Scales will save the day  

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Not until I've been in Perth have I appreciated the importance of scales. Some of you may ask, "how are scales important"? Let me illustrate.

You're living away from home where you don't have everything you need, like a scale. You return home during study breaks and you've bought 20kilos of luggage allowance. Oh snap. You don't have a scale to tell you how much you've packed and you're really bad at estimating weight. At the airport, you cross your fingers and check in your luggage. Balls. You're exceeded your allowance and now have to pay a more-than-airlines-should-charge excess fee. You're peeved and realize this is going to keep happening as long as you don't have a scale handy.

I've found some DIY solutions but they involve water displacement, so that's not a very good idea for luggage. When it comes down to it, having a scale around is better, isn't it?  *spoiled urbanites*


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