Everyone needs life insurance  

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As we get older, and I mean as we enter our twenties, we should start thinking about obtaining life insurance for ourselves. Because that's yet another expenditure you've got, you should have a monthly budget and stick to that. First, you need to get some life insurance quotes. Look at which you would be most satisfied with. Here's the killer tip, apparently, you could save on insurance every once in a while. All you need to do is call up your insurance provider and ask them if they can reduce some sort of premium you have to pay, and then see how that goes. I'm not really sure myself, but I've read a couple of success stories. Don't take my word for it.

Great notebook resource  

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Notebookcheck is an awesome website. I can't believe I've only found it now!

If you're buying a computer and stuck between choices, you can look through Notebookcheck's ranking of GPUs and Processors. It's really very easy. Just look for the processor or GPU and judge according to rank. Of course they're approximations but still very useful!

Though when you compare, you have to look at other components as well. If you have an awesome processor but "meh" GPU, what's the trade off? Which would you rather have? If you're not playing graphic intensive games, then it seems okay to go with a better processor. That kind of thing.

Half breed Ferrari  

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Honestly, I didn't know you could order Ferrari parts so easily online. Kind of cheapens the brand, doesn't it? But it's good news to car building enthusiasts! Maybe you could build your own quasi-Ferrari - over time. You're not going to get their engines, that's for sure. It'll be a mutt: a mix of a V12 engine from some donor and the rest is Ferrari. That'll be cool. Talk about desperate, eh?

Quarter life crisis again  

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I wish I knew what I wanted to do in life. Specifically. Not a whole list of things. Because that's what I don't have right now, one specific direction. I know what I want in the end though. Financial freedom to do what I want. But right now, in the short term, in order to get where I want to be, I have to finish this essay and I'm not making any head-way, which blows. I'm more productive at night so my current situation definitely isn't helping.

I just won't sleep without a fight  

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I've usually been opposed to popping pills to relieve ailment and other stuff. But lately, I've been pretty receptive to pills. Especially those that relief me of my flu symptoms. Hallelujah!

Let's just jump to a pill I wish I was open to taking, but don't need really to. Sleeping pills. Tons of sleeping pills on the market, I could just go get some. But what's the best sleeping pill for me, since I'm unwilling to pop pills? I find it's booze. Pretty effective to get me all woozy so I'd need to lie down but not so effective when I keep using the mobile or laptop. It's like, I won't go to sleep even if I'm sleepy. Such a masochist. The booze has done it's job, so it's not its fault if I'm still awake.

What do I do now that the problem has been analysed?
I stop being so stubborn and just go to sleep, damn it!


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What do you do when you want something better than the one you're being offered, that someone else is paying for?

Social relations... BAH!

On top of that, I'm stressed out about homework. 2 essays, one exam, without a laptop to work on them.

This is me, giving up.

I think I'm going to watch Edge of Darkness now.

Offices should be adult playgrounds  

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If given my way, I'd decorate my office with appropriate office furniture. I mean, beanbags, ergonomic workspace, chairs and tables. *big grin*
I mean seriously, sitting on a chair for so many hours a day isn't going to make you productive. I also happen to be a bit of a rebel, I don't know if it's an appropriate word, but that's what I thought of. Basically, what I mean is, if you confine me to certain structures, I will not want to follow them, just cause. Tell me to sit, I'll stand; tell me to work, I'll want to play. That kind of thing. But I'm not like that all the time. Anyway, wouldn't we all be happier if we had a workplace like Google? Catering, ping pong tables, beanbags, massages, color... a HAPPY place!

Social constructions  

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Why is it that a guy in a tuxedo is thought to look dashing, where else a guy in a wife beater and slippers look like crap? In an alternate universe, dudes in tuxedos could be the crappy looking ones. Appearances are social constructions, it can change over time. Socio-economic standing is also a social construction. And when you stop and think about it, a lot of things in life is a social construction. But damn, tuxes do make a man look good.

Physical appearances  

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You know, because we're a society that's been taught to value physical appearance, our reaction to hair loss is significant, for some. They scour the net for remedies like shampoos, herbs, and vitamins for hair loss; do they really work? I don't know how hard men and women take it, but wouldn't it just be easier if you accepted it? I have a friend who has pigmentations all over her face and she doesn't care. After some time, you don't notice it, looking back, you have to ask yourself, "what was the big deal"?


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You know how people are unshy about being in the limelight nowadays? Think: Reality TV.

It annoys the heck out of me. Think about how celebrities are plagued by the paparazzi and tv shows make it seem like celebs are living the life. Of course they are, they're doing something they love and are paid handsomely for it. But the privilege of privacy is taken away. Sidebar: Privacy used to be a right, not a privilege. Now every other person wants to be a reality star. No doubt, some use it as stepping stone to further their career in the biz but you've got to be very careful which shows you use as your star vehicle. American Idol: Okay. Jersey Shore: Not okay.

Then there's Youtube where producers and execs are by-passed and it's voila! It's published. The first numa numa boy liked his 15 minutes of fame, but pretty soon after, he didn't like it.

It feels like privacy is taken for granted nowadays. Most likely also contributed by Facebook. Privacy settings are open to everyone by default, and Mark Zuckerberg says that's what people are doing nowadays. Bah! Some people in specific circumstances could really use some privacy. E.g. women and children trying to lay low from an abusive husband and father. If they use Facebook and weren't clear on Facebook's new privacy settings, they could've been easily found by the man. That's a threat on their lives.

Do you still think privacy isn't something you should cherish?

Diet plans don't have to be difficult  

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I know some people declare their dieting plans to all and almost always fails. There's so much (sidebar: "so much" is a bit subejctive) you have to put into dieting; motivation, determination, eating right, etc. I know there's a lot of dieting options, but I think the best will always be a diet plan that you've designed for yourself. I thought about diets that worked for me:

Exercising and being conscious about what I eat. I played badminton which was fun, made me sweat, and I had company I could play with twice a week, which was great. I don't particularly enjoy jogging though, but I think that's okay. At least I'm off my butt.

I'm pretty conscious of fat in my meals. But I will succumb to starch and carbs and ketchup. I remove fat from my food, where visible, eat oats often, consume greens, fruits, depending on seasons, etc. I haven't had McD french fries in a while now, and I don't miss it.

Similar to how games have achievements, I stay determined to keep up with what I'm doing by thinking of it as a game. It's especially useful with McD meals. If I eat it on my own free will, I lose. And nobody likes losing.

Diets don't have to be a horrible experience: longing for that juicy burger someone is having right next to you. You can make it a great one by not being so tough on yourself and putting some creativity into it.

Humidifiers and timing  

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This one made me LOL. Not because it's funny, but because it was timing, a huge theme for me right now. I saw humidifier filters today, and coincidentally (not "ironically"!), my flu or whatever was brought on by this lack of humidity. Then there's also the not totally unrelated thing with my laptop dying on me at the beginning of the school semester and end of my 3 year extended warranty. And now, Deng's also a bit sickly now, so we both could use a humidifier. Talking about filters, the air here can be really dusty! Add that and the heat, I just want to go to New Zealand!

I sound like a man  

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I have the flu. I think.
The weather's crazy hot and dry. And then there's the lack of sleep, because without my laptop, I can't do anything quick enough. So I have to continually go to the computer lab which means I'm always out under the hot sun. It all makes so much sense now. I feel a bit sorry for myself when I'm coughing my lungs and other fluids out. Tomorrow, I'm going to see furry animals and take lots of photos.

Nutrients in a pill - Does it work?  

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I just had a an epiphany about diet pills. The thing about diet pills is that they appeal a lot to busy men and women who think they have no time to exercise or eat right. With diet pills, all the nutrients they need are compressed into a little pill that they consume frequently. If the pills work, great! But if you choose not to take them and opt for a not-so-fancy method, you go for the real stuff. I.e. eat foodstuff that contain nutrients the pills claim they have. But the thing with fruit nutrients that my father has drilled into my head is that, after you cut them, their vitamins are quickly oxidized so you should consume them as soon as possible. Now what about diet pills that claim to have fruit nutrients in them? Wouldn't that mean that the nutrients are ineffective, even if it contains them? Here's a site where you can learn more about diet pills.


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So I recall this post by my friend about having to start stocking up on wrinkle creams. She was only 20 years old then. We hear from a lot of girls that we have to start young when it comes to facial care. If that's the case, what is the best wrinkle cream for girls in their 20s? I don't think we even have that many wrinkles to begin with, do we? I'm pretty sure I'm not even familiar with wrinkles. I may even confuse them with creases in our skin.

Diet pills and side effects  

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Diet pills are a bit like the best thing since chocolate and peanut butter, but they're also a little bit like the after effects of too much chocolate and peanut butter. It can be great yet bring you grief. The thing with pharmaceutics is that they may work well. For a while. Before they start to produce side effects. Take a look at this website that features a review of adipex, "America's #1 Selling Prescription Weight Loss Supplement"! LOL moment right there. While they doprint warnings on the labels of bottles, I think the desire to lose weight at that moment could supercede the warnings your surpressed thoughts are trying to tell you. Makes me wonder why products with the weirdest side effects are approved by the FDA.

Testosterone creams  

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Deng and I were discussing testosterone creams yesterday night. I wondered how they worked. Since they're creams, they're topical, right? So does that mean you apply them on an area and that area will be affected by the hormones? Say I applied some on my chest, would that stimulate growth of chest hair? Cause you know, that'd be super weird. And then I wondered under what circumstance would one need testosterone cream for. I had no clue. No wait, I have one. If you're embarking on a journey to manhood. Seriously.


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Up till today, I still have no clue as to what ellipticals do for your body. Tones your thighs? Butt? Bit of arms? Yeah, probably. But the thing with stationary exercising machines is that I get bored easily and minutes feel like... more minutes. But recently, I took, yes, took, up badminton, which other than making me feel healthier, made my pants feel tighter. Weird. Though it gets boring, it won't stop me from getting on one just for fun.