First Anniversary gift ideas  

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Say, you're married and in just a few days, it's going to be your first year anniversary together.

Congratulations! How's married life treatin' ya? Do you need help with gift ideas?

How about any of all things paper; a traditional first anniversary gift?
Concert tickets, poems, letters, photo, coupons, etc.

Too many choices? Then modern first anniversary gifts seem like your thing.
Clocks. Yes, this narrows the possibilities down quite a bit.
Electric, antique, wall, desk, cuckoo clock, you name it.

I'd go for coupons. It's fun!

Do what you love  

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I worked with this actress who once said that her dream was to open her own flower store and be a flower arranger. She didn't like acting but it brought home the bacon. (Oh, sweet sweet bacon).

Of course it sounded impractical to me then but three years later, I totally get it. I look at these and see just what these flower artistes are capable of. The explosion of colours is just awesome.

The best job is to do what you love, right? That's as good as not having a job at all.


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Ahh, puberty. A time that which kids grow taller and stronger and also a time where acne hits them all like the plague. Opportunities abound for marketers where products like acsonix could potentially sell like hotcakes. Yet something as abundant as water isn't marketed as an elixir. Sure, water's slow to cure but for a student on a budget, they're mighty affordable.

Always be prepared: extras for everything!  

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You know the saying, always be prepared? Do you think that applies to having extra lcd projector bulbs in your closet? Or would that have just be weird or paranoid? It's like keeping an old frying pan IN CASE your new one falls apart or carrying a bazillion pens with you in case any of the others run out of ink. That pen thing is a true story. I walk into exam halls carrying at least four pens, one mechanical pencil, one wood pencil, one eraser, one plastic ruler, one steel ruler, one correction liquid and one tube of mechanical pencil lead. Yeah, sometimes I feel like a dork.

Insurance quotes  

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Never would I thought I'd be involved with insurance stuff... like insurance quotes, coverage of what the what, etc. See? I'm no good at it. But after training, let's hope I'll know what I'm talking about. Considering the size of the insurance industry, you can get insurance quotes from pretty much any where. The interweb, agencies, resellers, whatever. Neat, in a scary way, huh?

Insurance stuff: it makes sense!  

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Seeing as I will be submerged in the insurance industry soon enough, it's time I learnt what the heck mortgage life insurance is, and not talk nonsense whenever I write about it. So, just to make this a little more informational than it isn't, mortgage life insurance is really just insurance for your mortgage payments when you are unable to pay them yourself. Think of the mortgage payments as your offspring and the mortgage life insurance as the insurance that will take care of them when you can't.