Nutrients in a pill - Does it work?  

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I just had a an epiphany about diet pills. The thing about diet pills is that they appeal a lot to busy men and women who think they have no time to exercise or eat right. With diet pills, all the nutrients they need are compressed into a little pill that they consume frequently. If the pills work, great! But if you choose not to take them and opt for a not-so-fancy method, you go for the real stuff. I.e. eat foodstuff that contain nutrients the pills claim they have. But the thing with fruit nutrients that my father has drilled into my head is that, after you cut them, their vitamins are quickly oxidized so you should consume them as soon as possible. Now what about diet pills that claim to have fruit nutrients in them? Wouldn't that mean that the nutrients are ineffective, even if it contains them? Here's a site where you can learn more about diet pills.


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