Fall TV Season 2010  

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Fall TV begins! Okay, it began last week but still! I'm excited!
Dexter premieres today in the US and yesterday, everywhere else. Grey's, Private Practice, Bones, Fringe, CSI, last Thursday. Although, I wasn't psyched about Private Practice's premiere. CSI's premiere on the other hand was exciting. I haven't seen that show for a really long time but that premiere was insanely evil. The convict was evil but the Big Bad was evil..est. Boardwalk Empire is at it's second ep last Sunday. It becomes a trending topic on Twitter every Sunday. As hyped up as it is, I don't know whether to give it a go. Especially for someone living outside the States. Is it something I care about? Am I interested in the history of Atlantic City? It should be mentioned that it feels like a testosterone filled show which could be why I'm not giving it the time of day. Then there's True Blood. Not exactly Fall tv but once again I am reminded of how good this show is. So I've got to wonder, "do I want to watch this"? I saw the first ep when it came out... I got put off by the Southern accent and the sex... nope, just the accent. Oh and also, I think I still hated vampires.

Duty calls. Gotta go.


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