Cheapest, best wrinkle remover for a kid  

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When I was younger, my mum told me that if I rub my face with an eraser, my face will be rubbed off.

I distinctly remember trying to erase wrinkles from my face, thinking it was so cool to have a wrinkle removal like that.


I can't believe I put an eraser to my face. It's a wonder I don't have horrible skin now.

Wholesale Printing  

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Who knew there was even such a thing as wholesale printing in the printing business? Is printing 10,000 flyers considered wholesale? What is? If 3,000 isn't a lot, then 10,000 would probably garner an "eh" reaction. I presume. Any how, a turn around time of 24-48 hours is pretty good for wholesale printing. I'm sure there are little asterisks on that claim but at least it got me looking.


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You know what my biggest regret is? It's not sticking my feet in a pair of ugg boots when I was still in Australia. God knows the weather was absolutely freezing and I needed them. Those wool socks I had weren't effective! I miss my life then. I was all wrapped up, wearing my scarf and socks and sleeping at odd hours. I was gross... but it was pretty great. I slept my requisite 10 hours and it really did help in my studies. My memory was better, I felt really good about my exam, I was so happy. But I'm still unhappy about not trying on a pair of uggs.

Rackmount laptops  

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If you ever fancy a little coolness in your home... or lair... try installing one of them rackmount lcds and keyboards. They're basically equipment designed to be kept in racks, like those in server rooms. They've got the cool factor because "they're just like in the movies"!! Go google it! Apart from its portability, or lack thereof, it doesn't consume workspace and its CPU is away from most household hazards. Shiny.

It's all in the mind  

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"Why do I have to talk about these awkward things", some may ask. But really, it's only as awkward as you think it to be. You could go up to a stranger and say, "male enhancement cream". The situation could either be awkward, or really funny. Alternatively, it may induce interest. Just sayin'. So then, what does it all come down to? Your mind.

Supplements for your body  

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Oh my, I've been trying to do number two for two days and I can't, or the return on investment isn't justified, if you catch my drift. Looks like I'm going to need colon cleansing supplements instead of calcium supplements! Or, I could just eat a bowl of oats now, and by tomorrow afternoon, I'd be depositing a large sum.

Fun fact: did you know, broccolis have lots of calcium in them? So, if you're lactose intolerant, you could always go for team broccoli!


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I've mentioned that since I've started work, I've fallen sick three times. Every time, I'll pop a multivitamin. It's big, brown, and doesn't really taste good. I have no problems with swallowing pills but because I can't see how the pill is helping, I have reservations to its effectiveness. Besides, they cost too much. Wouldn't it be cheaper to eat healthier?

Asian and American appeals  

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Would lipofuze reviews appeal to Asians? I mean, I know for Americans, yes. But do Asians dig it? Take the Japanese for example, when they heard that bananas could help with weight loss, they went all crazy and bought it all. Plus, they're very healthy people, would they take lipofuze? On the other hand, they really like American things. E.g. they'd have an English Wedding just for show because it's awesome. So what do you think?

Good things aren't cheap  

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What are the best wrinkle creams? No freaking idea! But I heard that the urine of a virgin is useful. I know I've seen them in some Taiwanese or Japanese products before. Good things are cheap and cheap things aren't good. So when you're broke, which are you going to buy? Are good ones even good when advertising permeates our lives?

Work and lose weight  

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What could make fast weight loss pills? If you're like me, it's work! Like 9-8pm work and irregular-meal-hour work. I lost 2.5 kilos since I started working. I've lost my tummy, although my ass is a little bit more flabbier than I remembered. Anyway, that's the quickest way to lose weight, and also probably the fastest way to kill you.

Use coupons  

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Now that I'm working in an office that does not have a microwave (and also because it's a small air-conditioned space, any strong smelling items are not allowed), I'm forced to buy food. Each meal costs an average of MYR 5, and totals to MYR 100 a month. Don't forget the daily cost for parking which snowballs to MYR 130 a month. Add everything up with contingencies, I spend at least MYR 350 a month. That's the bare minimum. As such, I feel compelled to use coupons but because coupons aren't that popular here yet, and the ones I get aren't usually the things I typically buy. e.g. aj madison coupons, vacuum cleaner coupons, etc. Eventually, I'll get to the stage where I'll need them but now, all I want are food coupons.