Today we talk dirty  

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I was going to write a script for this post because then, it would seem a little more tasteful than saying it outright. It's an uncomfortable topic people don't like talking about. So let's talk hemorrhoids. Go Wiki it for some pictures. It's kind of disgusting but it's educational.

I'll just jump right to the juicy bits. There are lots of hemorrhoid relief options like topical corticosteroids and hydrocortisones. There's also some more natural alternatives, like squatting when you do your business, taking in more dietary fibres and fluids, maintaining a good posture and exercising.

As the remedies tell you, inadequate exercise, poor posture and diet can cause hemorrhoids. I usually find that this can be great encouragement if you're constantly reminded of how your butt looks like to your other half. Cause y'know, it's awkward.


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