Offices should be adult playgrounds  

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If given my way, I'd decorate my office with appropriate office furniture. I mean, beanbags, ergonomic workspace, chairs and tables. *big grin*
I mean seriously, sitting on a chair for so many hours a day isn't going to make you productive. I also happen to be a bit of a rebel, I don't know if it's an appropriate word, but that's what I thought of. Basically, what I mean is, if you confine me to certain structures, I will not want to follow them, just cause. Tell me to sit, I'll stand; tell me to work, I'll want to play. That kind of thing. But I'm not like that all the time. Anyway, wouldn't we all be happier if we had a workplace like Google? Catering, ping pong tables, beanbags, massages, color... a HAPPY place!


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