Moving across country  

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The beginning of a new phase in life scares the bejesus out of me. If I were to stay in Australia, what the heck would I do? I don't think staying in Perth works either, I need the city! That means cross country moving ladies and gents. I really am thinking about starting a career somewhere. It's just a real pity I'm not doing Finance or some other professional field. What would I do? I'll probably pack up my stuff and move to a big city and cry because I can't find a job. Heh.


Eh, another half year then you can apply PR eh. Did you ever think of taking some short course or like me, take Master? It's kinda waste because half more year only. Then you can move to a city to get a job loh. :)

Mmm, don't know if it'll be a good idea in terms of finance... My bro's already doing Masters, so...

If your results are good, sure can apply scholarship ma. Try your best lah. :)

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