Experiential gifts  

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Dear children of the world,

What to gift the person who can afford most things? That's what I think about when I'm stuck figuring out what material gift to present someone with. If you need a clue, some of the top mother's day gifts are necklaces, flowers, trinkets, jewellery, and all things feminine and familial.

Joss Whedon would not approve. He'll make sure you/Buffy and Mum get attacked by vampires first. He'll also be sure to let Mum display some of her mad fight skills, even if it was just staking a vampire you've "prepped" for her. In the end, you save the day and Mum quips, "best Mother's Day ever".

It's the experience that's more memorable, not little trinkets that take up space. Perhaps this is something you want to try next year? Now get planning.


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