Diet plans don't have to be difficult  

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I know some people declare their dieting plans to all and almost always fails. There's so much (sidebar: "so much" is a bit subejctive) you have to put into dieting; motivation, determination, eating right, etc. I know there's a lot of dieting options, but I think the best will always be a diet plan that you've designed for yourself. I thought about diets that worked for me:

Exercising and being conscious about what I eat. I played badminton which was fun, made me sweat, and I had company I could play with twice a week, which was great. I don't particularly enjoy jogging though, but I think that's okay. At least I'm off my butt.

I'm pretty conscious of fat in my meals. But I will succumb to starch and carbs and ketchup. I remove fat from my food, where visible, eat oats often, consume greens, fruits, depending on seasons, etc. I haven't had McD french fries in a while now, and I don't miss it.

Similar to how games have achievements, I stay determined to keep up with what I'm doing by thinking of it as a game. It's especially useful with McD meals. If I eat it on my own free will, I lose. And nobody likes losing.

Diets don't have to be a horrible experience: longing for that juicy burger someone is having right next to you. You can make it a great one by not being so tough on yourself and putting some creativity into it.


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