Traumatic scars  

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Trauma leaves its mark on immune system genes by Jessica Hamzelou

Traumatic experiences can scar for life, both mentally and physically. Now it seems they even leave chemical marks on DNA – in areas responsible for immune functions and memory.

The result could help explain why people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including some soldiers and victims of rape or earthquake, often have poorer physical health years later, as well as memory problems. It could also lead to a new method for diagnosing the disorder.

Well, well. Does this explain why I've never eaten a durian in years? Funny that after falling on a pile of durian, it didn't stop me from eating them until years later.


OMG when did you fall on a pile of durians?

when i was younger lah... came back from pasar malam then i wasnt looking, *plop*.

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