Talking to myself  

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Do I care?
A little bit.

But mostly?
Mostly about how Facebook has become so entrenched in our lives that you now need it to stay abreast. It's a bit sad.

What am I going to do?
Mostly nothing but I have been contemplating the deletion of my Facebook profile. I may go through with it by the end of the day. All there is are annoying tag advertisements, stupid quizzes and, narcissism. Facebook is so full of it. (See what I did there?)

Now what?
Now I have brunch and focus my woes on other things in my life that I'm unhappy about.

Oh well  

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At first, it seemed like I was finally going to Singapore after 10 years, but now I can't go without it being affordable so that means I'll have to cancel.

I feel like my stomach just sank. No, really. It does feel that way.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get my Mum to get me things to eat from Singapore.

Health insurance  

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You know, insurance premiums can be a household's biggest expense. I know it is for mine. So it's important to shop around for a cover that's comprehensive and affordable. Of course, it's naive to think that you'd get the best of both worlds, so be ready to let go of some of your moolah because it's always better to get a good insurance than a cheap but poor one. There are many providers like AIA, Prudential; and your local ones like NC health insurance. Shop around, do your homework, and then negotiate!


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I saw the most elegant furniture in a store today. The creator is an Interior Designer, so it figures that his furniture are exquisite. They're all made from teak, jati and other timber, so they're pretty durable. The prices are reasonable as well. I didn't take pictures but they have a branch in Damansara Utama, opposite Pappa Rich. The place is called Tiga Concept. Their website design seems to still live in the early 2000s, so that's not sending the right message. But that's not too important. If you have time, go ahead and check it out.

Hand wheels  

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This isn't something you and I have to think about, but industrial engineers and those who come in contact with pipes, machinery, etc. may probably think that industrial hand wheels used in their jobs are important. Hand wheels are wheels you see in action movies: the pressure gauge indicates the tank is going to blow as the pressure increases and the needle approaches the red zone. The hero must turn the pressure down with the hand wheel but it's stuck! Yes, that's the hand wheel. Sometimes you just need the perfect wheel. Some hands may be big, some small. Some wheels provide you with better grip or a better leverage of your strength. They're details, but important.

Fat burners  

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What are the most most effective fat burners? Chilli? Exercise? Nope, don't think so. Those are probably the "healthier" choices. The most effective ones should be man made, don't you think? Yes, yes, I'm talking about fat burning pills like apidexin, decaslim and lipovox. It's the easiest, most effective way to lose weight. Of course this means you're missing out on the fun of exercising.

Scanning software  

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There's this application in my dad's phone that's supposed to scan a barcode and give you some sort of information. But, it doesn't work. It's called Barcode Scanner. Take note.
I'm sure it'd be fun if we had scanning software installed into our phones and access to a library of barcodes. Think of the possibilities. Although, all I could think of were bad ones. Nonetheless, everyone would want one just for the novelty, eh?


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The last time I thought of a cigar was when my cousin told me that he's always wanted to smoke a cigar. And then we bought a box of cigarillos to try. Not that it was great or a Rocky Patel miniature, it was some chocolate flavoured cigarillo brand I can't remember now. I'm starting to wonder if I should buy him a single for his birthday next year. But that would probably be bad because he still lives with family.

Used books  

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You're sick of stuff piling around in your house and your new mantra in life is to live with less stuff.
So, what do you do if you have tons of books and no where to put them?

First, pick out the gems (obviously). Then with the pile that you don't need any more, there are several ways you can dispose of them. One, donate them, and; two, if you're looking to profit from them some more (as if knowledge isn't already enough), try the classifieds, ebay or sell used books in your garage. The objective here is to reduce the amount of things in your place, so book exchanges defeats the purpose.

I have a few books to sell off, myself. I'll admit, doing that takes effort. Effort, I ain't willing to give.

The cliched thing about briefcases  

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You know how in spy, espionage or ransom themed films, the briefcases they use are all aluminium attache cases (see images here)? Why do they always use it? Isn't it a dead give-away that you're carrying something important? Why can't they use regular old leather briefcases? It's got to be sturdier than aluminium right?? Plus, it's easier to blend in with one. If they're worried about damage, they could just reinforce the cases.

But seriously, I know why they use aluminium cases in films. (It's so we know it's important and we know which cases we should keep our eyes peeled to).

Oxygen concentrator  

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Now, some of you may know me as a somewhat intelligent person. *big grin*
But really, I'm not quite that. I almost failed Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathemathics, did really badly in our national language, and Biology. So if someone asks me what a respironics oxygen concentrator is, I'd say, "I think it helps with the flow of oxygen. Or something". The description is close, though. But that doesn't mean anything. It just means I can comprehend the name. Speaking of that oxygen concentrator, I could use one about now. I don't breathe properly, so when I have to keep talking or read out loud, I'd run out of breath. And my room is stuffy.

Product reviews  

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Oxy, Tea tree oil, umm... water: these are the only acne treatments I know of. I've really never heard of other treatment products. That's cause I don't go out much and probably lack the social encounters to learn about these stuff. So what happens when I'm on the prowl for a new product to treat my darn acnes? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Internet! Yes, yes, I go online to look for, say, pronexin reviews. I see what it does, what it costs, and whether it works. And for some reason, I think it's better to trust strangers on the net than other sources.

Poo poo  

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If I were crude, I'd say, "I need to take a dump, do you mind looking away please"?
If I were a little more childishly sophisticated, I'd say, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I have to go rid my bowels of filth. Please excuse me while I retreat to the loo". And before I disappear out of sight, I'll add, "Go, go, colon cleanse"!

Did you know the ideal poo-poo schedule is to go everyday? But most people poo-poo every other day and think that going everyday is abnormal.

Now you know better.