TV quotes  

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In Better Off Ted (S02E09), Ted's daughter is in a product testing group for a magnetic vest that allows kids to float:

I'd never play with that. I think it's stupid. It looks dangerous, like it could kill a Jonas Brother.

Ah, Prom spelled backwards is Morpha  

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Has anyone ever questioned the need for prom? Guys all decked out in tuxedos and girls in fancy (maybe slutty) dresses pretending to be grown ups and then making out and fornicating (like adults...HA) at the after party?

Anthropologically, my first guess is that it's their first step into adulthood. A rite of passage, so to speak. But why a formal event and not a wine and cheese tasting? *dripping with sarcasm*.

personal selling  

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In Malaysia, you meet with a real person and talk discuss insurance, right? In Australia, insurance is sold with minimal human contact. At least it seems to me they're striving for that. A lot of insurance providers now have tools on their website for you to get health, content, life insurance rates, etc. Some are easy to use too. But my question is, why pull away from the human contact when insurance, especially life and health insurance, may be difficult for some people to buy (because of its morbidity or complexity)?

Build customer loyalty  

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Free lesson on marketing: one method of building customer loyalty is to cross sell/bundle products.
It's widely used in the marketplace. You can see them in insurance (e.g. car insurance, health insurance, life insurance all available from one provider) and, Apple (e.g. buy a Mac and get an iPod for free and its variants).

This is just one out of the many ways to do it. For more, see The Wheel of Loyalty by Lovelock et al.

Marketing services tip  

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When you start a business, you need capital for equipment and all the shebangs right? (I've seen a little bit of how they run restaurants. It kind of blows when you don't have enough funds). Now depending on the size and service quality of your business, you have several options to choose from when it comes to the type of equipment you use. For receipts, you could go old school and hand write them like most old school Chinese coffeeshop/restaurants or you could use a printer (see: the Epson tm-t88iv). They both project different images of your service, you know that right? One says professional, the other... I'm not sure. Think of how this affects the image and quality you want to project.

Paid search vs sponsorship  

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I'm sitting for an exam in a couple of days and am currently revising a chapter on internet marketing. It mentions paid search.

Most of us know what paid search is; sponsored links that appear in search results. Now compare a sponsored blog post and paid search, which would be more cost effective? Does having a blogger write about "jobs philly" work better than a paid search or vice versa?

I think both methods have differing objectives. With blog posts, you want to seem like you're being talked about, which affects your search engine and page rank. With paid search, perhaps the objective is for immediacy.

Just a thought.

How to deal with grief  

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Take a moment to prepare yourselves.
How To Deal With Grief

It's not meant to be selfish for wanting to prepare, but merely an understanding of what you may feel. It's life. We're mortal. We cope with loss.

dream furniture  

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Did you know that there are other brands of fans out there other than the one in your house? Yeah, who knew. Like this one, Minka Aire fans. They're very chateau like. Maybe more classical than chateau. The website even accepts Paypal! All this fancy stuff is dangling itself in front of me, making me think of my dream home instead of studying. Bah. You know, I used to think I'd live in a modern and stylish space. But now, I think I prefer the homey type with lots of wood. And that Minka Aire will fit just fine in my dream house.

Experiential gifts  

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Dear children of the world,

What to gift the person who can afford most things? That's what I think about when I'm stuck figuring out what material gift to present someone with. If you need a clue, some of the top mother's day gifts are necklaces, flowers, trinkets, jewellery, and all things feminine and familial.

Joss Whedon would not approve. He'll make sure you/Buffy and Mum get attacked by vampires first. He'll also be sure to let Mum display some of her mad fight skills, even if it was just staking a vampire you've "prepped" for her. In the end, you save the day and Mum quips, "best Mother's Day ever".

It's the experience that's more memorable, not little trinkets that take up space. Perhaps this is something you want to try next year? Now get planning.

No one takes the internet seriously  

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This is danah boyd, researcher of the web. Her research focus is on teens and social media.


Farting cat  

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I don't know if these videos are supposed to make you laugh out loud but they sure made me chuckle! What a great way to start the day.. hahahahaha.

Cat farts on Dog's face

Cat farts and hiccups at the same time

I will take it with chocolates, thank you  

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You know the goji berries the weight loss industry is marketing right now? They're really milking that. Chocolate coated goji berries? I would eat it in a heartbeat. These berries are being marketed as health and weight loss supplements. They're really expensive too, if you live outside Asian countries. I think those berries are disgusting when it's all mushy from being cooked in a soup, but they make the soup taste good. I've been eating it all my life. And you know what? When I get home, I'm going to eat those berries, one way or another, so my love handles and thighs will thank me.