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A few days ago, Team Unicorn (a bunch of geek and gamer girls who call themselves that) released a music video parody of Katy Perry's California Gurls. Can't say it was love at first sight but hey, the lyrics were fun. Those geeks got so much pull even Stan Lee made an appearance! But my favourite part was Katee Sackhoff salutin' and sayin' "so say we all"! It's a Battlestar Galactica thing. Now she's a tough chick. She goes atv riding with her BSG co-star and BFF, Tricia Helfer. She's also a thyroid cancer survivor. Anyway, after watching that video, I felt compelled to try out World of Warcraft. And so I did. I signed up for the 10 days trial. I'm in my third, almost fourth day now. But tomorrow, I've got to sort of start work. So yeah, all that effort and physical discomfort, gone. My wrist and neck is hurtin'. The end.


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