The light at the end of the tunnel  

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Four more assessments to go and I'll be free... to study for my last paper. They're all due in rapid succession, so if I slack, I may as well quit now.

With this thing about privacy and identity online and how it affects your prospective employer's impression of you, perhaps the only person who won't have to worry about this is one who's self employed.

In other news, I'm sleeping at 6am now. I am so screwed.


Gambateh la! Going to end soon! Why still got so many assessments before finals wan? I don't have already. XD

just finished one today... left with take home exam, major essay and learning review.

i wonder the same thing about you.. why dont you have any due any more? what's up with this arrangement? is it a uni thing or a whole of brisbane thing?

It's my course thing. Engineering students in QUT are busy like hell. Major project still ongoing. Pity. X)

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