What is extenze? Would you like to hazard a guess? Well, you know how marketers create product names that convey the benefits or function of their products? That applies here. Extenze -- extend. What needs extending with the human body? If you're really sharp, you'd get it by now. I'm just going to say it. Extenze is a male sexual organ enhancement supplement. WHAT? YES!

Even if you want to please your girl in bed, don't get hasty with the products, dude!

Diet pills side effects  

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I wonder, do desperate people consider diet pill side effects when they pop a diet pill? At that point of desperation, do they still worry or do they merely look for a solution to their problem? Giving them the benefit of the doubt, let's assume they do consider it. But how likely are they to pop pills when the side effects are unknown? Or maybe they are known but seem negligible (e.g. dizziness, stomach aches, headaches, etc.)? I really hate when I start thinking about these things.. they make me feel tired.

Too much acne  

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It's crazy how often "acne treatment" appears on here. I can't help it. My brother has (had? I'm not sure any more) acne. My friends have acne. Can't really run, can I? Anyway, I've recently learnt that there is a chinese herbal tea or soup that can help with acne/pimple. Except, I don't know what it's called. So how is this an informative post? It is not. Because all informative posts will be longer than this.

Change your lifestyle  

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I know some people have acne or some form of it on their backs... not sexy. What can they do about it? Possibly, googling how to get rid of acne keywords and such. But the only reason your body is breaking out like this is because of your internal operations running here and there and your lifestyle, isn't it?

I've got an idea for a first step. You'll like this.
Take a little 555 book, log your meal hours and what you eat, what you do all day, whether you exercise or not. Do what you usually do, eat what you usually eat. At the end of the month, or week, you'll be able to tell where the problem areas are.

Now the hard part, make a change.

Micro SDs  

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I'm sitting here, constipated and thinking really hard... not a very good combination, might I say. I'm thinking about how I don't have a micro sd in any of my electronics. My camera uses an SD card, my phone uses a mini SD, I don't even have the adapter for a micro sd. But the good news is, they're cheap! If I can get an adapter, I could buy micro sds instead. On the downside, I think the available capacities are small. I don't know. You tell me.

Rubber stamps and its uses to a child  

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When I was younger, my friends used to have fancy rubber stamps of stars, hearts, and other shapes. They were fun to play with but eventually, you get bored stamping them on things. The next year, they upgraded to rubber stamps of their names. Now those were kind of cool. I think they started stamping them on their "property". Anyway, now as an adult, rubber stamps are for work and if someone gave it to you, you would probably have it stored somewhere in your desk drawer. But for all you know, your kid is using it to forge your signature on their report card. I'm just sayin'.

3 things  

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I have a slew of shows on queue since I started working two weeks ago. I've never felt so behind before.
At least I'm still downloading the shows as they roll out.

Also I'm dying for a sammich. Sammich, a sandwich. It's just more fun to say, "sammich".

Finally, I have to make some calls now. Au revoir.

Mini identity crisis  

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Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer are so bad ass! More so, when they're hot, hot, women riding motorbikes. Me? I'm skinny... won't say I'm easy on the eyes, so my bad ass-dom is limited to a Polaris ATV. Yeah, that's right. A four wheel bike. It would've been funnier if it had three wheels. I could've said, "a tricycle". So, yes, I secretly (not so secret any more) want to be a bad ass. But I also want to be a geek (I'm not a videogame or comic book geek, I'm more of a tv geek). I'm still working it out.

Be brave, step into that puddle!  

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It's been raining for the last few days and I've only discovered I may actually need rain boots! I wear sandals/slippers to work and the parking lot grounds isn't paved. It's horrible. There are holes everywhere and it's uneven. So when it rains, I may not be able to avoid getting my feet wet with these wet mines. But who in Malaysia wears rain boots?! Someone make it fashionable please.

Fall TV Season 2010  

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Fall TV begins! Okay, it began last week but still! I'm excited!
Dexter premieres today in the US and yesterday, everywhere else. Grey's, Private Practice, Bones, Fringe, CSI, last Thursday. Although, I wasn't psyched about Private Practice's premiere. CSI's premiere on the other hand was exciting. I haven't seen that show for a really long time but that premiere was insanely evil. The convict was evil but the Big Bad was evil..est. Boardwalk Empire is at it's second ep last Sunday. It becomes a trending topic on Twitter every Sunday. As hyped up as it is, I don't know whether to give it a go. Especially for someone living outside the States. Is it something I care about? Am I interested in the history of Atlantic City? It should be mentioned that it feels like a testosterone filled show which could be why I'm not giving it the time of day. Then there's True Blood. Not exactly Fall tv but once again I am reminded of how good this show is. So I've got to wonder, "do I want to watch this"? I saw the first ep when it came out... I got put off by the Southern accent and the sex... nope, just the accent. Oh and also, I think I still hated vampires.

Duty calls. Gotta go.

Christmas cards  

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Are you the kind of family who likes to send out personalized Christmas cards? Well if you are, you'd better get crackin'. Christmas is a little over two months away! If you don't start now, how are you going to beat the rush? Besides, you could negotiate a better deal if you start early. You don't like having to rush, neither to printers, right?

Slimming pills on tv  

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I have to say, the narration of slimming pills on tv is kind of rare. At least from what I've seen.
They talked about slimming and dieting on Grey's Anatomy before (S01E07) but nothing specifically about pills. None on How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, Castle, I could go on.
Whatever it is, talking about slimming pills on the tele isn't exactly interesting unless you're a medical show... or science fiction. Because the only narration of slimming pills on serialized shows I can think of is Doctor Who (The Tenth Doctor - S04E01), the episode about pills turning peoples' fats into living, breathing fat babies. They gurgle too.
But shows can't exactly glorify slimming pills because they'd open themselves up to lawsuits and complaints. So that's why the weight loss industry has to go the home shopping route and even more promotion and advertising in other media.

Weight loss programs  

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Have you ever heard of or seen weight loss programs that work?
If you've seen The Biggest Loser, then you have. Quite literally, a weight loss program.

But who am I kidding, it's fun to watch and all but it sure as heck isn't something you'd want to be doing yourself. You wish you could do it but you really don't want to be drenched in your own stinking sweat. You're too comfortable on your sofa munching on Pringles.

But what have we learnt from this?

We're shown that exercise really does help you lose weight. But it's not going to be easy. You're going to experience pain and agony everyday for weeks, months, before you're rewarded.

You know those girls from weight loss ads in the newspapers that are supposed to be testimonials for the effectiveness of the program? "Miss X lost 5kgs in 2 weeks"! Well, sure. She did lose 5kgs in 2 weeks. But she had to go to your centre everyday for 2 weeks to lose all that weight. No one has that kind of time unless you've got special privileges at work... or you're unemployed. (If you're unemployed and intend to register for a weight loss program, forget about it. Get two jobs, you'll lose weight).

Just sayin'.

Product names  

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Why'd you figure marketers call their weight loss products names like "Lipofuze"? Why not "fat-be-gone"?

I can think of one reason.

The thing with names is that they have to be easy to remember and convey to their target what they are about AND sound like a credible and effective product. "Fat-be-gone" sounds a bit too gimmicky doesn't it? That's a little more appropriate for a tagline, as I think most marketers will agree. Whereas Lipofuze kind of says all, doesn't it? Lipo, as in fat. Fuze, that I'm not sure. Fuse the fat together? I doubt it.. cause you're already a ball of fat. Get it? :D
Well, Lipofuze sounds a bit more scientific and it indicates "fat". As such, it instils some confidence in itself because, well, scientists made them!

Nut talking  

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So... we're talking about "fat" once again.
Why? Because today I just ate a boat load of carbs and we all know that carbs + no exercise = fat. And of course, I wallow on my fat butt about how fat I'm getting and everyone, including myself, just face palms because this is becoming such a dry topic. And if I actually went out and found something that would destroy my fat, I'd say, "click here for fat burners that work", then this wouldn't have been such a waste of your time. At least that's what I think would happen.

Trim it  

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How do you burn fat?
Diet? Pills? Good ol' exercise? *exer-what?*

But if you live in the city (or are stuck in the rat race, really), you'd find that there just isn't enough time to exercise. When you come home from work, you're tired, and 12 hours later, you're back at work again.

Because of this, most of you turn to diet plans.
"I'll just have less meals or smaller portions or reduce carbs"!
Some are uninformed and do them wrongly and end up hurting their health. Others can't resist the temptation, they say they're rewarding themselves and end up gaining the weight they've lost.

What's the next best thing for them? They go for the easy pill solution.
These pills are like magic, burning away the fat (in its own scientific way) and you don't even have to do anything. Well, at least that's what marketers are saying.
But as consumers, we don't want any of those side effects that may come from popping those pills. If there really are side effects for some of these products, it sort of becomes a trade off, doesn't it?

What does the urban fatty have to do to lose weight?!

For more information on diet pill choices, click here.

Stop talking please  

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I sure do need a migraine treatment right about now. I can't even catch a break. Don't naggers know when they've repeated one too many times? The damn message has sunk in, so, stop. Just stop. Because that's the only reason I'm reacting the way I do. The effing message is received. Now, stop looping it. It's incredibly annoying and eventually it just becomes noise and it gets tuned out. Semantic satiation. Look that up.


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A few days ago, Team Unicorn (a bunch of geek and gamer girls who call themselves that) released a music video parody of Katy Perry's California Gurls. Can't say it was love at first sight but hey, the lyrics were fun. Those geeks got so much pull even Stan Lee made an appearance! But my favourite part was Katee Sackhoff salutin' and sayin' "so say we all"! It's a Battlestar Galactica thing. Now she's a tough chick. She goes atv riding with her BSG co-star and BFF, Tricia Helfer. She's also a thyroid cancer survivor. Anyway, after watching that video, I felt compelled to try out World of Warcraft. And so I did. I signed up for the 10 days trial. I'm in my third, almost fourth day now. But tomorrow, I've got to sort of start work. So yeah, all that effort and physical discomfort, gone. My wrist and neck is hurtin'. The end.

Escapism expert  

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If there were a competition on film and tv knowledge from the past 5 or so years, I would win. Or place third... if I have to be modest.

Entertainment is seen as escapism, where people get to forget about the stress in their lives and immerse themselves in the fictional lives of characters on the big screen. It's awesome. You should try it sometime, you who raised your eyebrow. I avoid things I'm afraid of so I watch tv shows and films. It works like a charm.

But I do it too much, now I can't quite enjoy some productions. After watching Seasons 4 and 5 of House M.D. (I skipped seasons 1, 2 and 3), I became acutely aware of how each episode is structured. Generally, it begins with the sickly person who we will come to know as our patient-of-the-week, the docs will go through several treatments and fail every single week, then House will talk to someone, usually his BFF and EUREKA! He figures it out.

Then there are the sitcoms. The lead, the lead's BFFs which will include the funnyman friend, the crazy friend, the dumb friend, and the normal(ish) friend. Each sitcom will have at least each of those. E.g. 100 Questions - a new sitcom, 6 episodes aired so far; Romantically Challenged - new sitcom but cancelled after 3 episodes; The Class - highly recommended but lasted only a season; Friends - need I say more?

Knowing all this, I just don't seem to be able to watch tv the same way. It doesn't apply to shows with compelling story arcs though. Buffy stole my heart. Bones season 3 was the best because that was the one with the Gormogon (sp) story arc though their story telling is usually episodic. Dexter is similar to Bones in that it's episodic and has a story arc. Season 4 is awesome by the way.

Dollhouse is a great example of how story arcs really up a show, instead of the usual episodic format. Dollhouse season 1 began primarily with an episodic format with an underlying story arc of an evil corporation that will doom the world. In mid-season, things started to pick up when the show focused on the story arc instead. We unravel more and more truths about the evil corporation, finally moving forward in the story. Dollhouse season 2 almost didn't happen but it did. From there, the show just kicked ass. Story arcs keep audiences interested, if they feel involved. Look at Lost man. I never watched the show but people were hooked!

Story arcs are great and all, but they don't last forever. You can't use the same story over and over again, every season. Think: Prison Break. Just when you thought Michael would finally be rid of the Company, he gets yanked back in again. Eventually, I got fed up and stopped watching. Story arcs have shelf lives. If it'll last for 5 seasons, let it run its course and be done with it. Battlestar Galactica (2004 series) ended their run after 4 seasons. After fighting and running and fighting again with the Cylons, the Humans finally made it to Earth. It was about time. Even the characters in it had babies. (A story essentially consists of an introduction to the objectives and its justification/circumstance, the obstacles and difficulty experienced in reaching the objectives, and finally a resolution to the story, or not. Some endings are open ended.)

Umm, I seem to have strayed from whatever I was trying to say. Again. Like always.
It does show that I watch way too many shows (than the average person does). I guess that was what I wanted to "say" in the end.

I would win the competition.

Marcel the Shell  

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If you haven't seen this, please do.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp

Marcel is voiced (untreated & unenhanced) by a genius named Jenny Slate

Written by Jenny Slate + Dean Fleischer-Camp

Maybe one day I'll write me a short and finally make it happen! #icandream

Talking to myself  

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Do I care?
A little bit.

But mostly?
Mostly about how Facebook has become so entrenched in our lives that you now need it to stay abreast. It's a bit sad.

What am I going to do?
Mostly nothing but I have been contemplating the deletion of my Facebook profile. I may go through with it by the end of the day. All there is are annoying tag advertisements, stupid quizzes and, narcissism. Facebook is so full of it. (See what I did there?)

Now what?
Now I have brunch and focus my woes on other things in my life that I'm unhappy about.

Oh well  

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At first, it seemed like I was finally going to Singapore after 10 years, but now I can't go without it being affordable so that means I'll have to cancel.

I feel like my stomach just sank. No, really. It does feel that way.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get my Mum to get me things to eat from Singapore.

Health insurance  

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You know, insurance premiums can be a household's biggest expense. I know it is for mine. So it's important to shop around for a cover that's comprehensive and affordable. Of course, it's naive to think that you'd get the best of both worlds, so be ready to let go of some of your moolah because it's always better to get a good insurance than a cheap but poor one. There are many providers like AIA, Prudential; and your local ones like NC health insurance. Shop around, do your homework, and then negotiate!


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I saw the most elegant furniture in a store today. The creator is an Interior Designer, so it figures that his furniture are exquisite. They're all made from teak, jati and other timber, so they're pretty durable. The prices are reasonable as well. I didn't take pictures but they have a branch in Damansara Utama, opposite Pappa Rich. The place is called Tiga Concept. Their website design seems to still live in the early 2000s, so that's not sending the right message. But that's not too important. If you have time, go ahead and check it out.

Hand wheels  

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This isn't something you and I have to think about, but industrial engineers and those who come in contact with pipes, machinery, etc. may probably think that industrial hand wheels used in their jobs are important. Hand wheels are wheels you see in action movies: the pressure gauge indicates the tank is going to blow as the pressure increases and the needle approaches the red zone. The hero must turn the pressure down with the hand wheel but it's stuck! Yes, that's the hand wheel. Sometimes you just need the perfect wheel. Some hands may be big, some small. Some wheels provide you with better grip or a better leverage of your strength. They're details, but important.

Fat burners  

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What are the most most effective fat burners? Chilli? Exercise? Nope, don't think so. Those are probably the "healthier" choices. The most effective ones should be man made, don't you think? Yes, yes, I'm talking about fat burning pills like apidexin, decaslim and lipovox. It's the easiest, most effective way to lose weight. Of course this means you're missing out on the fun of exercising.

Scanning software  

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There's this application in my dad's phone that's supposed to scan a barcode and give you some sort of information. But, it doesn't work. It's called Barcode Scanner. Take note.
I'm sure it'd be fun if we had scanning software installed into our phones and access to a library of barcodes. Think of the possibilities. Although, all I could think of were bad ones. Nonetheless, everyone would want one just for the novelty, eh?


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The last time I thought of a cigar was when my cousin told me that he's always wanted to smoke a cigar. And then we bought a box of cigarillos to try. Not that it was great or a Rocky Patel miniature, it was some chocolate flavoured cigarillo brand I can't remember now. I'm starting to wonder if I should buy him a single for his birthday next year. But that would probably be bad because he still lives with family.

Used books  

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You're sick of stuff piling around in your house and your new mantra in life is to live with less stuff.
So, what do you do if you have tons of books and no where to put them?

First, pick out the gems (obviously). Then with the pile that you don't need any more, there are several ways you can dispose of them. One, donate them, and; two, if you're looking to profit from them some more (as if knowledge isn't already enough), try the classifieds, ebay or sell used books in your garage. The objective here is to reduce the amount of things in your place, so book exchanges defeats the purpose.

I have a few books to sell off, myself. I'll admit, doing that takes effort. Effort, I ain't willing to give.

The cliched thing about briefcases  

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You know how in spy, espionage or ransom themed films, the briefcases they use are all aluminium attache cases (see images here)? Why do they always use it? Isn't it a dead give-away that you're carrying something important? Why can't they use regular old leather briefcases? It's got to be sturdier than aluminium right?? Plus, it's easier to blend in with one. If they're worried about damage, they could just reinforce the cases.

But seriously, I know why they use aluminium cases in films. (It's so we know it's important and we know which cases we should keep our eyes peeled to).

Oxygen concentrator  

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Now, some of you may know me as a somewhat intelligent person. *big grin*
But really, I'm not quite that. I almost failed Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathemathics, did really badly in our national language, and Biology. So if someone asks me what a respironics oxygen concentrator is, I'd say, "I think it helps with the flow of oxygen. Or something". The description is close, though. But that doesn't mean anything. It just means I can comprehend the name. Speaking of that oxygen concentrator, I could use one about now. I don't breathe properly, so when I have to keep talking or read out loud, I'd run out of breath. And my room is stuffy.

Product reviews  

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Oxy, Tea tree oil, umm... water: these are the only acne treatments I know of. I've really never heard of other treatment products. That's cause I don't go out much and probably lack the social encounters to learn about these stuff. So what happens when I'm on the prowl for a new product to treat my darn acnes? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Internet! Yes, yes, I go online to look for, say, pronexin reviews. I see what it does, what it costs, and whether it works. And for some reason, I think it's better to trust strangers on the net than other sources.

Poo poo  

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If I were crude, I'd say, "I need to take a dump, do you mind looking away please"?
If I were a little more childishly sophisticated, I'd say, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I have to go rid my bowels of filth. Please excuse me while I retreat to the loo". And before I disappear out of sight, I'll add, "Go, go, colon cleanse"!

Did you know the ideal poo-poo schedule is to go everyday? But most people poo-poo every other day and think that going everyday is abnormal.

Now you know better.

Losing stomach fat  

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Sometimes you read or see that obese people who successfully shed pounds tend to not be able to remove the excess skin and fat around their bellies, right? And then on some internet ads about weight loss, you see this dude in this size 100 jeans with his now size 32 waistline. Then I wonder, "where'd his excess fat around his tummy go"? Then all that made me wonder how I was going to lose that slightly less than an inch layer of fat on my tummy. And so I went to And all they showed me was pills to do the job for me.

Quick weight loss method  

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You hear people say that it's easier to lose weight when you're doing an activity that you enjoy. But then again, for some, they'd be cracking their head trying to figure out what activities it is that they would enjoy because they've been leading such sedentary lifestyles, for instance. From my personal experience, I've found that a quick weight loss "program" for myself would be to work. More specifically, events jobs. One which requires you to move around with your God given legs. It works so well. Now I can't help but check myself out sometimes :)

If you know of a cure for eczema  

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That sister of mine has been plagued with this skin condition called eczema for the past, I don't know, 8 years? She's tried a whole bunch of treatments. Steroid creams, swedish bitter, traditional chinese medication, corticosteroids, anti bacterial creams, etc. At one point, she even had an allergic reaction to metal/silver. And that has nothing to do with eczema, but I thought it'd be an excellent addition to the list. So anyway, she's tried all sorts of eczema treatments and none really fixed the problem. It's also because she can't help from scratching that patch of dry skin when she's asleep. If you had/have eczema and know of a cure, please let me know. Every time she scratches that thing, the sound makes me shudder.

Weight loss pills  

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Apidexin... sounds like the name of the Greek God of Weight Loss.
It's THAT good, based on apidexin reviews on the net. It was the consumer's choice of weight loss product in 2008 and 2009, and a safety score of 98 out of 100. All this glory does not come cheap, of course. It retails around $100 a bottle. Not exactly a dream in a bottle. Or is it?

Account resellers  

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It's crazy how many money making opportunities are out there. For instance, being a merchant account reseller. It's pretty similar to selling an account on World of Warcraft. You create an account, build and manage its reputation or rating to allow it to establish itself in the marketplace, then you sell it off, preferably for a profit. All you need is a little start up capital like money, time and some know-how. Super easy right?

Big tvs  

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I went to a friend's house the other day. We watched a movie at his place but really, I was there to check out his gimongous tv and play some games on his PS3. Before seeing the actual thing, he brought me for a preview at the store, and boy, was it raining tv deals. Only now do I realize that it could've been a prelude to the annual shopping sale we have here. Not that I remember clearly, but a 42" flat panel for three thousand? Anyway, if you want a real deal, wait till Black Friday... that's going to be crazy.

Dark circles  

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I met this person today who has massively huge dark circles around her eyes. Because she has a very stressful job, my first thought was that she's exhausted. But I'm told she has always had them, like she falls down everyday and gets a black eye. I know, kind of mean, but what's life without a few jokes at the expense of someone else? *joke again*

Migraines be gone  

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My mum used to have migraines. That's right, what in the name of Joss Whedon did she do to make it go away?! Truth is, I don't quite know. Maybe it was a passing thing, maybe she inadvertently did something right. Either way, you can learn more about migraine treatments not from my mother. Hit the link for more information.

Pink ties  

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I like colour. It's in the photos I take, the underwear I wear, and the shoe laces I wear. If I were a working man, I'd wear all sorts of colourful ties! Orange, red, yellow, even pink ties! (I don't think I have any thing pink in my wardrobe at this moment). By the way, I don't see enough men in pink ties. It's not that much of a manhood-shredding colour, really. Why, it's a great colour on men!

Adult acne products  

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For a small population of adults, they jump with joy when they discover they still get acne at their age. Once the joy subsides and realization hits, they start fretting about how to get rid of it. Hence, the need for adult acne treatments. I don't think the products are that much different from that of teens, eh? Perhaps the difference in hormones require minute changes in the formula? If only I knew my chemistry.

Acne medication  

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Isn't water and sweat the best acne medication? Apparently, not because acne treatment products are doing well. Although, some acne medication like Oxy really do make a difference. If things on your face are so bad that you have to have acne medication, you know the web, or more specifically, social media, will be your friend. E.g., Get on twitter for real time responses to acne products; review blogs for... reviews and; etc. The best thing you can do for almost instant relief, is go to bed early. Duh.

Mounts are your friend  

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My uncles and aunts were talking about Singaporean real estate last week, commenting on how small apartments there are. Malaysians are so spoilt with space. As Singapore is becoming increasingly similar to Hong Kong, in that space is limited, the market for mounts (e.g. mount your TV!) and other two or more-in-one furniture will eventually grow. Alternately, we could just live with less stuff.

We don't have to limit mounts to living space restrictions, we can also use it to organize our workplace. Use mounts and zip ties to organize your desk, shelve your books, hold your suitcase full of cosmetics! This way, you have more space to move around and not waste the micro real estate in your pad.

Flatten me like a pancake please  

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I played a game of badminton with the parents two days ago. My arms, back, and ass cheek aches! I'm dying for some massage tables at home right now. Imagine the pleasure of one right in my room, and an elephant on top of me... *drool*. Someone tell me why our bodies ache after exercises? Wait, is it because I didn't warm up? Does it really make a difference?! Oh, why do we even bother at all~

Insurance: not so complex any more  

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I haven't bought a car before and I don't really know what the process is like when buying insurance for it. But most insurance companies today try to make it very easy and convenient for customers to buy from. That doesn't mean you don't need to do your homework any more. Try reading through some car insurance blogs, or check out forums so you can understand and learn the little tips and tricks involved in insurance buying. Also, don't forget to shop around and ask your insurance agent questions. They're the best source for information like this.

Don't ruin that trip  

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It's summer! Yeah, I know, it started a while back but IT'S SUMMER! Going on a road trip? Don't want to go on a road trip but your parents say they'll leave you at home with no money so you can't even call for pizza, if you don't go? Most of us have been there. But now that you have to go, why not make sure it'll be one of the best road trips you'll ever have? Okay, at least one that won't be ruined by a broken down RV (recreational vehicle aka rv). Before you leave for the trip, send it to the shop. During the trip, make sure you have a number to call in case you need specialists in rv repairs. Even better, learn to fix your rv.

I feel like I shared my dad's childhood experiences  

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Did you know, at one point in my childhood, I didn't like sleeping on beds?
No? Why would you? I've never told you.

The concept of a comfy mattress didn't seem to make any sense to me at that time. When I had the chance, I'd sleep on the floor. It wasn't because I was a weird weird child or anything; I was just so used to sleeping on the floor.

When I was younger, I used to sleep on cardboards with my grandpa, like my dad did when he was younger. Except, his were often infested with bedbugs. Eww. When I slept in my mum's room, there weren't enough beds (and come to think of it, mattresses,) so I slept on the floor too. It wasn't until I had a (shared) room of my own when I got my own bed.

So really, it looks like there just weren't enough beds/mattresses to sleep on when I was younger.

Stretch Marks  

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So it seems that stretch marks can't be avoided because hey, your skin grows an inch when you're preggers. Don't take my word for it, I got that information from the packaging of a liner. What do women turn to then? More often than not, stretch marks creams. But sometimes I wonder, what do celebrities use, other than creams? Is exercise alone enough to get rid of them? HOW DO CREAMS EVEN REMOVE STRETCH MARKS?! Sudden thought: can we conceal stretch marks with (make-up) foundation or concealer?

Big ol' softy  

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I think with age (or wisdom?), I'm becoming a little (more) sensitive. I cry all the time! The waterworks was on critical capacity during the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Also, when a little old lady or grampa dies or is stuck in a sad situation, it makes me cry. My tough girl persona is expiring. Time for a new image eh?


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Depression... we, the non-depressed, think it's just a disease affecting people, making them sad, sad people. But that's just a general "description", if you will, of the disorder. It actually includes a loss of interest and pleasure in everyday activities and a low self-esteem. Can you imagine not being able to enjoy anything at all, even eating?!

One treatment for depression is Xanax, I'm sure we've all heard of it from Desperate Housewives, or something. Then some have therapy to go with it. For others, it's religion. Like Sammi Cheng, HK Canto-Pop singer and born-again Christian, says, God saved her from her depression and changed her outlook on life. It's all very miraculous and all that.

And to end: did you know, Vincent van Gogh committed suicide partly because of depression?

TV quotes  

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In Better Off Ted (S02E09), Ted's daughter is in a product testing group for a magnetic vest that allows kids to float:

I'd never play with that. I think it's stupid. It looks dangerous, like it could kill a Jonas Brother.

Ah, Prom spelled backwards is Morpha  

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Has anyone ever questioned the need for prom? Guys all decked out in tuxedos and girls in fancy (maybe slutty) dresses pretending to be grown ups and then making out and fornicating (like adults...HA) at the after party?

Anthropologically, my first guess is that it's their first step into adulthood. A rite of passage, so to speak. But why a formal event and not a wine and cheese tasting? *dripping with sarcasm*.

personal selling  

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In Malaysia, you meet with a real person and talk discuss insurance, right? In Australia, insurance is sold with minimal human contact. At least it seems to me they're striving for that. A lot of insurance providers now have tools on their website for you to get health, content, life insurance rates, etc. Some are easy to use too. But my question is, why pull away from the human contact when insurance, especially life and health insurance, may be difficult for some people to buy (because of its morbidity or complexity)?

Build customer loyalty  

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Free lesson on marketing: one method of building customer loyalty is to cross sell/bundle products.
It's widely used in the marketplace. You can see them in insurance (e.g. car insurance, health insurance, life insurance all available from one provider) and, Apple (e.g. buy a Mac and get an iPod for free and its variants).

This is just one out of the many ways to do it. For more, see The Wheel of Loyalty by Lovelock et al.

Marketing services tip  

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When you start a business, you need capital for equipment and all the shebangs right? (I've seen a little bit of how they run restaurants. It kind of blows when you don't have enough funds). Now depending on the size and service quality of your business, you have several options to choose from when it comes to the type of equipment you use. For receipts, you could go old school and hand write them like most old school Chinese coffeeshop/restaurants or you could use a printer (see: the Epson tm-t88iv). They both project different images of your service, you know that right? One says professional, the other... I'm not sure. Think of how this affects the image and quality you want to project.

Paid search vs sponsorship  

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I'm sitting for an exam in a couple of days and am currently revising a chapter on internet marketing. It mentions paid search.

Most of us know what paid search is; sponsored links that appear in search results. Now compare a sponsored blog post and paid search, which would be more cost effective? Does having a blogger write about "jobs philly" work better than a paid search or vice versa?

I think both methods have differing objectives. With blog posts, you want to seem like you're being talked about, which affects your search engine and page rank. With paid search, perhaps the objective is for immediacy.

Just a thought.

How to deal with grief  

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Take a moment to prepare yourselves.
How To Deal With Grief

It's not meant to be selfish for wanting to prepare, but merely an understanding of what you may feel. It's life. We're mortal. We cope with loss.

dream furniture  

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Did you know that there are other brands of fans out there other than the one in your house? Yeah, who knew. Like this one, Minka Aire fans. They're very chateau like. Maybe more classical than chateau. The website even accepts Paypal! All this fancy stuff is dangling itself in front of me, making me think of my dream home instead of studying. Bah. You know, I used to think I'd live in a modern and stylish space. But now, I think I prefer the homey type with lots of wood. And that Minka Aire will fit just fine in my dream house.

Experiential gifts  

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Dear children of the world,

What to gift the person who can afford most things? That's what I think about when I'm stuck figuring out what material gift to present someone with. If you need a clue, some of the top mother's day gifts are necklaces, flowers, trinkets, jewellery, and all things feminine and familial.

Joss Whedon would not approve. He'll make sure you/Buffy and Mum get attacked by vampires first. He'll also be sure to let Mum display some of her mad fight skills, even if it was just staking a vampire you've "prepped" for her. In the end, you save the day and Mum quips, "best Mother's Day ever".

It's the experience that's more memorable, not little trinkets that take up space. Perhaps this is something you want to try next year? Now get planning.

No one takes the internet seriously  

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This is danah boyd, researcher of the web. Her research focus is on teens and social media.


Farting cat  

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I don't know if these videos are supposed to make you laugh out loud but they sure made me chuckle! What a great way to start the day.. hahahahaha.

Cat farts on Dog's face

Cat farts and hiccups at the same time

I will take it with chocolates, thank you  

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You know the goji berries the weight loss industry is marketing right now? They're really milking that. Chocolate coated goji berries? I would eat it in a heartbeat. These berries are being marketed as health and weight loss supplements. They're really expensive too, if you live outside Asian countries. I think those berries are disgusting when it's all mushy from being cooked in a soup, but they make the soup taste good. I've been eating it all my life. And you know what? When I get home, I'm going to eat those berries, one way or another, so my love handles and thighs will thank me.

Ab workouts - no machines  

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What's the best ab workout? Can you find them from late night shopping channels? (I'm sure that'd be fun and miraculous at the same time). But, no. No machines this time. In fact, it's good old fashioned exercise. Hit the link above for an ab workout that will get your heart pumping, quite literally. There are ab workouts for beginners, intermediates and advanced "students". I really think that as long as you're diligent and motivated to do this every other day, you'll see results in no time. No machines required.

So it's true, the web does make us dumber. Sort of.  

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What it's about:
The article makes a very important point - web usage rewires our brains to think in a certain not-entirely-great-for-mankind way and we carry that way of thinking into things we do. The web distracts us and interferes with our concentration.

Author Nicholas Carr: The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains

During the winter of 2007, a UCLA professor of psychiatry named Gary Small recruited six volunteers—three experienced Web surfers and three novices—for a study on brain activity. He gave each a pair of goggles onto which Web pages could be projected. Then he slid his subjects, one by one, into the cylinder of a whole-brain magnetic resonance imager and told them to start searching the Internet. As they used a handheld keypad to Google various preselected topics—the nutritional benefits of chocolate, vacationing in the Galapagos Islands, buying a new car—the MRI scanned their brains for areas of high activation, indicated by increases in blood flow.

The two groups showed marked differences. Brain activity of the experienced surfers was far more extensive than that of the newbies, particularly in areas of the prefrontal cortex associated with problem-solving and decisionmaking. Small then had his subjects read normal blocks of text projected onto their goggles; in this case, scans revealed no significant difference in areas of brain activation between the two groups. The evidence suggested, then, that the distinctive neural pathways of experienced Web users had developed because of their Internet use.

I was thinking the same thing just two days ago, whether the web makes us dumber, especially after I read that Obama opined that it did.

Go asian  

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If only I got a dollar for every weight loss or diet related post I wrote. HAHAHAHA. I hope you get the joke.

I know I write about it a lot. So much so that it has just hit me that you don't see a lot of weight loss pills in Malaysia. There's no Lipovox and whatnot; there's Herbalife and such. It could be because there is no market in Asia: to stereotype, there are less obese Asians than there are Caucasians. It could also be that import regulations for pharmaceutics are stringent, far too complex for me to even bother researching about.

I'm telling you, it's all about the diet. My cousin stayed with us for 9 months and he lost weight. The minute he got back to the States, he gained some. In Malaysia, you're more likely to get diabetes; and in the States, I think you're more likely to get a heart attack, right?

Anyhoo, I think that really is the secret. Go Asian with your cuisine and get on with your life. You're bound to see something work there.

Heads up: Facebook's newer simplifed privacy settings  

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How Facebook’s New Privacy Controls Work

Facebook’s privacy settings and users’ concerns have been debated and analyzed ad nauseum over the past several weeks. With today’s announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and company hope to put the talk — and the fear and mistrust — to rest.

“We made a lot of changes at the same time,” Zuckerberg said regarding his company’s f8 announcements of the Open Graph API and other new Facebook features. “A lot of what we were trying to do got lost. We really need to simplify the controls… The feedback we got from users really resonated with us.”

I was writing an essay about Facebook's privacy settings for the past 5 days and I had a realization: with regard to the complexity of their privacy controls, I don't know what most users are doing but Facebook has given us comprehensive privacy controls and they're not that difficult to understand really. So what's up with that? (I do know that the general consensus is that they change their privacy controls and policies too often but that's not an excuse not to stay informed, isn't it?)

One thing I do know for certain is that Facebook is heading towards a more open and transparent future and we're being nudged toward that future whether we like it or not. If you refuse to participate, it's simple, remove that piece of information in question.

At that point, I think the question would become, are you willing to stay on Facebook with a barren profile (assuming you hold on to your privacy very dearly) or are you going to help Facebook achieve their mission?


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So, how does one lose weight fast? *I've been milking this new thing I learnt the other day, it should be a crime* Again, how to lose weight fast? The answer? GO TO UNI.

Seriously. Last semester, I lost weight (and my face actually LOOKED thinner!) because of some intense end of semester assessments to finish. It's also the end of semester now. The difference is, it's the beginning of winter, so I expect to put on some weight. Carbs and cheese are my kryptonite, see?

Just keep on working, don't stock your fridge too often, have Milo and oats at the ready, and you're bound to lose weight. No joke. Just make sure you get the occasional veggies and vitamins (juice).

Don't kill yourself over it  

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It's been burned into my brain that women gain weight easier than men. It doesn't help that they have to deal with image issues too. When marketers start to advertise the "best diet pills for women", most of them may conveniently exclude important information like side effects. Just because taking a pill is easy, doesn't mean you don't have to do your homework. No one cares about yourself more than you do, so you'd better be sure it's safe when deciding to take diet pills.

The light at the end of the tunnel  

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Four more assessments to go and I'll be free... to study for my last paper. They're all due in rapid succession, so if I slack, I may as well quit now.

With this thing about privacy and identity online and how it affects your prospective employer's impression of you, perhaps the only person who won't have to worry about this is one who's self employed.

In other news, I'm sleeping at 6am now. I am so screwed.

Winner of the 2010 Best Illusion of the Year contest  

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Check out the website for more tricks:

Damn, those Japanese are purdy smart...

Body image  

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I may have mentioned this numerous times but my cookies and starch is making me fat around the waist and thighs. Add in the fact that as students, you inevitably put on weight because of so much sitting. Yet still, it never crossed my mind to take weight loss products. Okay, maybe just once, last year with Herbalife. But that didn't work because my dad kept feeding me even if I told him not to. Now I'm sitting here thinking, "oh my goodness, it's so cold now it's inevitable that I'll eat to stay warm, which means I'll be blubbery. That means I'll have to exercise hardcore when I come back or start reducing meal portions". Being a guy and girl in today's society is tough.

[Funny] Stuck in a glacier with MacGyver  

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You all remember MacGyver from TV right?


The actor who played him, Richard Dean Anderson, also starred in this show called Stargate: SG-1, a sci-fi TV series. Here, he plays Jack O'Neill and is stuck in a glacier with his team mate. This is the prank that the crew played on him.


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Is hydroxycut really effective? That's what people wonder, don't they? Especially if you've never bought it before. If you're more of the research type, look at the ingredients they use. Wikipedia and Google is your best friend here. Alternately, search on Twitter for real time opinions of others about the product. On the other hand, if you think you're not one to be fooled by advertisements and fake reviews, go ahead and look for review sites which would have Cliff's notes prepared for you.

Traumatic scars  

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Trauma leaves its mark on immune system genes by Jessica Hamzelou

Traumatic experiences can scar for life, both mentally and physically. Now it seems they even leave chemical marks on DNA – in areas responsible for immune functions and memory.

The result could help explain why people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including some soldiers and victims of rape or earthquake, often have poorer physical health years later, as well as memory problems. It could also lead to a new method for diagnosing the disorder.

Well, well. Does this explain why I've never eaten a durian in years? Funny that after falling on a pile of durian, it didn't stop me from eating them until years later.

Scales will save the day  

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Not until I've been in Perth have I appreciated the importance of scales. Some of you may ask, "how are scales important"? Let me illustrate.

You're living away from home where you don't have everything you need, like a scale. You return home during study breaks and you've bought 20kilos of luggage allowance. Oh snap. You don't have a scale to tell you how much you've packed and you're really bad at estimating weight. At the airport, you cross your fingers and check in your luggage. Balls. You're exceeded your allowance and now have to pay a more-than-airlines-should-charge excess fee. You're peeved and realize this is going to keep happening as long as you don't have a scale handy.

I've found some DIY solutions but they involve water displacement, so that's not a very good idea for luggage. When it comes down to it, having a scale around is better, isn't it?  *spoiled urbanites*

Addiction to lipbalm? Noooo... yes?  

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A couple of months ago, I was back in Malaysia and I ran out of lipbalm. My parents and I were out so I told my Mum that I needed to get some lipbalm from the pharmacy before we left the area. She got concerned and was cautious about it when she asked, "With you using lipbalm like that, do you think you're... addicted"? (*paraphrased) It was pretty chuckle-friendly. I don't know if it's an addiction but hey, it helps keep my lips moisturised.

Talking about lipbalm, I found a website that showed us how to make home-made lipbalm. I don't know what the URL is right now, I think I've lost it. But apparently, you can easily get lipbalm tube containers online. Heck, after you've made it, print some designs and you'll get personalized lip balms! Then sell it. (Ah yes, ever so enterprising...) At least it'd make a great promotional tool for whatever cause you're promoting, say... yourself... or for abused animals, of course!


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I saw acne on my face without looking at the mirror. All I had to do was point my eyes downwards.

I really wonder how I got those because I've been sleeping really early for the past week. Damn, hormones?

On a totally related note, how does taking acne pills like Acneticin, stop acne? They don't suppress hormones, do they? Is that bad? But I read they also supplement our bodies with vitamins. (I have this sudden urge to suck on a vitamin C tablet.)

Honey, I think I blew up the microwave  

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Okay, I woke up at 7 this morning, and yes, I was shocked but not too much since I did go to bed very early the previous night. Then, I decided to feed myself first before using the laptop. I went into the kitchen and took out my $2 Bacon, Cheese, Tomato French Toast (awesomely reduced price!) and popped it into the microwave. I should point out that they're packaged in a foil-lined paper bag, and I did hesitate about them before putting it in. I start the microwave and two seconds later, I saw electricity or sparks, I'm not sure which, and what sounded like pops. Yeah, so that's what happens when you put anything metallic into the microwave.

The thing is, there was some exposed foil at the bottom of the bag, something I didn't notice before because I focused only on the inside foil. I thought if the foil is inside, it wouldn't really be the same as putting a spoon in. Suffice to say, there's a black splotch in the microwave that I can't quite remove. The plastic's slightly damaged but the microwave's still in proper working condition. It's really not that bad.

So what I'm thinking right now is, do I report it?

Love your butt  

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I think the body part that goes through most use and abuse is our butt. We sit on hard surfaces, uncomfortable surfaces, dirty surfaces, uneven surfaces; get hit, pinched and poked by other objects and humans; get jiggled with machines to trim that area; etc. Does that hit the message home yet?

If it does, the next time you're sitting on a hard surface, say on patio chairs, why don't you get some outdoor chair cushions to go with it? Your butt will thanks you. At least it won't hurt that much when you finally get up.


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What do you first look at when you see a man in a suit? Usually, their ties, yes? I've gotta say, mens ties are one of the things I find interesting and perhaps the most customisable to convey an identity. Did you know my brother couldn't/wouldn't do up his own tie in high school? Yeah, so I did it up for him and he never untied it since (he last used that tie). I tie a mean tie. That, and baby sizes are so cute, like baby shoes! In terms of tie designs, that's like tee shirt designs. You can pretty much print anything you want. Yet, unlike a tee shirt, you won't actually look good in every design. Ties with a fish print probably won't look good on everyone. Just sayin'.

Forgive the incoherence, I blew up the microwave today. More on that later.

To which I aspire to live  

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Considering that there's going to be more people in the world, perhaps too many for Earth to be able to support, that's going to mean there's going to be less space for everyone. Just look at Singapore and Japan. Rooms are SMALL (Remember, this is a paradox, not irony).

I have this dream of living in a small place with a small patch of surrounding land. The house would probably be a 2 room 1 bath single storey. How best to utilize this space? Drill holes in the wall. I think Ikea uses a lot of this in their products. You can use tv stands, shelves, foldaway beds, two-three-or-four in one items, etc. People, we honestly don't need a lot of things to survive. All we need is food, happiness and internet connectivity.

The consumer side of me  

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I wish I had a smartphone for surfing sites in standard view. I really dislike mobile sites.
iPhone? Mmmm, I don't know because that would mean more spending on iphone accessories. Apple's products are so mutually exclusive, you know? I won't be able to buy crossed brand accessories at really low prices. Not to mention I have this contempt for Apple fans who think they're all that.

Welp, I'll keep looking. In the meantime, increase savings to afford a phone!

Do you think a new haircut would change me?  

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I look at other nerds and geeks and I think, damn, they're interesting people. I want to be interesting too but I think that's just not me. Then I start to think about how two sided I am. Conflicting personalities really suck. I resolve by deciding that I'm just going to mind my own business. But holy crap I'm not getting any younger. I need to learn what I'm supposed to be doing in life. Do I go to another country in search of it? *Wow, that's so clichéd.* Or do I find a job and wait for it to come to me? Clichéd or not, I'd much prefer option #1. I really do believe that sometimes, we should just stop thinking and start doing. Complicating things too much with thoughts and considerations will just impede progress or just... living life.


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Trying in vain to remove acne from your once-was beautiful face? Yelling at the TV when a Proactiv commercial comes on? Photoshopping your pictures before posting them onto Facebook? Not to sound too much like a drama queen but is acne the bane of your existence?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, boy, do you need to chill. Acne has been, is and, will be very much a part of our youth, yet we still can't live with it. Some people are scarred for life, some live to see another day. What's their secret? Sidenote: if you have friends who've survived an acne war, ask them how they did it! One friend told me water and exercise. Another friend... well, there's no other friend. Now the secret's out. One of many secrets, anyway.

Head on over to for some chemical based treatment recommendations. I hear Oxy is pretty good.
For non chemical based solutions, put on your sports shoes and get out of the house.

See what I did with the title there? Acne + annihilation. Clever eh?

Working my glutes  

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It's always been a novelty for me to want to have exercise equipment in the house. So when the opportunity arises, I keep asking my mum to exchange reward points for a treadmill. It never works. On one hand, it's a waste of space. On the other, I don't like jogging outside (security reasons and shyness) and I can't afford one. I'm surprised this didn't come to me sooner what with my cheapness and all but drum-roll please: second hand equipment! I'm sure it's an issue for some people because of hygiene (sweat) issues but hey, I'm game. I've just got to wait till I get my own pad.

Do you need eye cream?  

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Hey there, older-and-younger-women-worried-about-eye-bags-and-wrinkles. Are you interested in purchasing some eye cream? If you already have a particular product or brand in mind, good for you!

Now, what if you don't? Where should you start looking? *It's always the web, isn't it?* The WEB! Doing your homework beforehand will help you evaluate which product would best suit you. Sure, there'll be some misses, but once you hit it, it's worth it, isn't it? Wait no longer, click here for reviews to some of the available products on the market.

Another thing you can do is ask your friends! It's likely that they would be looking at eye creams too and could tell you something you didn't know about eye creams. Even better, you guys could buy in bulk (Web resellers do that right?). *Although I hope not, cause what will that say about your group of friends? Nah, I'm just kidding :)*

Pharmaceutical names  

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To be honest, names given to pharmaceutics, to me, are kind of weird. Some of them use part of the main ingredient's name in them to hint at the product but some don't indicate anything relevant. I'm pretty sure Panadol doesn't mean anything since the main ingredient is paracetamol. Some of these natural weight loss supplement are called Clinicallix, Nuphedragen, Colonetix and Adipril. Out of the four, I could only guess at what Colonetix does.

With that, I wonder, how do pharmaceutics deal with consumers not being able to recognize their products or pronounce their product names? If you've studied marketing, you'd know that the brand name is very important to indicating to consumers the product benefits.

I would imagine television advertising. Lots of them. But really, there's a boatload of things a consumer can do to avoid tv ads. I'm puzzled. Let me know if you have insight into this.

Why so fickle?!  

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Oh my God. I'm thinking of using this blog as a tech blog instead. DAMN IT.

The reanimated dead or resurrection?  

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I've decided to repurpose this blog as my film and music blog. It's not going to be artsy-fartsy, pretending to be a self-professed critic, because I would do really bad at that, but it's going to be a log of the films I've seen and the music that I've heard and love.

I've been compiling an excel file of films I've seen and want to see since 2009. It's becoming a pride and joy sort of thing for me, though I don't yet know what's so compelling about it for you. I'll try to make it interesting :)

Step 1: new blog title (although the URL will have to remain)
Step 2: new blog layout
Step 3: ponder possible copyright infringement issues
Step 4: content!

And so it begins.

Printing charges  

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Never mind AUD 11c per copy for black and white printing, but why does Curtin charge so much for color printing?! AUD 1.20 per copy!

I'm starting to feel the pain of forking out money for printing. I know I have alternatives but, damn it, the library is more convenient. Lately, I've run out of coins and small change and my printing account is low on funds, so when I wake up and have no money to print lecture notes for that class in 20minutes, I panic. And I don't like that feeling. So I have to print them in a way that reduces the number of pages to print, which affects my note taking, which I annoys me.

Oh look, I'm so pissy now.

Everyone needs life insurance  

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As we get older, and I mean as we enter our twenties, we should start thinking about obtaining life insurance for ourselves. Because that's yet another expenditure you've got, you should have a monthly budget and stick to that. First, you need to get some life insurance quotes. Look at which you would be most satisfied with. Here's the killer tip, apparently, you could save on insurance every once in a while. All you need to do is call up your insurance provider and ask them if they can reduce some sort of premium you have to pay, and then see how that goes. I'm not really sure myself, but I've read a couple of success stories. Don't take my word for it.

Great notebook resource  

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Notebookcheck is an awesome website. I can't believe I've only found it now!

If you're buying a computer and stuck between choices, you can look through Notebookcheck's ranking of GPUs and Processors. It's really very easy. Just look for the processor or GPU and judge according to rank. Of course they're approximations but still very useful!

Though when you compare, you have to look at other components as well. If you have an awesome processor but "meh" GPU, what's the trade off? Which would you rather have? If you're not playing graphic intensive games, then it seems okay to go with a better processor. That kind of thing.

Half breed Ferrari  

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Honestly, I didn't know you could order Ferrari parts so easily online. Kind of cheapens the brand, doesn't it? But it's good news to car building enthusiasts! Maybe you could build your own quasi-Ferrari - over time. You're not going to get their engines, that's for sure. It'll be a mutt: a mix of a V12 engine from some donor and the rest is Ferrari. That'll be cool. Talk about desperate, eh?

Quarter life crisis again  

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I wish I knew what I wanted to do in life. Specifically. Not a whole list of things. Because that's what I don't have right now, one specific direction. I know what I want in the end though. Financial freedom to do what I want. But right now, in the short term, in order to get where I want to be, I have to finish this essay and I'm not making any head-way, which blows. I'm more productive at night so my current situation definitely isn't helping.

I just won't sleep without a fight  

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I've usually been opposed to popping pills to relieve ailment and other stuff. But lately, I've been pretty receptive to pills. Especially those that relief me of my flu symptoms. Hallelujah!

Let's just jump to a pill I wish I was open to taking, but don't need really to. Sleeping pills. Tons of sleeping pills on the market, I could just go get some. But what's the best sleeping pill for me, since I'm unwilling to pop pills? I find it's booze. Pretty effective to get me all woozy so I'd need to lie down but not so effective when I keep using the mobile or laptop. It's like, I won't go to sleep even if I'm sleepy. Such a masochist. The booze has done it's job, so it's not its fault if I'm still awake.

What do I do now that the problem has been analysed?
I stop being so stubborn and just go to sleep, damn it!


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What do you do when you want something better than the one you're being offered, that someone else is paying for?

Social relations... BAH!

On top of that, I'm stressed out about homework. 2 essays, one exam, without a laptop to work on them.

This is me, giving up.

I think I'm going to watch Edge of Darkness now.

Offices should be adult playgrounds  

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If given my way, I'd decorate my office with appropriate office furniture. I mean, beanbags, ergonomic workspace, chairs and tables. *big grin*
I mean seriously, sitting on a chair for so many hours a day isn't going to make you productive. I also happen to be a bit of a rebel, I don't know if it's an appropriate word, but that's what I thought of. Basically, what I mean is, if you confine me to certain structures, I will not want to follow them, just cause. Tell me to sit, I'll stand; tell me to work, I'll want to play. That kind of thing. But I'm not like that all the time. Anyway, wouldn't we all be happier if we had a workplace like Google? Catering, ping pong tables, beanbags, massages, color... a HAPPY place!

Social constructions  

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Why is it that a guy in a tuxedo is thought to look dashing, where else a guy in a wife beater and slippers look like crap? In an alternate universe, dudes in tuxedos could be the crappy looking ones. Appearances are social constructions, it can change over time. Socio-economic standing is also a social construction. And when you stop and think about it, a lot of things in life is a social construction. But damn, tuxes do make a man look good.

Physical appearances  

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You know, because we're a society that's been taught to value physical appearance, our reaction to hair loss is significant, for some. They scour the net for remedies like shampoos, herbs, and vitamins for hair loss; do they really work? I don't know how hard men and women take it, but wouldn't it just be easier if you accepted it? I have a friend who has pigmentations all over her face and she doesn't care. After some time, you don't notice it, looking back, you have to ask yourself, "what was the big deal"?


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You know how people are unshy about being in the limelight nowadays? Think: Reality TV.

It annoys the heck out of me. Think about how celebrities are plagued by the paparazzi and tv shows make it seem like celebs are living the life. Of course they are, they're doing something they love and are paid handsomely for it. But the privilege of privacy is taken away. Sidebar: Privacy used to be a right, not a privilege. Now every other person wants to be a reality star. No doubt, some use it as stepping stone to further their career in the biz but you've got to be very careful which shows you use as your star vehicle. American Idol: Okay. Jersey Shore: Not okay.

Then there's Youtube where producers and execs are by-passed and it's voila! It's published. The first numa numa boy liked his 15 minutes of fame, but pretty soon after, he didn't like it.

It feels like privacy is taken for granted nowadays. Most likely also contributed by Facebook. Privacy settings are open to everyone by default, and Mark Zuckerberg says that's what people are doing nowadays. Bah! Some people in specific circumstances could really use some privacy. E.g. women and children trying to lay low from an abusive husband and father. If they use Facebook and weren't clear on Facebook's new privacy settings, they could've been easily found by the man. That's a threat on their lives.

Do you still think privacy isn't something you should cherish?

Diet plans don't have to be difficult  

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I know some people declare their dieting plans to all and almost always fails. There's so much (sidebar: "so much" is a bit subejctive) you have to put into dieting; motivation, determination, eating right, etc. I know there's a lot of dieting options, but I think the best will always be a diet plan that you've designed for yourself. I thought about diets that worked for me:

Exercising and being conscious about what I eat. I played badminton which was fun, made me sweat, and I had company I could play with twice a week, which was great. I don't particularly enjoy jogging though, but I think that's okay. At least I'm off my butt.

I'm pretty conscious of fat in my meals. But I will succumb to starch and carbs and ketchup. I remove fat from my food, where visible, eat oats often, consume greens, fruits, depending on seasons, etc. I haven't had McD french fries in a while now, and I don't miss it.

Similar to how games have achievements, I stay determined to keep up with what I'm doing by thinking of it as a game. It's especially useful with McD meals. If I eat it on my own free will, I lose. And nobody likes losing.

Diets don't have to be a horrible experience: longing for that juicy burger someone is having right next to you. You can make it a great one by not being so tough on yourself and putting some creativity into it.

Humidifiers and timing  

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This one made me LOL. Not because it's funny, but because it was timing, a huge theme for me right now. I saw humidifier filters today, and coincidentally (not "ironically"!), my flu or whatever was brought on by this lack of humidity. Then there's also the not totally unrelated thing with my laptop dying on me at the beginning of the school semester and end of my 3 year extended warranty. And now, Deng's also a bit sickly now, so we both could use a humidifier. Talking about filters, the air here can be really dusty! Add that and the heat, I just want to go to New Zealand!

I sound like a man  

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I have the flu. I think.
The weather's crazy hot and dry. And then there's the lack of sleep, because without my laptop, I can't do anything quick enough. So I have to continually go to the computer lab which means I'm always out under the hot sun. It all makes so much sense now. I feel a bit sorry for myself when I'm coughing my lungs and other fluids out. Tomorrow, I'm going to see furry animals and take lots of photos.

Nutrients in a pill - Does it work?  

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I just had a an epiphany about diet pills. The thing about diet pills is that they appeal a lot to busy men and women who think they have no time to exercise or eat right. With diet pills, all the nutrients they need are compressed into a little pill that they consume frequently. If the pills work, great! But if you choose not to take them and opt for a not-so-fancy method, you go for the real stuff. I.e. eat foodstuff that contain nutrients the pills claim they have. But the thing with fruit nutrients that my father has drilled into my head is that, after you cut them, their vitamins are quickly oxidized so you should consume them as soon as possible. Now what about diet pills that claim to have fruit nutrients in them? Wouldn't that mean that the nutrients are ineffective, even if it contains them? Here's a site where you can learn more about diet pills.


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So I recall this post by my friend about having to start stocking up on wrinkle creams. She was only 20 years old then. We hear from a lot of girls that we have to start young when it comes to facial care. If that's the case, what is the best wrinkle cream for girls in their 20s? I don't think we even have that many wrinkles to begin with, do we? I'm pretty sure I'm not even familiar with wrinkles. I may even confuse them with creases in our skin.

Diet pills and side effects  

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Diet pills are a bit like the best thing since chocolate and peanut butter, but they're also a little bit like the after effects of too much chocolate and peanut butter. It can be great yet bring you grief. The thing with pharmaceutics is that they may work well. For a while. Before they start to produce side effects. Take a look at this website that features a review of adipex, "America's #1 Selling Prescription Weight Loss Supplement"! LOL moment right there. While they doprint warnings on the labels of bottles, I think the desire to lose weight at that moment could supercede the warnings your surpressed thoughts are trying to tell you. Makes me wonder why products with the weirdest side effects are approved by the FDA.

Testosterone creams  

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Deng and I were discussing testosterone creams yesterday night. I wondered how they worked. Since they're creams, they're topical, right? So does that mean you apply them on an area and that area will be affected by the hormones? Say I applied some on my chest, would that stimulate growth of chest hair? Cause you know, that'd be super weird. And then I wondered under what circumstance would one need testosterone cream for. I had no clue. No wait, I have one. If you're embarking on a journey to manhood. Seriously.


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Up till today, I still have no clue as to what ellipticals do for your body. Tones your thighs? Butt? Bit of arms? Yeah, probably. But the thing with stationary exercising machines is that I get bored easily and minutes feel like... more minutes. But recently, I took, yes, took, up badminton, which other than making me feel healthier, made my pants feel tighter. Weird. Though it gets boring, it won't stop me from getting on one just for fun.

Pharmaceutics and brands  

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I think pharmaceutics have so many brand names that it makes the buying process quite difficult. One medication can be called "A" and also "B", "C" and "D"! E.g. Accutane, Isotane, Sotret, Amnesteem, Claravix, Decutan, and Roaccutane -- they're all really the same medication. Like, some guy would ask, "do you have any accutane reviews", and no one would understand. Accutane is for acne treatment by the way. There has got to be a much simpler way of selling pharmaceutics without compromising brands.

Forget the cold, be bold  

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The last time I wrote about Orlando vacations, it was snowing, or something like that, there. Well, I just want to say, despite that, you can still have fun in Disneyland (and other theme parks there). I was in Japan in Fall and it was very cold, yet park admissions were plenty. Now, the temperature's at 10 degrees Celcius, or 50 degree Fahrenheit. And it's sunny! So it's great! When you need a little warmth, you step into the sunlight. Then when you're a little too warm, you step back into the shade. It's very handy! Yes, the title's a sad attempt at rhyming.


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I bet most of you didn't know you had to refill the water storage tray thingy behind or under the fridge so it would work properly. Or so I was told. Refrigerator water filters... now I'm not sure what exactly they are but rest assured they have something to do with that tray thing. I loved to refill that tray when I was little. Now I don't know if I'm imagining things, but I seem to recall an incident where a dead rat was found in that water tray thing. Pretty scary stuff for a kid. Come to think of it now, if it really happened, it's awesome! How many of you can say that you found a dead rat in the fridge's water storage area?


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Moi sister's had eczema for a really long time now. Her eczema treatment has included steroids, Swedish bitter, lotion, aloe gels, etc. She makes sure that area is dry after showers and keeps it moisturised to reduce the itch. People keep thinking it's a hickey but jebus, if it really were a hickey, it'd be an ugly fungous hickey. It's gross. It won't heal so now she has this constant itch on her neck. If she were the Hunchback of Notre Dame, it'd be her little hump.

Crazy child druggies  

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I used to have a lot of these little Vitamin Cs at home because my Mum worked at a pharmaceutical company. Instead of seeing them as vitamins, I'd take them like they were candy. (I think) My mum told me to bring two to school everyday. School was from 7am till 4pm. But instead of two, I'd bring a bunch because like child druggies, my friends and I would switch vitamins and keep popping them. For all I care, they were orange flavoured candy. Ah, good times.

Cosmetics and social pressure  

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I've always opined that when people want to look nice, they're doing it to please others, not themselves. If you feel judged when you don't look good and as a result start to beautify yourself to remove that negative feeling and also to make yourself feel better, you're ultimately doing it to please others, aren't you?
As such, I've been thinking, (WHOA, I'M THINKING!), living in the city, how many people actually stop and stare at your face, taking in every detail? Do they notice your flaws? Of course they do. E.g. pimples, acne, moles, etc. But what about the not so noticeable ones like wrinkles? Especially wrinkles around the eyes. Does it justify buying eye wrinkle cream then?

Today we talk dirty  

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I was going to write a script for this post because then, it would seem a little more tasteful than saying it outright. It's an uncomfortable topic people don't like talking about. So let's talk hemorrhoids. Go Wiki it for some pictures. It's kind of disgusting but it's educational.

I'll just jump right to the juicy bits. There are lots of hemorrhoid relief options like topical corticosteroids and hydrocortisones. There's also some more natural alternatives, like squatting when you do your business, taking in more dietary fibres and fluids, maintaining a good posture and exercising.

As the remedies tell you, inadequate exercise, poor posture and diet can cause hemorrhoids. I usually find that this can be great encouragement if you're constantly reminded of how your butt looks like to your other half. Cause y'know, it's awkward.

Muscle Building  

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So so so, I've been playing some badminton for the last 4 or so weeks and I'm beginning to gain some serious muscle (, skill and stamina!). For one, my biceps are bigger (and I feel thinner!). Actually, my left arm looks a little bigger, so I alternate between arms when playing. But unlike body building, I won't need the best muscle building supplements for this. Although I supposed if I wanted to, I could stock up on protein.

Scrub scrub scrub  

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OMG! I think I really did have acne all these while! There are scar like marks on my forehead. It's a "breeding ground" for eww-y pimples and acne - it's a prone area. On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure they were full fledge acne. It was just a spur of the moment thought. Oh well, too late for acne solutions! But always remember, wash your face to remove oils so your pore don't get clogged.

Holy copyright infringement, Batman!  

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Malaysia is suing Apple for copyright infringement?

This concept about reaching middle ground isn't anything new, is it? It actually reads more like The Onion - a load of bull for laughs. And apparently, Indonesia stole the our batik ideas and Singapore our Ampang Yong Tau Fus. Well, uh, I once heard someone comment that Malays are descendants of Parameswara (who is Indonesian) as well as natives here (Orang Lauts and whatnot). So, what's not to say that the batik is a shared culture? And honestly, Yong Tau Fu sounds like a Chinese dish, which coincidentally, Singapore has millions.

Holy acne, Batman!  

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I've been fortunate enough to not have severe acne problems. Actually, I'm not sure if I've ever had acne. Anyway, the only time my hormones go crazy and give me pimples is when I have my monthly visit and I sleep late. So, so far, good for me! But if ever you have acne, remember to hydrate and go all health nut on us.

Drums for anything  

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When I was younger, I had this Playbill toy truck all decked out with African Safari themes, and there was this drum/barrel I really liked to play with. I'm not quite sure how I played with it because it was just... an inanimate drum - it did nothing. Well, in its defence, it was cute.
Of course I don't feel the same way anymore. I used to wonder where a personal buyer would get a stainless steel drum for their own purposes. Tons of things you can use it for; store liquids, foodstuff, chemicals, corpses. You know, lots of things!