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Trying in vain to remove acne from your once-was beautiful face? Yelling at the TV when a Proactiv commercial comes on? Photoshopping your pictures before posting them onto Facebook? Not to sound too much like a drama queen but is acne the bane of your existence?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, boy, do you need to chill. Acne has been, is and, will be very much a part of our youth, yet we still can't live with it. Some people are scarred for life, some live to see another day. What's their secret? Sidenote: if you have friends who've survived an acne war, ask them how they did it! One friend told me water and exercise. Another friend... well, there's no other friend. Now the secret's out. One of many secrets, anyway.

Head on over to for some chemical based treatment recommendations. I hear Oxy is pretty good.
For non chemical based solutions, put on your sports shoes and get out of the house.

See what I did with the title there? Acne + annihilation. Clever eh?


Ahhhh. Hwey... You're great in writing all these stuffs. Acne ah. Eye cream ah. And acne ah. lol

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