The reanimated dead or resurrection?  

Posted by the Writer

I've decided to repurpose this blog as my film and music blog. It's not going to be artsy-fartsy, pretending to be a self-professed critic, because I would do really bad at that, but it's going to be a log of the films I've seen and the music that I've heard and love.

I've been compiling an excel file of films I've seen and want to see since 2009. It's becoming a pride and joy sort of thing for me, though I don't yet know what's so compelling about it for you. I'll try to make it interesting :)

Step 1: new blog title (although the URL will have to remain)
Step 2: new blog layout
Step 3: ponder possible copyright infringement issues
Step 4: content!

And so it begins.


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