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You know how people are unshy about being in the limelight nowadays? Think: Reality TV.

It annoys the heck out of me. Think about how celebrities are plagued by the paparazzi and tv shows make it seem like celebs are living the life. Of course they are, they're doing something they love and are paid handsomely for it. But the privilege of privacy is taken away. Sidebar: Privacy used to be a right, not a privilege. Now every other person wants to be a reality star. No doubt, some use it as stepping stone to further their career in the biz but you've got to be very careful which shows you use as your star vehicle. American Idol: Okay. Jersey Shore: Not okay.

Then there's Youtube where producers and execs are by-passed and it's voila! It's published. The first numa numa boy liked his 15 minutes of fame, but pretty soon after, he didn't like it.

It feels like privacy is taken for granted nowadays. Most likely also contributed by Facebook. Privacy settings are open to everyone by default, and Mark Zuckerberg says that's what people are doing nowadays. Bah! Some people in specific circumstances could really use some privacy. E.g. women and children trying to lay low from an abusive husband and father. If they use Facebook and weren't clear on Facebook's new privacy settings, they could've been easily found by the man. That's a threat on their lives.

Do you still think privacy isn't something you should cherish?


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