Be brave, step into that puddle!  

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It's been raining for the last few days and I've only discovered I may actually need rain boots! I wear sandals/slippers to work and the parking lot grounds isn't paved. It's horrible. There are holes everywhere and it's uneven. So when it rains, I may not be able to avoid getting my feet wet with these wet mines. But who in Malaysia wears rain boots?! Someone make it fashionable please.

Fall TV Season 2010  

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Fall TV begins! Okay, it began last week but still! I'm excited!
Dexter premieres today in the US and yesterday, everywhere else. Grey's, Private Practice, Bones, Fringe, CSI, last Thursday. Although, I wasn't psyched about Private Practice's premiere. CSI's premiere on the other hand was exciting. I haven't seen that show for a really long time but that premiere was insanely evil. The convict was evil but the Big Bad was evil..est. Boardwalk Empire is at it's second ep last Sunday. It becomes a trending topic on Twitter every Sunday. As hyped up as it is, I don't know whether to give it a go. Especially for someone living outside the States. Is it something I care about? Am I interested in the history of Atlantic City? It should be mentioned that it feels like a testosterone filled show which could be why I'm not giving it the time of day. Then there's True Blood. Not exactly Fall tv but once again I am reminded of how good this show is. So I've got to wonder, "do I want to watch this"? I saw the first ep when it came out... I got put off by the Southern accent and the sex... nope, just the accent. Oh and also, I think I still hated vampires.

Duty calls. Gotta go.

Christmas cards  

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Are you the kind of family who likes to send out personalized Christmas cards? Well if you are, you'd better get crackin'. Christmas is a little over two months away! If you don't start now, how are you going to beat the rush? Besides, you could negotiate a better deal if you start early. You don't like having to rush, neither to printers, right?

Slimming pills on tv  

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I have to say, the narration of slimming pills on tv is kind of rare. At least from what I've seen.
They talked about slimming and dieting on Grey's Anatomy before (S01E07) but nothing specifically about pills. None on How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, Castle, I could go on.
Whatever it is, talking about slimming pills on the tele isn't exactly interesting unless you're a medical show... or science fiction. Because the only narration of slimming pills on serialized shows I can think of is Doctor Who (The Tenth Doctor - S04E01), the episode about pills turning peoples' fats into living, breathing fat babies. They gurgle too.
But shows can't exactly glorify slimming pills because they'd open themselves up to lawsuits and complaints. So that's why the weight loss industry has to go the home shopping route and even more promotion and advertising in other media.

Weight loss programs  

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Have you ever heard of or seen weight loss programs that work?
If you've seen The Biggest Loser, then you have. Quite literally, a weight loss program.

But who am I kidding, it's fun to watch and all but it sure as heck isn't something you'd want to be doing yourself. You wish you could do it but you really don't want to be drenched in your own stinking sweat. You're too comfortable on your sofa munching on Pringles.

But what have we learnt from this?

We're shown that exercise really does help you lose weight. But it's not going to be easy. You're going to experience pain and agony everyday for weeks, months, before you're rewarded.

You know those girls from weight loss ads in the newspapers that are supposed to be testimonials for the effectiveness of the program? "Miss X lost 5kgs in 2 weeks"! Well, sure. She did lose 5kgs in 2 weeks. But she had to go to your centre everyday for 2 weeks to lose all that weight. No one has that kind of time unless you've got special privileges at work... or you're unemployed. (If you're unemployed and intend to register for a weight loss program, forget about it. Get two jobs, you'll lose weight).

Just sayin'.

Product names  

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Why'd you figure marketers call their weight loss products names like "Lipofuze"? Why not "fat-be-gone"?

I can think of one reason.

The thing with names is that they have to be easy to remember and convey to their target what they are about AND sound like a credible and effective product. "Fat-be-gone" sounds a bit too gimmicky doesn't it? That's a little more appropriate for a tagline, as I think most marketers will agree. Whereas Lipofuze kind of says all, doesn't it? Lipo, as in fat. Fuze, that I'm not sure. Fuse the fat together? I doubt it.. cause you're already a ball of fat. Get it? :D
Well, Lipofuze sounds a bit more scientific and it indicates "fat". As such, it instils some confidence in itself because, well, scientists made them!

Nut talking  

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So... we're talking about "fat" once again.
Why? Because today I just ate a boat load of carbs and we all know that carbs + no exercise = fat. And of course, I wallow on my fat butt about how fat I'm getting and everyone, including myself, just face palms because this is becoming such a dry topic. And if I actually went out and found something that would destroy my fat, I'd say, "click here for fat burners that work", then this wouldn't have been such a waste of your time. At least that's what I think would happen.

Trim it  

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How do you burn fat?
Diet? Pills? Good ol' exercise? *exer-what?*

But if you live in the city (or are stuck in the rat race, really), you'd find that there just isn't enough time to exercise. When you come home from work, you're tired, and 12 hours later, you're back at work again.

Because of this, most of you turn to diet plans.
"I'll just have less meals or smaller portions or reduce carbs"!
Some are uninformed and do them wrongly and end up hurting their health. Others can't resist the temptation, they say they're rewarding themselves and end up gaining the weight they've lost.

What's the next best thing for them? They go for the easy pill solution.
These pills are like magic, burning away the fat (in its own scientific way) and you don't even have to do anything. Well, at least that's what marketers are saying.
But as consumers, we don't want any of those side effects that may come from popping those pills. If there really are side effects for some of these products, it sort of becomes a trade off, doesn't it?

What does the urban fatty have to do to lose weight?!

For more information on diet pill choices, click here.

Stop talking please  

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I sure do need a migraine treatment right about now. I can't even catch a break. Don't naggers know when they've repeated one too many times? The damn message has sunk in, so, stop. Just stop. Because that's the only reason I'm reacting the way I do. The effing message is received. Now, stop looping it. It's incredibly annoying and eventually it just becomes noise and it gets tuned out. Semantic satiation. Look that up.


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A few days ago, Team Unicorn (a bunch of geek and gamer girls who call themselves that) released a music video parody of Katy Perry's California Gurls. Can't say it was love at first sight but hey, the lyrics were fun. Those geeks got so much pull even Stan Lee made an appearance! But my favourite part was Katee Sackhoff salutin' and sayin' "so say we all"! It's a Battlestar Galactica thing. Now she's a tough chick. She goes atv riding with her BSG co-star and BFF, Tricia Helfer. She's also a thyroid cancer survivor. Anyway, after watching that video, I felt compelled to try out World of Warcraft. And so I did. I signed up for the 10 days trial. I'm in my third, almost fourth day now. But tomorrow, I've got to sort of start work. So yeah, all that effort and physical discomfort, gone. My wrist and neck is hurtin'. The end.

Escapism expert  

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If there were a competition on film and tv knowledge from the past 5 or so years, I would win. Or place third... if I have to be modest.

Entertainment is seen as escapism, where people get to forget about the stress in their lives and immerse themselves in the fictional lives of characters on the big screen. It's awesome. You should try it sometime, you who raised your eyebrow. I avoid things I'm afraid of so I watch tv shows and films. It works like a charm.

But I do it too much, now I can't quite enjoy some productions. After watching Seasons 4 and 5 of House M.D. (I skipped seasons 1, 2 and 3), I became acutely aware of how each episode is structured. Generally, it begins with the sickly person who we will come to know as our patient-of-the-week, the docs will go through several treatments and fail every single week, then House will talk to someone, usually his BFF and EUREKA! He figures it out.

Then there are the sitcoms. The lead, the lead's BFFs which will include the funnyman friend, the crazy friend, the dumb friend, and the normal(ish) friend. Each sitcom will have at least each of those. E.g. 100 Questions - a new sitcom, 6 episodes aired so far; Romantically Challenged - new sitcom but cancelled after 3 episodes; The Class - highly recommended but lasted only a season; Friends - need I say more?

Knowing all this, I just don't seem to be able to watch tv the same way. It doesn't apply to shows with compelling story arcs though. Buffy stole my heart. Bones season 3 was the best because that was the one with the Gormogon (sp) story arc though their story telling is usually episodic. Dexter is similar to Bones in that it's episodic and has a story arc. Season 4 is awesome by the way.

Dollhouse is a great example of how story arcs really up a show, instead of the usual episodic format. Dollhouse season 1 began primarily with an episodic format with an underlying story arc of an evil corporation that will doom the world. In mid-season, things started to pick up when the show focused on the story arc instead. We unravel more and more truths about the evil corporation, finally moving forward in the story. Dollhouse season 2 almost didn't happen but it did. From there, the show just kicked ass. Story arcs keep audiences interested, if they feel involved. Look at Lost man. I never watched the show but people were hooked!

Story arcs are great and all, but they don't last forever. You can't use the same story over and over again, every season. Think: Prison Break. Just when you thought Michael would finally be rid of the Company, he gets yanked back in again. Eventually, I got fed up and stopped watching. Story arcs have shelf lives. If it'll last for 5 seasons, let it run its course and be done with it. Battlestar Galactica (2004 series) ended their run after 4 seasons. After fighting and running and fighting again with the Cylons, the Humans finally made it to Earth. It was about time. Even the characters in it had babies. (A story essentially consists of an introduction to the objectives and its justification/circumstance, the obstacles and difficulty experienced in reaching the objectives, and finally a resolution to the story, or not. Some endings are open ended.)

Umm, I seem to have strayed from whatever I was trying to say. Again. Like always.
It does show that I watch way too many shows (than the average person does). I guess that was what I wanted to "say" in the end.

I would win the competition.

Marcel the Shell  

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If you haven't seen this, please do.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp

Marcel is voiced (untreated & unenhanced) by a genius named Jenny Slate

Written by Jenny Slate + Dean Fleischer-Camp

Maybe one day I'll write me a short and finally make it happen! #icandream