I just won't sleep without a fight  

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I've usually been opposed to popping pills to relieve ailment and other stuff. But lately, I've been pretty receptive to pills. Especially those that relief me of my flu symptoms. Hallelujah!

Let's just jump to a pill I wish I was open to taking, but don't need really to. Sleeping pills. Tons of sleeping pills on the market, I could just go get some. But what's the best sleeping pill for me, since I'm unwilling to pop pills? I find it's booze. Pretty effective to get me all woozy so I'd need to lie down but not so effective when I keep using the mobile or laptop. It's like, I won't go to sleep even if I'm sleepy. Such a masochist. The booze has done it's job, so it's not its fault if I'm still awake.

What do I do now that the problem has been analysed?
I stop being so stubborn and just go to sleep, damn it!


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