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How do you burn fat?
Diet? Pills? Good ol' exercise? *exer-what?*

But if you live in the city (or are stuck in the rat race, really), you'd find that there just isn't enough time to exercise. When you come home from work, you're tired, and 12 hours later, you're back at work again.

Because of this, most of you turn to diet plans.
"I'll just have less meals or smaller portions or reduce carbs"!
Some are uninformed and do them wrongly and end up hurting their health. Others can't resist the temptation, they say they're rewarding themselves and end up gaining the weight they've lost.

What's the next best thing for them? They go for the easy pill solution.
These pills are like magic, burning away the fat (in its own scientific way) and you don't even have to do anything. Well, at least that's what marketers are saying.
But as consumers, we don't want any of those side effects that may come from popping those pills. If there really are side effects for some of these products, it sort of becomes a trade off, doesn't it?

What does the urban fatty have to do to lose weight?!

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