Product names  

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Why'd you figure marketers call their weight loss products names like "Lipofuze"? Why not "fat-be-gone"?

I can think of one reason.

The thing with names is that they have to be easy to remember and convey to their target what they are about AND sound like a credible and effective product. "Fat-be-gone" sounds a bit too gimmicky doesn't it? That's a little more appropriate for a tagline, as I think most marketers will agree. Whereas Lipofuze kind of says all, doesn't it? Lipo, as in fat. Fuze, that I'm not sure. Fuse the fat together? I doubt it.. cause you're already a ball of fat. Get it? :D
Well, Lipofuze sounds a bit more scientific and it indicates "fat". As such, it instils some confidence in itself because, well, scientists made them!


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