I feel like I shared my dad's childhood experiences  

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Did you know, at one point in my childhood, I didn't like sleeping on beds?
No? Why would you? I've never told you.

The concept of a comfy mattress didn't seem to make any sense to me at that time. When I had the chance, I'd sleep on the floor. It wasn't because I was a weird weird child or anything; I was just so used to sleeping on the floor.

When I was younger, I used to sleep on cardboards with my grandpa, like my dad did when he was younger. Except, his were often infested with bedbugs. Eww. When I slept in my mum's room, there weren't enough beds (and come to think of it, mattresses,) so I slept on the floor too. It wasn't until I had a (shared) room of my own when I got my own bed.

So really, it looks like there just weren't enough beds/mattresses to sleep on when I was younger.


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