Go asian  

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If only I got a dollar for every weight loss or diet related post I wrote. HAHAHAHA. I hope you get the joke.

I know I write about it a lot. So much so that it has just hit me that you don't see a lot of weight loss pills in Malaysia. There's no Lipovox and whatnot; there's Herbalife and such. It could be because there is no market in Asia: to stereotype, there are less obese Asians than there are Caucasians. It could also be that import regulations for pharmaceutics are stringent, far too complex for me to even bother researching about.

I'm telling you, it's all about the diet. My cousin stayed with us for 9 months and he lost weight. The minute he got back to the States, he gained some. In Malaysia, you're more likely to get diabetes; and in the States, I think you're more likely to get a heart attack, right?

Anyhoo, I think that really is the secret. Go Asian with your cuisine and get on with your life. You're bound to see something work there.


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