detox with comfort  

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Rehab can be scary. At least from what I've seen from TV. You suffer from withdrawal and it can be painful. That's why you need detoxification centers where they offer you round the clock care while you're undergoing treatment. It's money worth spending to keep yourself a little comfortable while you detox, isn't it? Better yet, they have flexible instalment plans so you don't have to worry about finance while you're in there.

LCD projectors  

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The thing with using projectors is that when you have a wonky display and you try to tweak the horizontal and vertical thingamajig, you can never get it right because the perspective or skew is always wrong. However cool they've become nowadays, they're still not user friendly. If Steve Jobs were still alive, I'd get him to revolutionise the lcd projectors..... too soon?

Old school paper invites  

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Usually, when people hit a certain age, they go out and make it a memorable one. Those are called milestone birthdays. Most people have a party. But you've gotta send out invites, right? Now move away from the computer. I don't mean to use facebook. What you want to do is use old school paper Milestone Birthday Invitations! Why? Cause the impact is there! And you get to experience the fun of designing it yourself! The next time you throw a party, use old school paper invites cause they're not boring like facebook invites.

Clearing houses  

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Always wondered how your credit card transaction is processed the moment you swipe your card? Check out ach payment at ACH means automatic clearing house. These houses are basically match makers, if you will. They match the transactions you make with your card from one bank to another bank, which is where the retailer's (who you've just bought something from) bank account is with. That's also what VISA and MasterCard are, clearing houses! (They're not credit card companies!)

Shop for Prom the smart way  

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It's prom time! Some things to consider: what's in fashion this year, how much can you afford to splurge, where to get your dresses without having to fight for it?
Well, your answer is staring you in the face. Look no further than no search "prom dresses 2012" and great deals will come! Plus, no waiting for the fitting room to free up!

Dear diary  

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I've been bumming all day. I thought this is what I do to relax but today I just felt bored and restless. I probably should've started on my work since I was bored but let's face it, no one wants to work on their day off. Ironically, tomorrow I will be going to the office to work so... kill me now.


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Did you know there are more than one type of hose?

Obviously, there's more than one type. But apart from the garden-variety consumer grade PVC or Nylon hoses, there are hoses made of metal, like the Delafield Corporation Metal hose. This type of hose is commonly used by businesses, not regular Joe's, like yourself. More specifically, manufacturers or even scientists may use these because metal hoses can be used to contain caustic fluid or even just used in harsh environments. These hoses need to be of a certain standard to be used in these situations that's why you should look out for ISO certifications and the like before selecting your metal hoses.

I suck  

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Situation: I think I'm about to receive a very expensive gift. Even his best friend is jealous of this gift.

Fact: I never know how to react to receiving gifts. Too polite and grateful seems like a fake reaction. A little less excited seems ungrateful.

Concern: He made an effort to pick it out for me. I damn well better have a reaction he's expecting so he doesn't feel unappreciated.

Christmas shopping  

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Christmas is coming and for most of us in the city, it means we have to start shopping for Christmas gifts. And it's usually this time of year that we crack our heads wondering why we didn't start our shopping earlier. We also wonder what things to get for our loved ones. And most times, it's a doozy. You just don't know what.

Some of the safest choices (for objects) are cash, gift cards, personal care gift set, a photo frame and accessories. For men/women with some cash lining their pockets, they could opt for diamond earrings for women. It's hard to go wrong with these things. Who doesn't get all sparkly-eyed when being gifted an expensive item, right? If not sparkly-eyed, you'll at least be touched that someone is willing to part with their hard-earned money FOR YOU.

Only 18 days till Christmas!

Crappy movies  

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I can't believe I keep watching these crappy teen movies. Why do I keep torturing myself with these? These teen movies are so cliched but I can't resist them! Guess that's what they call guilty pleasures. I refer to this movie called Teen Spirit. I LOL at my dumbness. It's late and I need to sleep yet I stay and watch this.

Snowboard racks  

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I've seen some great racks... not those racks. Like, book racks, canoe racks, and whatnot. But I've never seen snowboard racks. Well because it doesn't snow here. But hey, racks are great for organization and those precious boards. And for looking at. Makes you feel all perky. But look, you're a snowboarding enthusiast and you have tons of boards. Getting a rack will make everything better.

Gold plated everythings  

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Gold's come to an all time high. I don't know the price but it's high. But that doesn't mean buying gold can be expensive. You could buy gold plated earrings! It can be 22k and affordable; best of both worlds! Heck, you can even buy gold plated everythings. It's great as corporate gifts too, you know. Nothing the mind can't imagine.

Address plaques  

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In Malaysia, unless you have money and want to flaunt it, you use an address plaque. If not, you use regular plastic screw on or stick on letters. But let's say you opt for the former, where are you going to get it? Of course (in this day and age) you google "address plaques online". Now they have the standard ones but if you have moolah, you can create your own! I'm sure they'll do it for you. Somewhere. But ready made ones are pretty good too!

Food gifts  

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I've always preferred food gifts over things, so when I'm asked if I wanted anything, I always thought about the things first... then speak about food. So yes, I still would like things but I exercise delayed gratification which isn't always gratifying. I know I sound self-righteous but I'm poor and I would like to reduce clutter in my life so I'm doing this for the next year at least. But food, oh glorious food, I want you. Inside me. Hehe.

Christmas shopping  

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This time last year, I was too busy to care about shopping for Christmas gift for anyone. I didn't even have anyone to get it for. But this year, I have to google for "christmas gifts for him". It's so stressful! Why do I do this to myself??? Thank god for sites like Everything in one place for me to pick from. Hallelujah!

i love tees  

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I'm known for wearing statement tees and funny shirts. My wardrobe is filled with them. And sometimes, I'm afraid I might outgrow it. But then that's like peer pressure. So now with a wardrobe full of tees, I have to wear them at home. But I still love it. And today I have to go to a wedding dinner of someone I don't even know so I always have to stress out looking for a dress, in a wardrobe full of tees.

Camo lingerie  

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Hey, if you have a fetish for sexy camo lingerie, hit the link to browse and hey, maybe shop. But you know, I prefer something simple myself. Camo colour doesn't go well with my skin tone, I think. But hey, I'll get it for someone. Some dudes dig that right? But you know what? HALLOWEEN'S coming! Everyone likes to dress up like that right? It's an idea.

It's like keeping a pet  

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My company's sports and recreation club is organizing an ATV ride and no, I'm not going. But you know, ATV rides can get pretty dirty. I wonder if they have ATV Accessories like mud guards. Having an ATV is like keeping a pet. An inanimate pet. You've got to get those accessories to spruce it up, make the time spent with it easier and all that. Wow, who knew....

Kids and childhood consumer envy  

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My cousin told me that when he was younger, his mate from middle school wore Ray Bans and he looked so cool in it. From that moment, he wanted to get one but he can't afford them yet and might have probably outgrown the envy. But hey, there's always the option to get him cheap ray ban sunglasses for his birthday. First step? Google.

Costume up!  

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Hey kids, can't think of anything to wear this Halloween's? How about medical scrubs?? Is the regular one too bland? Everyone else going as the Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice cast?? No worries! There are patterned scrubs because docs and nurses want to feel fashionable too! And you stand out! They really are kind of awesome. Or you know, you could dress up as a serial killer that wears scrub during his attacks. Like, Dexter who dresses like a butcher when he's being all vigilante-like.

Startup Capital  

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I was heard of a guy who wanted to open his own restaurant with a capital of ten thousand ringgits. That's not nearly enough to pay for rent plus two months deposit, furniture and a Restaurant System.
Rent could be a modest thousand five plus three thousand, furniture may cost a thousand, but a restaurant system, which is your register and ordering system, may cost over five thousand. Now how's that enough to start? But of course, all these are assumed to be brand new and I'm sure if you look hard enough, there are restaurant systems which are affordable.

DIY Home Dentist  

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If you're crazy enough, with enough training, you could be your own home dentist, for scaling and polishing, at least!
Once you learn the theory, you can go online to purchase discount dental supplies and start practising on a dummy. Never a person on your first few tries. You don't want to take their gums out!
After enough practice, you can work on yourself or family members. Then start a hush business in the neighbourhood and charge them 20% below the market rate. Enterprising!

(Although, this may be illegal. In which case, don't do it.)

Quarter life crisis  

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I think I'm experiencing what is commonly referred to as a quarter life crisis.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it is I want to do in life. Often times, the answer would be a concerning, "simple suburban life with no corporate job". I even thought perhaps I could work in a KFC and as long as I was earning enough every month plus change, I'd make it through life without having to worry. And with the extra time, I could do other things that would bring a little side income. So what's there to worry about? (I know, I know... no job security.)

But I read something on Facebook -- Choice, Chance, Change.
You've got to make a choice, to take a chance, if you want change.

Steel rings  

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Did you know that you could not only use steel bolts to tighten stuff but you could also transform them into steel rings? As in steel jewelry with diamonds and such! My daddy filed away at a steel bolt for months on end and proposed to my Mommy with it. Sweet, huh?

But really, this product is targeted at young adults because why? Steel is cheaper than gold or platinum. So you get a discount!

Julbo glasses  

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Heck.. if I was going to New Zealand's Fox mountain (or something like that) next year, I would've have a great excuse to jump on the julbo sale bandwagon. Julbo is a brand of glacier glasses, sunglasses and goggles, in case you didn't already know. They'd be especially useful for people with moderate to severe astigmatism. Protection from the sun rays would be useful up in the mountains, wouldn't it?

Debt counseling  

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Here, if you're in your 20s and early 30s and you're in over your head with credit card bills, then you're a prime candidate for Debt counseling. I mean, young adults nowadays aren't awesome at exercising delayed gratification so their credit card expenses are through the roof and they become bankrupt or severely in debt. That's not how you want to get through life, isn't it?

Healthcare jobs  

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You know how some people always emphasize that dentists are doctors who don't treat people, lending to eat some air of supposed sophistication over dentists? Yeah, turns out there are other jobs out there that are like dentists. For instance, Medical Secretaries Jobs. People in these roles do secretarial jobs but use specific knowledge of medical terminology and hospital, clinic, or laboratory procedures. So, yeah. Doctors, there's a new group you can exert your qualifications over.

Lifestyle in the outback?  

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When I was younger, I thought I'd become a high flying corporate executive with a SoHo pad with chrome or steel furniture. But now, I'm thinking I'd prefer rustic furniture in the green meadow plains of New Zealand... or somewhere similar. I choose life that is calming, slow-paced and enjoyable. I don't think I want a lifestyle like this till I'm 55.

Adult diapers  

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You know, people think incontinence products are meant for senior citizens but really, people your age and mine use it too, especially the medically unfit. If you're bed ridden because of a disease, wouldn't you need to use it too? Now don't laugh (... you can't stand the truth). These people don't want to be in a situation like this. They want to be able to control where and when they go too but they've been thrown a challenge. And products like these are their backups.

Dollar coins  

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Are you a nerd? Are you lonesome? Do you collect coins from way back when like morgan dollar coins? Yes? Then Silver Morgan Dollar is the site for you!
Look no further than SMD because they have a smorgasbord of ungraded, certified and GSA coins for sale. They also offer dollars by the roll and bag! Inventory includes morgan dollars, peace dollars, bust dollars, seated dollars, trade dollars and more!

Acer laptops  

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If you haven't noticed, acer laptops are really up and coming. They're well decked out laptops and they're affordable. My friends have been quite happy with their purchases. I mean, with larger brands, you're paying for their advertising fees, isn't it? With acer, it's cheaper cause their advertising budget isn't huge. Well, at least it isn't here in Malaysia. Must be nice to be us :)

Document management software  

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If your business is still very old school where there's tons of paper involved, it's time to modernise with a document management software!

Have them scanned and then manage them from your computer without getting paper cuts. Also, more space in the office for furniture or going the minimalist path to peace and tranquillity!

With digital copies of your papers, you can distribute access to anyone and access it anywhere from the world (with internet access, of course). That's cause they have a client version as well as a web version.

Hit the link above to find out more about Dokmee.

PDF page counter  

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When you see, "pdf page counter", what do you think of?

For a moment there I was left wondering but after reading their description, "This is an ideal product for scanning and imaging service bureaus who need to deliver supporting reports to their clients or who need to count files before invoicing. It is also a great tool to verify the amount of work produced by employees in a production imaging department", I see it now.

For an organization that has to process tons of documents, like an insurance company, I can see that they're going to need something like this for when they issue policies. Or as a tool for double checking they have all the pages necessary, as well as using it for auditing purposes.

It may not be relevant to you but hey, it's good to know right?

Conference call services  

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If you're a small business and can't yet afford spider phones (phones capable of doing conference calls), don't worry because someone somewhere in the world offers what you need as a service.
Introducing, Zip Conferencing. They provide conference call services that will help fill that void in your office's list of facilities while you justify to yourself if you still need to get a conference phone (and even a line?) for your office. For what it's worth, they'd be able to offer you more than you can get on your own, if your needs are wide.

The source  

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Do you have a PS3?
Dying for some Zumba to change up your workout routine?
You live in thank-goodness-for-universal-healthcare Canada?
Do you have a The Source store in the neighbourhood?

Then you'll be able to buy zumba at the source!

Only $40 for a new workout routine and it'll save you from having to go to the store because it's available online! (It's saving the workout you'd have to do for when you get zumba, to play in the comfort of your home. If it's not ingenious, I don't know what is.)

Cell booster  

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I bought a new phone not too long ago and it was cheap! To get it cheap, I had to sign a two year contract with a local telco for the data plan. But it's been two or three weeks now and I'm beginning to regret signing with them.

Their cell signals are crap!
I find that it can't stabilise the signal on 3G but alternates between EDGE and GPRS. When it's on 2G and 1G, I become much thankful for 3G. Makes me want to get a cell booster or something like that.

You peeps in Canada may want to try searching for "wilson cell booster canada". For me, I can only go for "cell booster malaysia". You see, items like this are considered special so it's difficult to find. That makes searching more difficult.

Barcode scanner  

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When my dad got his new phone, I played around with it. I discovered this barcode scanner app that never seemed to work. Lo and behold, now that I think about it, it could have been a QR code scanner and not one for barcodes. But it'd be cool right, if it were a real barcode scanner? Imagine the amount of information you'd find with it. You could even play cashier for the day! Hardy-har-har.

Love you!  

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If I write any more of this crappy random crap, this blog is going to turn into a spam blog!
The things people do to make a living, huh?

In other news, I renewed the other blog's domain for another year or two. May have been the stupidest thing but I didn't feel quite ready to let go just yet.
Couldn't just drop everything I've worked for because I didn't update as often now, could I?

Later losers!

Trade show displays  

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Having been to several exhibitions, you can't discount the fact that Pop up displays are an integral part of an exhibitor's ability to attract people. It goes down to primitive characteristics like how a peacock attracts its mate -- big and eye-catching. Tiny booths suck because there isn't enough space to move about. Not to mention, people may just walk past it without noticing. Then you need to have an eye-catching booth. I'm talking different; creative. Maybe not the standard booth design or shape but something out of the ordinary. That'll be a start to attracting people to your booth.


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We have lots of projectors at my workplace. Some of them are canon projectors, others are not. But the thing about projectors that is so awesome is that anyone can buy one and have your own screening theater at home. I mean, they cost a bomb for some people but money can be earned and saved so that's not a big issue.

Steel buildings  

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If you're looking for a warehouse, shed or garage to be built then crown steel buildings is for you! It's steel -- fire proof and durable! Plus, you have the option of spending some quality time with your loved ones erecting a building together. How manly!
How it works: You can send in your specifications and you go back and forth with their designer to get the building that you want. Then, they'll manufacture the bits and pieces that make up your building and send it to you. You may choose to hire someone else to erect it for you too.
Sounds like fun to me!

Halloween invitations  

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If you're planning on throwing a Halloween party on October 31st, then you're going to need Halloween invitations!

No Halloween party is complete without a matching invite from the host. But fret not if you're too busy shopping and decorating for the big day because you can outsource the invites for cheap (and convenience!). There are templates for you to choose from where you can customise the text, its colour and placement.

Hurry and order now before the big day!

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy  

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Every now and then, I'm thrown topics like "bioidentical hormone replacement therapy" and more often than not, I have no clue what they are. So, after a little research, I found that bioidentical hormones are basically natural hormones made from plants that are identical to the hormones produced by our bodies. It's important because that ensures our body doesn't reject or become immune to the other types of synthetic hormones that are made from animals. Now why would you even need hormone replacement therapy in the first place? For starters, everything in our body is regulated by the secretion of hormones, e.g. menstruation or metabolism. For instance, a lower level of testosterone in a man may be a problem for him which is why doctors may prescribe hormones for him.

Argon oil  

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Having sat in an air conditioned room every day for six months now, my skin has begun showing signs of dehydration. My elbows are flaky and itchy and my lips are chapping like how it used to before I started myself on lip balms years ago. Then I saw this link about argan oil for skin. According to wikipedia, unroasted argon oil can be used for treating skin diseases traditionally. Also, all* argon oil sold today will benefit the local women by giving them healthcare and education. Now this sounds like a venture I'd support.

Lapel pins  

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You know what would be a good product to show your association with one another? It's got to be lapel pins. They're cheap, they're customized, and you can make tons for when your membership goes up. They also make great souvenirs for charity donations. As long as you cover your cost which could be lower than 200 USD (3/4") depending on how much you cover.

Medicare Part D  

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I read that health insurance costs in the US are some of the highest in the world. While their hockey stick-wielding neighbours, the Canadians, enjoy national subsidized healthcare, the young working American has to rely on their employer's private health insurance benefits because the American insurance industry is privatised.

Now, there are many Medicare plans for the customer the choose from. Medicare Part A to D.
Part A: Hospital
Part B: Medical
Part C: Medicare Advantage
Part D: Prescription Drugs Coverage

Medicare part D plans are available as standalone plans or as a complement of Part C Medicare Advantage. Now as with all insurance, they DON'T cover ALL drugs. Some drugs may be covered under another plan.

If you opt for a standalone Part D plan, you may have to pay a monthly premium. But premiums may differ depending on your age, health condition and so on.

For more information, contact your local Medicare representative.

Flower Coupons  

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Do you frequent coupon websites that aggregate all your favourite retailer's coupons in one page? Always thought they could do better with a section on flower coupon codes? Look no further for there is a whole site dedicated to flower coupon codes! It's ProFlowerCoupons! They compile the net's flower coupons on one page here in their flower page. No more whining about how flowers are so expensive nowadays because now, you can start saving with ProFlowersCoupons!

An unforgettable moment  

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Good morning, ladies and gentleman.
I'm here to share with you what I thought was an unforgettable moment in our last CSR project at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

For me, that moment was when I met this little girl. Her name is May and she's an orphan.
May's mum was mentally unsound and her dad, he was abusive.
From what my colleague gathered from the nurses, May's in the hospital because her dad put a hammer to her head.

Despite all that, she just seemed so unfazed.
I mean, you wouldn't be able to tell that she's been through a lot of hardship for someone her age. Although, the scars on her arms might've given it away.

Seeing her so happy that day just made me think how important it is to be resilient in life.

If there's one thing we can learn from this is that it's important to pick ourselves up when we fail and not let bad experiences define our future.

Thank you.

California treatment centers  

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You're an avid fan of all things Hollywood. One of your dream (or if you're playing it cool -- one of your fancies,) is to go through rehab like your favourite celebrity does. So, you google "california treatment centers" and lo and behold, there are 4.7 million search results! Now which do you pick?
**Please ensure you have an actual addiction and need actual help to make this trip worthwhile.

Term life  

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Term life insurance is one of the cheapest form of protection. It's coverage is a predetermined number of years and when it matures, you don't get anything in return. That's why it's so cheap which makes it affordable and a good first-insurance product for insurance newbies. Some people with financial know-how may choose to buy a term life insurance for protection with little premium and that complement the investment side with an investment linked or an endowment product. But in the end, it's what's suitable for you that's important. If it's not something you can afford (because investment linked/endowment products can be pricey), just pick something you can afford at the moment and when you can, update your financials accordingly.

Emergency road service  

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Just this evening my brother stopped at a gas station and told me he's going to help a man push his broken down BMW. One, that's nice of him. Two, I'd want someone to offer me assistance if and when this happens to me. But hey, doesn't motor insurance usually include emergency road service, but probably as a rider? But if their rates aren't competitive or anything, perhaps you could look elsewhere for roadside assistance when you most need it.

Man's best friends  

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Seriously, man's best friends are rolls of gaffer tape (a.k.a. duct tape) and utility knives. I came to know and love them during my internship as a props assistant. Although, you've got to be careful with knives. There weren't many accidents but when I was 12, I cut my finger. The blood just kept dripping. *shudders*

Fat burners 2  

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Someone told me that technology will bring mankind to newer heights while at the same time, make us stupid.
Okay, I lied, no one told me that. Someone did tell me something about how the human brain is shrinking because we don't think any more.

Technology is so pervasive we can't deny it's advantages. But with that, we're getting more fat build-up in concentrated areas of our body. And because we're so technologically-inclined, it seems the right thing to do is to buy fat burners that target different parts of our body. That way, we can continue to be productive and at the same time, "exercise". I will never forget a scene in a documentary or something, on Bruce Lee. He's sitting at his desk typing, with wires hooked up. His muscles are twitching and a device sits by his side. Dude was already in the future!

iPhone temptation  

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I've recently been tempted to join the dark side and get an apple iphone for myself. It's mostly self-inflicted peer pressure because the work friend had just gotten one and I'm totally loving the apps. Back to the work friend. She's so addicted, I collaborated with another friend to write her a haiku.

She bit the Apple,
and she hasn't stopped chewing.
Damn Jobs, the serpent.


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Why do watches cause so much? And how are 18,000 dollar watches different than 3,000 dollar watches? My uneducated guess is that... the expensive watches are hand made by old professionals and marketing has inflated the cost; and vice versa. So I guess curtis and co watches sit in the continuum between expensive and affordable which means it doesn't lose its prestige while retaining a certain affordability to it.

Payday Advances  

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Need a small loan quick? Maybe payday advances are what you need. You only borrow what you can pay back. It is essentially, micro-financing, a form of loan that banks do not like to do because of its high risk. Because of its high risk, interest rates for loans like this can be quite high. Yet, as seen on The Mentalist, business like this don't have bank level security... how does that happen? [But you know, it's TV. It probably ain't true.]

Not so techie?  

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Since I started my job, it never occurred to me how I DON'T know how to use alcd projectors. But after having to figure it out for myself, I realize they aren't all that difficult to set up. The only thing that's difficult is to toggle the dimensions of the image when you're trying to fit it onto a screen, especially when the visual comes out all skewed.

If in doubt, choose food  

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I was particularly lost when I stumbled onto this thing called "first communion". Being the good friend that Google is, the first communion is one of the holiest occasions in the Roman Catholic religion. It's when a child, typically 7 to 8 years old, receive the "blood" and "body" of Jesus Christ also known as the Sacrament of Eucharist.
While I'm going to take a wild stab that children don't really know why they're going through this traditional exercise, the fact that their families get them gifts on this day is more than enough to make up for it. Now, we all know the usual stuff we can get for boys because they don't ask for much but first communion gift ideas for girls? That's a doozy! I'm not creative and stuff but I will be the voice of practicality -- food is always good.

buying made easy  

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I've never had problems with dark circles around my eyes, not unless I've been bawling my eyes out the night before. However, there are some in the world who are unfortunate enough to look like pandas every single day. The best cure is to use eye creams, not concealers day in and out. But which is the best eye cream for dark circles available in the market today? The poor girl will likely do her research and search for the best one but will the guy want to do it? Not likely, is it? He'll use the web for this. There are tons of one-stop sites carrying information he needs for eye creams so really, thank god for the internet.

Urban clothing  

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I think some people call Hip Hop apparel, urban clothing. Like, what? Seems like a marketing idea to improve the association value of the product in people's minds. Basically, to class it up. I know it sounds racist but come on, isn't that what it looks like? But in their defence, that is some fly apparel they're selling there. Definitely worth a look.

chocolate anniversary gifts  

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The thing I dislike most about anniversaries is the gift-giving. Like, what am I supposed to buy someone who can afford stuff I can't? Or rarely but it still happens, someone who has everything? That's when I resort to chocolate anniversary gifts. It's edible aka practical, and it comes cheaper than other things people really want. Like an iPad. And with chocolates, you can customize it yourself. It could be a gift basket, a portrait made of chocolates or even a 3D object, if you have the time. It's so versatile you'd wonder why you'd even consider anything other than chocolates in the first place.

office supplies  

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Girls love stationery. Yes, a generalization but nonetheless, very much true. The best place in Asia to get stationery is in Japan. Love love love their designs. But for someone who's broke, the next best thing is discount office supplies. They're cheap and you can pick the ones that look good. It won't be stunning, hence, the cheapness. It's just one of life's necessary trade offs, you know?

read me.txt  

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Also known as human growth hormones, HGH is incredibly useful in increasing energy, improving recovery, decreasing wrinkles, and umm... producing greater sexual vitality. At least that's what it says on websites. Sounds good, huh? Makes you want to go out and buy HGH right now, huh? Yeah. Just don't get caught with your pants down for not reading the instructions and side effects before taking those pills, will ya?


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Sometimes it feels like we're going to kill ourselves quicker by taking fat burning products like liponox; but then again, you question yourself, is quality better than quantity? I.e. happier life because I looked good or longer life getting judged because of my size? Of course this is a very simplistic argument but it's a choice people make everyday, isn't it?

they just don't make them like they used to  

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As technology advances, the design in baby joggers become more comprehensive. Or some would say, their prices sky-rocket. Take for instance, the baby jogger city select. It can be a one or two-seater and has up to 16 different configurations... but it costs 500 dollars. But then again, if this baby, pun intended, doesn't fall apart before your next baby or your grandkid, it's definitely worth the buy.

Somehow, my cynicism tells me otherwise.

diet pills. they work.  

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I'm a non-believer when it comes to diet pills but recent events have got me wondering if I should discount pharmaceutics, especially diet pills. A buddy of mine is taking some sort of diet pill so he can bulk up healthily or something by losing fat while consuming a high protein diet. It works almost like adapexin-p where it gives you a boost of energy while helping you lose weight fast. My buddy's already lost 2.5kg in a 3 weeks. Not too bad if you don't bother about side effects that may or may not affect you.

Business phone systems  

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My goodness, had the internet changed our lives.

Did you know you could buy small business phone systems off the internet, just like that? It's probably good news for fraudsters and you know, genuine small and medium business owners. These phone systems work as your customer service line, voicemail and call router. Basically, it's your phone operator.

To digress a little, imagine this. You live in a huge house, probably 16 rooms and 10 bathrooms with a 6000 square foot build up. Wouldn't this phone system come in handy?

Beach, fire, company, that's all i want. And booze.  

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In the week long holiday I think I will have, I just want to hang at the beach with a bunch of friends with an outdoor fire pit to keep me warm. Don't forget the booze too. But they're going to Thailand and I'm not sure if I want to go. I'm broke as it is and I'm saving up for Prague! One day....


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You know what bugs me? Exercise apparel costing so much it's preposterous! When I had to buy some sportswear like running shorts for outward bound school, I didn't manage to get anything. Because they were overpriced. But I also hate that I want to look presentable when I'm out exercising because who knows right?! And also because I want to feel confident, what are you thinking?!

Bruce Lee  

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The one other thing about Bruce Lee's I remember the most, other than his finger-waving fighting stance, is him sitting in his room, typing, and on him, attached several electrical pads. At every interval, his muscles will contract. When I follow the wires, they lead to a muscle stimulator. Then before I learnt how Bruce Lee died, I thought the muscle stimulator killed him because he overdid it. I was like, maybe 12, at the time


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I wonder if for my cousin's birthday this year, I should get him some cigars? The dude has always wanted to smoke one but I don't think he can without hearing from his parents. I mean, I could buy him some affordable-looking oliva cigars. A single roll costs only 2.31 dollars. We tried cigarillos last time but I didn't like the bitterness of the smoke. Don't think I was doing it right anyway.

Paper prices  

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If you haven't noticed, paper now costs more than ever, no thanks to rising costs of everything, deforestation and the impending threat of climate change. Even negotiation with your printer on the price of paper they are charging will go nowhere. They can't give you any more discounts! That's why, like low cost airlines, businesses like print direct for less are now the choice of SMEs. No frills, no exorbitant prices!

Industrial products  

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Industrial products are harder to sell since you don't get to sell them on tv ads, for instance, like most commercial products. You're limited to trade publications, flyers, referrals, etc. Take goulds pumps for an example. This is the description given for their products: "Gould Pumps manufactures residential and commercial, water supply and wastewater centrifugal and turbine pumps, controllers, variable frequency drives, and accessories." Who would use products like these? Developers, construction firms, factories, etc. Not commonly seen installed by your shirtless neighbour, married, father of two, in a suburban setting, is it?

Start up capital  

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I remember hearing from someone that someone else they know was planning to open an eatery with just 10,000 for capital. Now, being all grown up, that amount is going to be insufficient. From a conservative and ideal standpoint, a new business isn't going to make huge returns that quickly so you need to be able to sustain the business for a few months before you can expect to begin reducing debt. Start up capital needs to be large enough that you can afford POS systems, furniture, overhead (which of course includes employees' salaries, bills, etc). If you've pull with influential people, you may be able to get sponsored, especially with the computers, software and furniture. If not, request for one, see if they'll bite.

Happy easter  

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Oh, what do you know? Easter is coming!
I'm not sure what's real about it now that a religious holiday has become something commercial and involves rabbits. C'mon, rabbits and Jesus? Who'da thought?
I guess the fun part is going to the Happy Easter store and stocking up on Easter stuff for your kids. Or nieces and nephews. May be an opportunity for you to become a favourite uncle or aunt.

Personalised gifts  

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Nowadays, it's really hard to get my friends birthday gifts. We've all started working which menas they can now afford whatever they wanted. Of course, we can always come together to buy them an iPad for their birthdays but really, if I had the money, I'd spend it on myself. This is where personalized mugs come in. It's cheap and it allows you to spend the surplus on your own iPad. The best part about these mugs is that you can write whatever you want on it. If it's for an adult, you can play with the words to say something dirty. That's the great thing about personalised gifts!

keywords are old school  

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If you needed advice on something, searching for them on the internet would be difficult if you used keywords. The best way would be to search for it in question format. This is because people are now asking questions in their searches and not just typing in keywords any more like they used to and websites are also being information friendly by using question forms. For example, if you're looking for an attorney in Tuscon, you may type, "where can i find a good attorney in tuscon", while the old school way is "attorney tucson". Neither one is better than the other, it's just what you're looking for. If you're looking for word of mouth referrals, then the question format will be appropriate. If you're just looking at the supply of attorneys in Tuscon, keywords will do.

Health care career  

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If you're a Malaysian health care graduate, jobstreet may be fine but wouldn't you rather work overseas than in Malaysia? Did you know, a health care career is pretty lucrative in the Middle East? With such a rich country, the rich are stuffing themselves silly with heart attack inducing foods and habits... and to be politically incorrect or downright rude, there's your pot of gold.

May not be such a good idea  

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I'll be heading out to an outward bound school in about 2 weeks and suddenly, a barska binocular looks like something fun to have when I have to solo-camp for a night in the freaking jungle! I don't suppose I could use it to star gaze, can I? But those things are really heavy, aren't they? Gotta pack light, you know?

Step stools  

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Number one: I didn't know there were such things as adult step stools. Number two: correction: okay, I just didn't know they were called that and realized the difference between adult step stools and kid step stools will probably be the height of the stools.
Boy, they cost a pretty penny but stools nowadays are being marketed as child-friendly stools. So, does that make you want to pay more for something that supposedly protects your child from him or herself?

Environmentally friendly products  

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Earth Hour is coming soon and of course, that's when millions and billions of people around the world come together to do something novel (read: hype). Some see it as an awareness exercise but it's effectiveness is questionable. What they should do is make green products widely available. For example, increase the availability of green cleaning supplies in supermarkets, ensure the prices are reasonable and that they actually work as well as conventional cleaners. Once we've got the adoption, it's like people are doing their part already!

Medical carts  

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Even after so many years, I'm still amazed at what you can find on the interwebs. They've got medical carts, people! Medical carts. That means any Tom, Dick and Harry and buy them off the internet if they have the dough. Speaking of medical carts, they're easily adjustable for hospital use so it looks like they could be suitable for daily laptop use, especially if you're planning on standing on your feet all day like Gina Trapani is doing.

Rustic Furniture  

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If you're in a city like Kuala Lumpur and have log furniture in your home, it's unusual. And it may not look right. Logs make the room look warmer and since it's already super warm in Malaysia, there's really no need for it, is there? But if you're in, say, Colorado or Canada, you know it'll work out. In fact, I think it'll look awfully cozy. On another hand, if you're running a beach-side hotel, it'll work too. I distinctly remember this hotel called Tanjung Rhu having something like that. It was beautiful and felt right because the rooms were air conditioned.


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There is an insurance agency called Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). The name's novel but what I really want to quickly highlight isn't so much about BCBS but more of insurance. No matter the agency or insurer, if you're at their website, take a moment to read about their products or just insurance in general. You'll always learn something.
You may apply for Blue Cross Blue Shield quotes online and be able to speak with an agent about your needs (North Carolina residents only).


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Nowadays, it is not uncommon for computer retailers to include inkjet printers as free gifts in your computer purchase. However, those printers are usually cheap, entry level ones that tend to break down after a while. My household has already been through 4 of them in the past 6 years. Some may actually prefer to buy a new one. I say, go get it, get a better one. It's worth your money.

Making small changes for bigger returns  

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There's so much that goes into event planning. With every year, you want to do better than the last. It'll be difficult to make large changes so the best way is to make small ones. For example, you get complaints that trophies at an award ceremony are too light in weight and they do not feel substantial. So this year, you order a really heavy one and give the winner an extra trophy. Problem solved. True story.
So it's little things like this that could help boost favourability.

Pretty pretty glass tiles  

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Imagine if we were all well paid individuals, we could actually afford glass tiles for our homes, just because it looks awesome. Great for bathrooms and reception areas, all it's supposed to do it look good and it does a great job at that. You could even make a glass tile mural in your bathroom! Don't worry, you can afford an interior designer/artist for that. You're well paid, remember?

Super Sales People  

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If you thought sales jobs were pathetic, you are so wrong. I suppose for most people, when they hear "sales", the first thing that doesn't come to mind is the commission sales personnel receive. Instead, they go straight to the idea that sales personnel (who in their opinion) are only high school graduates, they didn't do well in school so they can't go to college, that sort of notions. But dude, they're some of the most persistent, and hardworking people out there. Go talk to one and see for yourself.

Pretty useless  

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Okay, seeing that this blog is pretty much a landfill of useless stuff, I thought I'd post up more useless stuff.

How to iron 7 shirts in less than 15 minutes
Good news, boys. One of your brethren has shared his method of placating the torturous chore of ironing. In fact, good news, girls. Now you can get your boyfriend to do his own ironing!

I have no words to describe this movie.

Kelly Oxford
This is a woman whose writing you have to read. Because she writes some of the most profound things you will ever read. Like this. Take that, Katie Couric.

Good to know  

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Holy crap, despite review websites whose credentials are suspicious, you can't deny that sometimes, a little information will go a long way. Just like these phentermine reviews here, apparently, they work but can be highly addictive. I mean, even if you're doubtful about that supposed fact, with that, at least you're still able to bring it to a doctor for a consultation. Better than not knowing at all, right?

Backup your data today!  

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Speaking of being prepared (what? who even mentioned that?!), I would be disappointed with me for not doing backing up my data for about 5 months now. I used to create restore points, backup some files and even run maintenance ever so often but since I've started working, I'm neglecting those tasks. And then I think of data backup services. It's been made so convenient for us and we can't even be bothered... well, some of us. Oh, the humanity.

Blackhead remover magic  

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You know how some girls like to be their boyfriend's personal blackhead remover? Yeah, that's gross. For me at least. Plus, I really hate having to use that blackhead remover tool. It hurts and sometimes with that tool, when you can't get this one particular blackhead out, you try and you try and you end up hurting yourself AND NOT EVEN GETTING THE BLACKHEAD OUT. I'm sure there are products on the market that once applied, will magically ooze the blackheads out, right? Or am I just hallucinating?


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1. Mum made barbecued pork for dinner. I ate the lard off them. Can't believe I did that.
2. The Rescues' teaser for their video Can't Stand the Rain is pretty good. Very teaser-ful.

3. In related news, YouTube's embed codes have gotten shorter! Someone tell me when this happened?
4. Unifi is not much faster than the 1Mbps our home had.
5. Something is wrong with my company laptop, it won't let me connect wirelessly from home.
6. I've got work to do. I've missed living.

Don't stinge, just buy it  

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Haha, I see the word "heated blanket" and I think of the the cold cold winters I was in, wearing several layers of clothes... usually three, sometimes four. For some reason, my room in AUS had a really bad draft and when it was winter, it would get REALLY cold. Then just before going to Tassie and when I was graduating, I didn't feel as stingy any more and finally bought a parka. I only wore it for two weeks. Now I can't wait to wear it again, when I go to Tassie, then New Zealand. That's the goal, baby.


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I thought I liked rubies and all associated jewelry but clearly, I haven't seen tanzanite jewelry.

It has this soft blue that when you look into it kind of puts you in a daze.
According to the website, it claims that you can only mine tanzanite near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. In Tanzania. Hence, the name.
Which explains why a few chips of the old block would cost you $567.
White Gold Ring with Tanzanite & Diamond by Gemvara Essentials
Nah, I still like rubies. Although, any jewelry, tanzanite or not, isn't too bad either.

Modern day muck boots  

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You know what Wellington boots are? But do you know muck boots?
So I've read, they're just like Wellington Boots.
But forget the traditional designs, we now have really splendid looking muck boots being sold. If you're one who wants to look good doing your chores, then these muck boots are just for you. They're not very cheap but their USP lies in the comfort of those boots.

Exposure and relevance  

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I just had a realization. The more you expose yourself to the world, the more things become relevant to you. Like name plates, for instance. Before this, I wouldn't have given two hoots unless I was looking at it from a novelty point of view. But now, I may in the future be required to purchase them for work. Of course, this realization really is common sense and obvious but I feel it's these glaringly obvious concepts that seem to fly past us more often than we know.

Feeding mums  

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Scientists have proven that breast milk is the healthiest, most nutritious meal a baby can take right? If you think a little sci-fi, maybe breast milk has healing powers. Like you'd grow a limb back again if you lost it. Can you imagine how much it hurts when your baby is feeding? Guys need to understand that child-rearing and being a stay at home mum is terrible.

Natural fat burner  

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You know what's good fat burners look like? They move a lot, have chambers, worth a lot to a person and are... wet. They're God's given gift to us, our hearts. Sure, cardio workouts burn fat and all but do you look like a person who would get up and exercise? No, I didn't think so. **At this point, a man in a trench coat approaches you with several bottles of fat burning pills. And then you crumble and buy a dozen bottles. The end.

Galaxy Tablet  

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You know, I was actually thinking of getting an iPad but I just hate that it's so expensive and that I might have almost joined the yuppie bandwagon. Then I hear that there's the Galaxy Tablet PC which funny enough is categorized as a smartphone in some stores. Maybe because of it tiny size (not too tiny though)... I don't know how much it costs but it's definitely going to be cheaper than an iPad.

Dog training  

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What are the secrets to dog training? I was always curious as to how people train dogs. How do you even teach the puppy to do something it's never done before?
Now, due to this video circulating on Facebook, we all know what we shouldn't do when training dogs. It's not right and you should be stoned to death for it. There's always the right, civil but super effective way.

Green shopping  

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To put it simply, buying your groceries online is good for the environment in that you don't contribute to that much more pollutants in the air by driving back and forth to the store. That's called green shopping. With green shopping, the store sends the groceries straight to your home, eliminating the need for you to drive your car out. But if someone wanted to mess this utopian idea up, they'd say that the heat generated from the servers required to provide you the online ordering and delivery system and the air-conditioning or ventilation required to keep the server room temperature low contributes to the pollution of earth. So really, you can't win. But let's not complicate things. If green shopping's something you can do to make a difference, then just do it.


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I'm in need of a vacation. Thank goodness it's CNY!
Wouldn't I like to surf me some Yep, I sure do.
Now don't judge me because it's only been about 3 weeks since I started working but boy oh boy, am I stressed out about work. The thing with newbies is that you want so bad to perform and prove yourself that you stress yourself out and you start thinking about vacations. Vicious.

Appropriation of the randomest things  

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Ah, receipt printers. Wouldn't that be a random but fleetingly great gift? If you're a romantic, you could use it in your little games with your other half. I mean, even if it's called a receipt printer, you don't have to print a receipt on it right? Ooh, you could print coupons! Now you have so many things you can do to liven up your love life...

Car insurance  

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I'm not sure how car insurance purchases are done here but I assume you get to choose your own provider aside from the ones offered by your car salesmen. I suppose most people who couldn't care less may go for a ready option but others may take the extra effort and scour the net for car insurance reviews. And of course, some days the net is your best friend and some days it decides to be a bitch. But really, these things, you want to pick an insurer that specializes in car insurance. They're usually your best bet.

Catch some Zzs with hormones  

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At first I thought this melatonin-majig was a skin pigmentation name but lo and behold, melatonin is a hormone that helps you sleep! It supposedly increases sleep efficiency and makes you sleep longer. It's not regulated by the US Federal Drug Administration though. I could've used this during my first few days of work. I was just laying in bed, closing my eyes and my mind racing. What the heck was I thinking about any way?!

Hey, I think fat burners work  

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Most skeptical people like myself often wonder, "do fat burners work"?
I see these vibrating machines on tv and think, "oh man, here we go again. I hope mom doesn't get tempted into buying this crap again".
Well, mom did buy one of those things. Specifically, she bought that WWF championship belt-like device that vibrates all night long.
Now, I'm a little more open minded because mom DID lose weight. However, like most dieters and rich people, they see results and somehow end up ditching the device, never to use it again. So all I want to say is, "if it works, don't stop! What's wrong with you?". I love you, mom.

Think ahead  

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At some point, you've got to ask yourself, "what am I going to do, if one day, I'm disabled and unable to provide for my family"?
Hopefully, your answer is to think, "thank goodness I applied for SSDI benefits (social security disability insurance) before this imaginary disability happened".
Unfortunately, most young adults don't think about this issue because they think they're as healthy as a horse. And I don't have to tell you why it's especially important if you have a young family that you consider total and permanent disability covers and SSDI.

Neck acne woes  

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This video made the rounds on Facebook a while back. Remember the acne on the neck video? GROSSSS! Check it:
Makes me want to check my neck for pimples and acne and apply products generously to "prevent" them. Shudder.
Poor people. How do you even get acne anyway? Must be tough not being able to wear tanks on a hot summer's day without feeling self-conscious. Similarly, imagine scientists having to be exposed to neck acne all day long trying to find a cure to cure the feelings of pubescent children.

Comfy comfy bedding  

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Did you know bedding in Malaysia costs a nuclear bomb? (To "cost a bomb" just doesn't really describe how incredibly overpriced things are nowadays).

It's almost twice or thrice the cost of bedding in the States. That's why, when my bro returned, mom got him to bring some threads home. Besides, customers are spoilt for choice with peacock alley bedding, alashan cashmere, anichini, etc. We have Jean Paul something here. If it isn't related to the French fashion designed, I'm leaning towards "convinced it was a local brand with a French name to give it the elevation it needs to become premium".

Good bedding is so important nowadays. It really does help you sleep because it's so comfortable. Don't be afraid to spend on good bedding. We'll buy wholesale and share the shipping cost. It'll be cheaper!

Exercising the safe way  

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I'm sure I've mentioned countless times before that when I was younger I've always wanted some form of fitness equipment at home because I thought the streets aren't safe for people to jog any more. And then suddenly it makes sense to buy thousands worth of metal, aluminium, whatever and store it at home and run into it every now and then giving you bruises. But of course, there are products that fold up nicely into a cupboard but funny enough, year after year, the equipment just doesn't get smaller. But I digress. I do believe that getting fitness equipment just to exercise indoors because the streets aren't safe is good enough a reason. Just as long as the thing folds into a smaller piece!

Think of the lavatory applications  

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Despite what the Mythbusters say, you can still conduct experiments at home. It's just better not to. The only thing stopping you is your common sense. But also because you can buy engine driven pumps online. And there are so many types of pumps. E.g. dewatering pumps, trash pumps, solids handling pumps, etc. Definitely not for inexperienced users and tight wallets. The cheapest one could set you back almost 330 dollars. Still... can't help but want one for play.

daydreaming bummer  

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At some point in my life, when I was bored, bumming and not picking my arse up, I considered getting a psp. *SNORTS*, yeah right! How am I going to get one without income?

Then like all other things, my interested waned and I thought about other media devices I could potentially buy to entertain myself in moments of boredom or social awkwardness. Now, it's the Blackberry. The good news is, I'm employed! :D