Do you think a new haircut would change me?  

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I look at other nerds and geeks and I think, damn, they're interesting people. I want to be interesting too but I think that's just not me. Then I start to think about how two sided I am. Conflicting personalities really suck. I resolve by deciding that I'm just going to mind my own business. But holy crap I'm not getting any younger. I need to learn what I'm supposed to be doing in life. Do I go to another country in search of it? *Wow, that's so clichéd.* Or do I find a job and wait for it to come to me? Clichéd or not, I'd much prefer option #1. I really do believe that sometimes, we should just stop thinking and start doing. Complicating things too much with thoughts and considerations will just impede progress or just... living life.


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