Pharmaceutical names  

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To be honest, names given to pharmaceutics, to me, are kind of weird. Some of them use part of the main ingredient's name in them to hint at the product but some don't indicate anything relevant. I'm pretty sure Panadol doesn't mean anything since the main ingredient is paracetamol. Some of these natural weight loss supplement are called Clinicallix, Nuphedragen, Colonetix and Adipril. Out of the four, I could only guess at what Colonetix does.

With that, I wonder, how do pharmaceutics deal with consumers not being able to recognize their products or pronounce their product names? If you've studied marketing, you'd know that the brand name is very important to indicating to consumers the product benefits.

I would imagine television advertising. Lots of them. But really, there's a boatload of things a consumer can do to avoid tv ads. I'm puzzled. Let me know if you have insight into this.


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