Slimming pills on tv  

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I have to say, the narration of slimming pills on tv is kind of rare. At least from what I've seen.
They talked about slimming and dieting on Grey's Anatomy before (S01E07) but nothing specifically about pills. None on How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, Castle, I could go on.
Whatever it is, talking about slimming pills on the tele isn't exactly interesting unless you're a medical show... or science fiction. Because the only narration of slimming pills on serialized shows I can think of is Doctor Who (The Tenth Doctor - S04E01), the episode about pills turning peoples' fats into living, breathing fat babies. They gurgle too.
But shows can't exactly glorify slimming pills because they'd open themselves up to lawsuits and complaints. So that's why the weight loss industry has to go the home shopping route and even more promotion and advertising in other media.


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