Memorising things easily  

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I'm going to share with you a trick I learnt from Ron White, a memory expert, from his seminar I attended. In order to remember things easily, other than visualising them, you can also associate them with objects in your surroundings. Say I spout a list of canine breeds in a certain order (e.g. 1. German Shepherd, 2. Chihuahua, 3. Pug, etc.), and I want you to tell me what the second breed was. Of course, in a real demo you won't be able to see this list.

What you can do to help you remember is to associate them with objects you can see, like I mentioned above. I.e., 1. German Shepherd = windows, 2. Chihuahua = exit signs, 3. Pug = chairs, etc. So when I ask what the second breed is, you can tell me it's the Chihuahua very quickly.


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