To which I aspire to live  

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Considering that there's going to be more people in the world, perhaps too many for Earth to be able to support, that's going to mean there's going to be less space for everyone. Just look at Singapore and Japan. Rooms are SMALL (Remember, this is a paradox, not irony).

I have this dream of living in a small place with a small patch of surrounding land. The house would probably be a 2 room 1 bath single storey. How best to utilize this space? Drill holes in the wall. I think Ikea uses a lot of this in their products. You can use tv stands, shelves, foldaway beds, two-three-or-four in one items, etc. People, we honestly don't need a lot of things to survive. All we need is food, happiness and internet connectivity.

The consumer side of me  

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I wish I had a smartphone for surfing sites in standard view. I really dislike mobile sites.
iPhone? Mmmm, I don't know because that would mean more spending on iphone accessories. Apple's products are so mutually exclusive, you know? I won't be able to buy crossed brand accessories at really low prices. Not to mention I have this contempt for Apple fans who think they're all that.

Welp, I'll keep looking. In the meantime, increase savings to afford a phone!

Do you think a new haircut would change me?  

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I look at other nerds and geeks and I think, damn, they're interesting people. I want to be interesting too but I think that's just not me. Then I start to think about how two sided I am. Conflicting personalities really suck. I resolve by deciding that I'm just going to mind my own business. But holy crap I'm not getting any younger. I need to learn what I'm supposed to be doing in life. Do I go to another country in search of it? *Wow, that's so clichéd.* Or do I find a job and wait for it to come to me? Clichéd or not, I'd much prefer option #1. I really do believe that sometimes, we should just stop thinking and start doing. Complicating things too much with thoughts and considerations will just impede progress or just... living life.


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Trying in vain to remove acne from your once-was beautiful face? Yelling at the TV when a Proactiv commercial comes on? Photoshopping your pictures before posting them onto Facebook? Not to sound too much like a drama queen but is acne the bane of your existence?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, boy, do you need to chill. Acne has been, is and, will be very much a part of our youth, yet we still can't live with it. Some people are scarred for life, some live to see another day. What's their secret? Sidenote: if you have friends who've survived an acne war, ask them how they did it! One friend told me water and exercise. Another friend... well, there's no other friend. Now the secret's out. One of many secrets, anyway.

Head on over to for some chemical based treatment recommendations. I hear Oxy is pretty good.
For non chemical based solutions, put on your sports shoes and get out of the house.

See what I did with the title there? Acne + annihilation. Clever eh?

Working my glutes  

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It's always been a novelty for me to want to have exercise equipment in the house. So when the opportunity arises, I keep asking my mum to exchange reward points for a treadmill. It never works. On one hand, it's a waste of space. On the other, I don't like jogging outside (security reasons and shyness) and I can't afford one. I'm surprised this didn't come to me sooner what with my cheapness and all but drum-roll please: second hand equipment! I'm sure it's an issue for some people because of hygiene (sweat) issues but hey, I'm game. I've just got to wait till I get my own pad.

Do you need eye cream?  

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Hey there, older-and-younger-women-worried-about-eye-bags-and-wrinkles. Are you interested in purchasing some eye cream? If you already have a particular product or brand in mind, good for you!

Now, what if you don't? Where should you start looking? *It's always the web, isn't it?* The WEB! Doing your homework beforehand will help you evaluate which product would best suit you. Sure, there'll be some misses, but once you hit it, it's worth it, isn't it? Wait no longer, click here for reviews to some of the available products on the market.

Another thing you can do is ask your friends! It's likely that they would be looking at eye creams too and could tell you something you didn't know about eye creams. Even better, you guys could buy in bulk (Web resellers do that right?). *Although I hope not, cause what will that say about your group of friends? Nah, I'm just kidding :)*

Pharmaceutical names  

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To be honest, names given to pharmaceutics, to me, are kind of weird. Some of them use part of the main ingredient's name in them to hint at the product but some don't indicate anything relevant. I'm pretty sure Panadol doesn't mean anything since the main ingredient is paracetamol. Some of these natural weight loss supplement are called Clinicallix, Nuphedragen, Colonetix and Adipril. Out of the four, I could only guess at what Colonetix does.

With that, I wonder, how do pharmaceutics deal with consumers not being able to recognize their products or pronounce their product names? If you've studied marketing, you'd know that the brand name is very important to indicating to consumers the product benefits.

I would imagine television advertising. Lots of them. But really, there's a boatload of things a consumer can do to avoid tv ads. I'm puzzled. Let me know if you have insight into this.

Why so fickle?!  

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Oh my God. I'm thinking of using this blog as a tech blog instead. DAMN IT.

The reanimated dead or resurrection?  

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I've decided to repurpose this blog as my film and music blog. It's not going to be artsy-fartsy, pretending to be a self-professed critic, because I would do really bad at that, but it's going to be a log of the films I've seen and the music that I've heard and love.

I've been compiling an excel file of films I've seen and want to see since 2009. It's becoming a pride and joy sort of thing for me, though I don't yet know what's so compelling about it for you. I'll try to make it interesting :)

Step 1: new blog title (although the URL will have to remain)
Step 2: new blog layout
Step 3: ponder possible copyright infringement issues
Step 4: content!

And so it begins.

Printing charges  

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Never mind AUD 11c per copy for black and white printing, but why does Curtin charge so much for color printing?! AUD 1.20 per copy!

I'm starting to feel the pain of forking out money for printing. I know I have alternatives but, damn it, the library is more convenient. Lately, I've run out of coins and small change and my printing account is low on funds, so when I wake up and have no money to print lecture notes for that class in 20minutes, I panic. And I don't like that feeling. So I have to print them in a way that reduces the number of pages to print, which affects my note taking, which I annoys me.

Oh look, I'm so pissy now.