Acne Treatments  

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I have a friend who had some pretty serious (subjective term) acne problems on his face. He tried lots of products but they never seemed to work. Two years later, I see him again and gee whiz, his face has cleared up! I asked him what he used? He just said he drank lots of water and basically just removed toxins from his body. If that works for your face, body acne treatments can work like this too, can't they? While removing toxins may cure the problem, acne treatment products seem to target physical problems -- they may relieve acne for a while. I'll conclude, with my non-existent expertise, that the ideal treatment is to complement removing toxins with body acne treatments.


Yes, Acne is a most common skin disease around the world. Since there are plenty of ance treatment medicine like Topical Acne Treatment, Systemic Acne Treatment, Procedural Acne Treatment Which is the best ance treatment is a confusing question now days. It is depended on the severity, skin type etc.

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