Addiction to lipbalm? Noooo... yes?  

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A couple of months ago, I was back in Malaysia and I ran out of lipbalm. My parents and I were out so I told my Mum that I needed to get some lipbalm from the pharmacy before we left the area. She got concerned and was cautious about it when she asked, "With you using lipbalm like that, do you think you're... addicted"? (*paraphrased) It was pretty chuckle-friendly. I don't know if it's an addiction but hey, it helps keep my lips moisturised.

Talking about lipbalm, I found a website that showed us how to make home-made lipbalm. I don't know what the URL is right now, I think I've lost it. But apparently, you can easily get lipbalm tube containers online. Heck, after you've made it, print some designs and you'll get personalized lip balms! Then sell it. (Ah yes, ever so enterprising...) At least it'd make a great promotional tool for whatever cause you're promoting, say... yourself... or for abused animals, of course!


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